Help with making ice cream - suggestions wanted

(Bob M) #1

Since reading about allulose, I decided I’d find my ice cream maker and make some ice cream for our kids. My wife bought paper cups with tops to freeze the ice cream in.

I made this, because it has egg yolks in it (which my kids will not eat in a hard boiled egg). So, I’m trying to get some protein too:

There’s a “jump to recipe” at the top.

I’ve made this with vanilla bean pods last time and vanilla extract this time. I swap coconut “milk” (from a box, not a can) instead of the almond milk.

I use a bit less than 1 cup of allulose. I add 1/2 cup of small real chocolate chips right at the end, put into the cup and freeze.

The first time (with bean pods), I think I let the machine go only about 15 minutes. That was too short, as the chocolate chips all fell to the bottom.

This time (vanilla extract), I let the machine go about 25 minutes. The ice cream was way thicker before I put it into the paper cups.

Can I let the machine go longer? Are there detriments to that?

Can I just use regular milk instead of almond milk or coconut milk? Any reason why she used almond milk?

For chocolate ice cream is it just add 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder? That’s it?

Any other recipes I can try?

I like this one because I feel my kids are at least getting a bit more protein and nutrients due to the egg yolks (and I can use the egg whites for making PSMF “donuts”, a recipe by Maria Emmerich).

I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker.

(Robin) #2

I have no suggestions, but will be interested to see what your kids think and what others have tried.
Personally, I’m not strong willed enough to eat keto friendly versions of foods that I had to give up. I’d be figuring out how much of that (and only that) I could eat each day. lolol

Good luck.


I have the cuisinart too! I actually bought it to make Keto ice cream. We let it run for 25 mins minimum, never less, usually 30-35. Once I went for 40 mins max. It is harder to scrape off the sides when I run it longer because it freezes solid to the edges, and I have the newest one that is supposed to scrape the sides while churning. Gimmick sort of. It’s not as bad as the older version but a thin layer still freezes and the beater doesn’t keep that from happening.

The very first time I made Keto ice cream two years ago I made it with Allulose. Since i was new to Keto and all these new ingredients and sugar subs, I was in the bathroom for several hours after eating 1/2C of the ice cream. :rofl::rofl: I never used alluloae again and switched to powdered erythritol and powdered monk fruit as they had less impact on me. However today my body is more tolerant of Allulose and I started using it again but in smaller amounts.

You could use regular milk but higher sugar/carb content. I’ve tried many, many ice creams using different “milks” like heavy whipping cream, almond milk and coconut milk and coconut cream (both from cans, Thai Kitchen, because it tastes the most authentic like how I had it in Tahiti.) I have found heavy whipping cream was the tastiest right after the machine was finished. That’s the best time to eat it.

What I haven’t figured out yet is how to not get it to freeze rock solid in the freezer. I see all sorts of videos and recipes online boasting scoop-able ease, and I swear they are ALL lying just to get traffic. I’ve tried adding the vodka to keep it scoop-able, but even that doesn’t work. I would love to know how to make it scoop-able after frozen. But until then we only eat it right after we make it now.

(Geoffrey) #4

I made ice cream today. I avoid all seed oils like the plague so I only use heavy whipping cream. I use one pint of cream. 5 egg yolks, one tablespoon of vanilla powder. I use the powder because it has no sugar or alcohol in it. Just pure vanilla. Then a couple of pinches of Redmond’s salt. That’s it.
Very creamy and delicious.
My machine will automatically shut off when the ice cream is finished.


My (vaguely similar to @Geezy56’s but way yolkier) ice cream freezes solid too, good thing I don’t care much, I just eat it when it reaches the right hardness and if it’s past that, I keep it at room temperature a bit. It’s easy with me not being in a hurry, being at home most of the time and using tiny amounts (I eat more ice cream than I want - I don’t force it on me, I just couldn’t go without just fine - and it’s still very little despite it’s a great ice cream. I just don’t want ice cream, it’s one change carnivore brought).

I had the same experience :smiley: Sometimes I used some tasty dark rum as that is more dessert-like… Well it’s good for flavor, my first carnivore ice cream was an eggnog one and impressively good…

(Bob M) #6

@robintemplin I did not try it last night, but my 2 kids and wife said it was good. If allulose works as it’s supposed to, it might make you eat less. We’ll have to see if that’s true.

@Just_Juju Thank you for the time info. I’ll let it run longer.

That’s interesting about the fake sugars. I went to allulose because I thought the erythritol was worse for me. The allulose is supposedly more like sugar in creating a scoopable ice cream. Last night, people took it out and immediately ate it, no waiting. Not sure if that’s because it wasn’t frozen for long (maybe 2 hours) or the paper cups or what.

My oldest likes soft-serve. I’ll have to see if she’ll try it after it’s been in the machine a while, and after I add whatever I add.

@Geezy56 Where do you get the powdered vanilla? I had some but it had dextrose or something like that in it. I’m not sure my machine will shut off; it seems pretty simple, with an on/off toggle switch (push down on one side to turn on, and the other side pops up).

@Shinita In the past (waaaay in the past, can’t remember when I made ice cream before last week), I tried vodka. But the allulose seems to work well.


Yes, most people especially with protein ice creams do that make it not have a bazillion calories

My old Keto Ice Cream recipe, can’t believe how old that thing is!

(Geoffrey) #8

I got mine on Amazon.

According to the ingredients listed it’s clean.


I have an ice cream making bowl for my Kitchen Aid mixer. While I love the Kitchen Aid (which I only got in 2017 or so for one of my kids (who never uses it but I do all the time especially with Keto)) However, the bowl is still in the original packaging in my basement. Anyone use that, recommendations on timing etc. Thank you for the recipe, looks delicious and look forward to trying it

That is so interesting. What kept me true to Keto in my first 6 months many years ago, was that I could make all sorts of substitutes but then I do not love meat. Some were time consuming so I do not make them often, such as my version of Fathead Pizza from ( I do not do the meat toppings but instead do typical pizza toppings and veggies). I found that I would still lose weight. I am currently doing a lot of keto pancakes and I find that I will lose weight in any day that I eat them even though they are probably at least 1000 calories or more. Also, I found that if something is truly keto, my off switch will trigger before I eat too much. This is not true if I am eating conventional food or not as soon anyway


I’ve not read anything credible that erythritol is worse or better for us than Allulose. However, it definitely is better than any of the other sugar alcohols because it is only a 1 on the glycemic index, and does not get processed in our bodies the same way as the others do.

In this way (frozen or chilled foods,) Allulose is far superior to erythritol. Erythritol has a crystallization effect when chilled, and that can cause a gritty or grainy texture. When I make my homemade Keto syrup I make sure to use the powdered erythritol to lessen the crystals that form in the syrup. But since it’s syrup used over warm foods, I always reheat it first and that removes the crystallization. But if it’s something that is eaten cold or frozen, it’s not the best choice at all. These days that’s when I do use Allulose, when I need to avoid that crystallization and it’s not a large amount per serving. I don’t recall it keeping my ice cream soft after it had frozen overnight in the freezer. But then again the violent effect it had on my digestive system that first time I used it in ice cream has caused me to avoid it in larger quantities per serving ever since. Maybe I’ll try it in ice cream again and see if my system can now tolerate it more? My husband prefers soft serve too, so there isn’t much reason to freeze all of it when we make ice cream, but there is always some left over and they become solid ice blocks in the freezer with any other substitute I have used.


Is there “oil” in half & half or regular milk? Or in almond or coconut milk?

(Mark Rhodes) #12

I have a ninja creami and a regular ice cream maker.

I used THE WHOLE FEAST (carnivore protein powder, heart, liver etc) flavor Vanilla. I used three scoops, 5 OZ of HWC, Pomona Pectin( especially formulated to NOT need sugar) 1 Tablespoon Knox gelatin, 4 oz melted Kerry gold, 4 eggs, 2 egg yolks and fresh tart cherries from my trees

Freeze for a day. soak Creami container in temped water to loosen the walls then add some HWC to help liquify and use gelato setting. YUM

(Geoffrey) #13

Animal dairy’s do not have oils in them naturally. Just lactose which is a sugar.
Almond milk which is of course not a milk is made almonds soaked in water and then pulped and the liquid strained off that liquid is basically the oils that were in the nut. The “milk” is generally sweetened and has many additives that I don’t care to have in my diet.
Coconut milk which again is not a milk but just the liquids produced in processing is better or less bad than the nut “milks” but can also be loaded with sugar and additives but in a lesser amount. Since coconuts do contain an oil there is probably some in the “milk”.

They are generally accepted as being keto friendly as long as you take into consideration the carbs and sugars but for us carnivores we avoid as much plant matter as possible.

(KM) #14

I was surprised to learn about coconut milk. I always assumed it was the free liquid inside the coconut, and what was pressed out of the meat was the “cream”. Not so! It’s like most other plant-based milks - can be done with pressure or with chemicals and heat, with or without sweetening or additives, which could be the difference between a health food and a dumpster fire. (The sloshy liquid inside the coconut is coconut water, not milk.)


Both coconut milk and almond milk is super easy to make, I used hot water and coconut flakes for coconut milk. Nothing else is needed and it"s naturally quite sweet and fatty too. I made it maybe once every week for a long time. Then I got bored of it (it made everything tasting coconut…), way before carnivore.
I think I bought coconut milk/cream once, it wasn’t sweet so they didn’t add sugar, I just don’t understand why it wasn’t sweet. Coconut is sweet and it goes into the milk…

Now I have milk and cream, they are much better :smiley: I don’t remember when but I had a dairy free period, coconut and sometimes coconut+almond milk was useful. Almond milk alone was boring. Poppy seed milk was fun. And IDK who is the weirdo able to enjoy sesame milk but it wasn’t my own idea, that’s for sure (it was SOOOO bitter)!

I had no problem with sugar alcohols in my ice cream, I didn’t feel crystals, maybe I am not so sensitive to that…? But milk powder made it super gritty… IDK why I used it, probably was out of other things and/or I was curious… I just have to try many things. I never could try out allulose as it’s not a thing here and no way I would order food from abroad (and where I looked, it was zillion times more expensive than the already expensive sugar alcohols we use). And it’s a moot point for me now :slight_smile: I am glad, I am too curious, it’s good not to care about most keto items.


The Thai Kitchen unsweetened coconut milk we use has only coconut and guar gum in it. No additives or any sugars added. Nothing else.

We also use an unsweetened Silk almond milk. I never noticed before that while vitamins and minerals are added, and other natural/healthy ingredients like sea salt, they also say “Sunflower and/or Almond and/or Canola Oil”. !! WTH?? Why add oil not from an almond to almond milk? Granted it’s a very minuscule trace amount, but still. Sheesh. Luckily I don’t use the almond milk, only my son does.

I use HWC 99% of the time, and on occasion coconut milk. Thank God that one is pure though.


Because it’s cheaper for them, of course. Sunflower and rapeseed oil is almost in everything here, it’s horrible… I don’t get surprised often at this point but of course, I am with you regarding this…
The pork rinds here has more sunflower oil than lard, imagine that! (But it’s a rare overpriced thing and an unusual one so no one eats it anyway. I guess. Surely SOME do but IDK why.)

IDK what is in almond milk here, I only looked at the carb content, that’s almost exactly zero. As it’s almost only water. So it’s doubtful they add any sugar, it would become more than zero then (if it’s 0.5%, it’s listed, even a bit below that. most of my processed meats has <0.5 g sugar per 100g). But no idea what is in it. Almost no almond, I know that but the additives…?
I googled a bit, I still don’t know much more but they talk about super sugary almond milk. So that exists too because of course it is but whenever I checked, there was no sugar.
As usual, one should always look at the ingredients list (even if it’s a normal item where there should be only 1-2 natural one, I learned that…) and if it’s super easy to make it way better at home, let’s do that. Making almond milk is what, a minute? Though I need to find something to use up the leftover “weakened” almond afterwards as I don’t throw out food, no matter what. But that’s easy for me, my SO eats nearly anything in his desserts… And almond is nice, even in that form.

(Geoffrey) #18

And that’s the problem with eating or drinking something that isn’t natural but manufactured. I can’t trust what’s in it. The American big food industry purposely creates foods to be addictive to get people hooked thereby bringing in more profits.
I personally wouldn’t have anything to do with anything almond due to the high concentrations of oxalates but if one really likes it and it fits in their diet then I would do as @Shinita suggests and make your own.
Once I learned how big food likes to hide things in the foods we eat I became a voracious label reader.
It’s been a real eye opener.


I don’t even thing almond milk has much oxalates (but I don’t care about that so I don’t know anything about what is much), it has barely any almonds in it… I don’t like watery stuff so it never was a temptation. I only had that thing with coconut milk as it is very rich, fatty, sweet and coconutty. I used to LOVE coconut flavor. I think I still do, I just almost never eat it as I don’t need to eat everything I find tasty. I don’t miss it and have better food and that is what matters.
(And I am in love with cream and milk alike, plant stuff has no chance :smiley: It’s actually very, very, very lucky for me. I adore simple animal products and my body loves them.)


I usually read all the labels and have for over two years. I’m very picky and I don’t buy anything with long lists of ingredients or with things I don’t understand what they are. I agree with you and hate how they hide things under synonyms to trick us.

This Almond milk got past me probably because I don’t drink it and only my son does, and I probably haven’t checked the ingredients list since the first week I started Keto and ditched whole and 2% milk, and was buying what others on Keto told me to buy. I definitely didn’t understand as much about the oils as I do today. Plus, I remember two years ago there weren’t three different oils listed in the ingredients, but only almond oil, which made sense. They have since changed.

So we have to keep checking every few months even after trusting a product.