Help MonsterJuice with a little (HUGE) problem!

(Candy Lind) #1

Some of us want to help @monsterjuice get rolling again since her car was totaled. Go here to read up and help!

What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
(Ashley) #2

Thank you candy! Also thank you to everyone who has checked on me. And also to everyone that has offered or suggested any help! The sense of community and sentiment I have felt in this community in the short year I have been here had been more than I could ever ask for! I should also note if anyone wanted to donate to PayPal rather than gofundme they can do that to at if anyone does donate this way I will update candy to let her know! I had added an actual picture of the car below! The damage is worse than it looks. I had a collision shop look at it and they said it’s not worth the fix. Also it’s a old car so the bottom is in bad shape to begin with!

(Ashley) #3

I just wanted to come back on and say how awesome you all are! I’m very grateful to have such a group of people who care! Feeling very loved today! Appreciate everything!

(Ashley) #4

I also told my dad about the people who have been helping out and checking on us! Spent the day with him at the er ( he is fine just on blood thinners and his nose started to bleed from being on oxygen and drying out) was also his birthday so it was actually aside from the doctors a great day! We both are feeling very cared about and appreciate everything!


@monsterjuice can I ask what state you’re in? If it came down to needing to transport a car to you, I could maybe help with that. I used to transport cars for a living through uship. Just LMK.

(Ashley) #6

I live in Michigan!


I’m in Virginia. If somebody were to donate a car I could fly or bus there to pick it up, and drive it to you, then travel home. I don’t care if they’re on the west coast. I used to be a long haul truck driver so the distance is nothing to me. It probably won’t come to it, hopefully you can find something decent locally, but just putting it out there.

(Ashley) #8

I know of a few decent lower car places near me! I think candy has someone looking as well! Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that! Just waiting to see how the gofundme goes in general to know my options! Luckily I managed to borrow a car here and there! And next week I got a ride to go back to work for the week since I got scheduled for surgery on May 6th to have my wisdom teeth extracted. Luckily I’m house sitting for a friends parents and they are going to let me use their car! They are all impacted so I have to get jawbone shaved to extract them so it’s going to be a painful week and I needed the time off!


Good grief, you’re having quite a time of it! Who needs the dentist on top of everything else? Hang in there! This, too, shall pass, right?

(Ashley) #10

Oh I’ve known about the dentist for awhile, I just have been fighting my insurance because they denied my more painful side of wisdom teeth but approved the side not giving me much pain! So I have been having severe jaw pain and it’s my lower right wisdom tooth but they denied it! So I’ve had to reappeal it twice.


At least you have dental insurance. So did they finally approve it then?

(Ashley) #12

I should know tomorrow if it’s approved. Had to wait 72 hours. They said it should since I’ve been to the er in the past for jaw pain! So fingers crossed! Luckily I have dental insurance yes!

(Candy Lind) #13

Awesome, Sharon! My car guy has offered to help me if we find one in Texas.

(Ellen) #14

Oof, that sounds “fun” but glad you’ve got a car for a few days.

(Ashley) #15

It’ll be a blast lol! I’ll have to do soups for a week!

(Ashley) #16

Just would like to thank everyone that has donated! And for everyone who ya checked on me! Again this community has been a blessing to me! From losing weight, to being healthier, and to the sense of a community of people who care! Who understands there are ups and downs in life and who don’t just judge the next person! People who have fallen off the horse and the people who have helped them step back up through positive encouragement! <3

(Candy Lind) #17

@monsterjuice Ashley, I hope your mouth isn’t giving you fits as you try to stay keto.

We’re over $500 on collections, but going slow. If anyone has any ideas, or if you can provide a lead on a good used car at an awesome price, please let us know. I’m fresh out of ideas!

(Ashley) #18

I’m doing alright candy! It’s a bit slow but I still have some time! Not really sure where to press forward with it! I’ve looked around my area still for help or ideas and haven’t found much any luck!

(Ashley) #19

I almost forgot to mention as well candy I had a $25 donation from @David_Stilley on my PayPal as well! So we are at about $575!

(Candy Lind) #20

I am posting it regularly on FB and hope that others will share it on social media, too. That’s the only way to get what you need. My car guy still hasn’t come up with anything, but he’s still looking.