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Newbie here. I use Nutritionix for macro counting. I have optimal glucose levels and am pretty much 100% moderate ketosis daily.
Some days I haven’t been able to count my fat and protein. I am 2 weeks about into keto. I have felt better with both high and low protein, think they just give me a different feel. I am, tho, going to start exercising, if I can get this thing rolling!

Not sure what to experiment with , help please?

Is this correct?:

Aug '20

Eat leaner proteins. Instead of 5 whole eggs have 3 whole with 2 whites, eat skinless chicken breast in place of sausage, use high protein/low fat cottage cheese etc… If you’re cutting fat you can add a few more carbs which can help make the leaner proteins more interesting/palatable. If you’re eating keto for medical reasons this probably won’t work but if you’re just trying to lean out it works great.

I didn’t eat enough protein some days, which led to muscle loss. I don’t want that.
The last one is from the keto calculator

• My BMR is 1377
Legend: Gr x kcal per gram

F : 119 x 9 = 1071
P: 55 x 4 = 220. = 1290. So need a little more fat.

F : 119 x 9 = 1071
P : 78 x 4 = 312. = 1383.
**** Can Add more fats. ****

This one is optimal for preventing muscle loss:
F: 100 x 9 = 900.
P : 130 x 4 = 520. = 1420.
**** Can Add more fats ****
[ I weigh 130 ]

This one is the keto calculators #'s:
F : 121 x 9 = 1089.
P : 72 x 4 = 288. = 1377. Can Add 20g carbs

ACTUALLY I FOUND ANOTHER CALCULATION TODAY. I inputted stay the same weight, as I don’t know what to choose. Just want to tone my body.

The maintenance mode one:
1827 kcals
F: 152 x 9 = 1368 kcals of FAT
P: 115 x 4 = 460 kcals of PROTEIN

Should I experiment with this one? I have felt good with over 2,000 kcals, multiple times.

EDIT: I conclude my research with LOVE HARD-BOILED EGGS AND EXERCISE
lack of exercise can spike blood sugar
rigorous exercise can lower blood sugar
I didn’t love my hard boiled eggs and exercise that much in my first two weeks. I am not slow, I am slow and steady wins the you know what, at 2000 kcals a day taking in protein at bodyweight so I dont lose muscle and 150gr+ of fat from my macros for keto. Thats what Ill do–Going Forward. Hard and Fast. Sorry for the confusion

MINI-SPLURGE: I figured out today I love tallow on beef all creamy like penit butter. I want to say its like candy., but its just a delicious food to me, Like m favorite, but its not because ikts sweet. ACTUALLY, my Toothpaste is sweet now. I hate it! This is what keto did to me.
I dont want to like penit butter alot so thats how Ive been writing it the past 2 weeks. I did all these calcs for macros of all the food I ordered my first two weeks as a newbie on keto and am happy to finally know there isnt all that much to it and dont need those!

2nd edit: SO, THINGS ARE: I get to have exactly 16 oz brisket a day, plus 20 gr fat or lets say 25 for 2 Tbsp Tallow
That’s 1540 kcals

Shooting for 2000 kcals, I could do with: 1/4 cup tallow instead of 2 Tbsp with 16 oz brisket, 1779 kcals

  • with 1-2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil for zero carb
  • or with 1 avocado if I have em and need to consume them for 4gr carb/2 Tabs Lard
  • or with 2 Tabs of butter

That makes 2,000 kcals. I am always satiated by 2000 kcals. Havent really tried lower though.

How Am I doing? Should I stay with this, and start exercising lightly on days off from work and no rigorous exercise?


You don’t even want to lose fat. What if you just eat according to hunger and satiation? Do you fear you don’t get enough protein?

Your energy need can’t be calculated. And you wrote before you have some physical work. You probably need significantly more food. But if you are lucky, your body tells you how much and vaguely even what kind of food to eat.

I got fat adapted with 2000 kcal (my body always loved that amount, no matter if it was below or over my needs) but it would have happened with 1000 or 4000 too, surely. Eat little carbs, focus on protein sources and chill.
If 2000 kcal works for you, eat that amount. Calculators don’t know your body.

I like experiments but in the first months I just got used to keto. Why to experiment when it’s not something established to compare things with? Tweak things if something is wrong (or when you are very, very curious, I know the feeling).

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I would suggest keeping carbohydrate as low as possible, eating a reasonable amount of protein, and consuming enough fat to satisfy your hunger. Eat only when hungry, stop when no longer hungry, and don’t eat again until hungry again. That should ensure getting enough but not too much.

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Ok, so here goes:
If I understand right:

  • I cant eat to lose weight YET. That comes after fat adaptation?

As In Google’s words:
How many calories a week should I eat?

The average, moderately active woman between the ages of 26–50 needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight and 1,500 calories per day to lose 1 pound (0.45 kg) of weight per week.*

(Old Baconian) #5

Forget deliberate calorie-cutting. Eat a well-formulated ketogenic diet to satiety, and trust your body to regulate your appetite so that any excess stored fat is shed without need for conscious effort.

I lost a significant amount of fat by eating a ketogenic diet to satiety, so there was no hunger or calorie-counting involved. Now, according to the laws of physics, I had to be eating less energy than I was expending, but the fat loss was effortless and involved no exercise whatsoever.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the ketogenic diet is above all a metabolic-healing diet, with shedding excess stored fat as a very pleasant side effect. Fat loss can start at any time, but it can also be delayed for a number of reasons, women’s hormonal cycle being one of them. Hormonal re-regulation is an important part of the healing.

As you will learn from reading most of the newcomer threads about stalled weight loss, fat loss is not a linear process. It occurs in fits and starts. You may even gain weight for a week or two. There is also the phenomenon of the whoosh, in which suddenly we are 20-40 lbs. (9-18 kg) lighter.

The opposite can also happen, too: one day a few years ago I found myself weighing 32 lbs./14.5 kg heavier than the day before. Interestingly, my clothes still fit the same, so I don’t know what was going on. It took about a month before I was back to the weight I had been before. After that, I stopped worrying so much about the reading on my scale.

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I forgot one thing I need answered:
Is it hard to get all the nutrients from a multivitamin when doing OMAD? Did me doing OMAD from the very start, alot of the week, hinder any processes of mine?

According to the fact that nutrient absorption/digestive issues can occur with keto, what is the best way to fend for myself?

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Take a multivitamin.