Help! I'm really discouraged

(Isabel Rodriguez) #1

I just started the keto way of living.I went to the vitamin store and bought MCT oil.Potassium and a multi vitamin.I downloaded a carb counting app.I not sure I feel because Im mentally exhausted from starting.I know I sound weak Im just venting.My support team sucks.So anyway I got up this morning and it said I gained weight.What the he’ll!!! I get not eating bad carbs but im just upset that I dont get to eat a bunch of veggies and fruit.Honeslty i dont feel that healthy.I do have a loss of appitite so that’s a blessing.But really just want to cry rigth now.And I eat peppers and broccoli and celery.But at any cost eating this compared to my life style before this.I don’t what to say.Help advice please!!!

(Doug) #2

It can take a while to get used to eating ketogenically, Isabel. The ‘keto flu’ is a common thing, and yes - it does not feel great. It often takes a few weeks to adapt, but right away changes for the better start occurring in the body. Lots of people look back and say, “It certainly was rough for a while, but thank goodness I stayed with it!”

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Thank you for the support much needed!



Hmm, not sure where you got your information but you can eat a ton of broccoli and celery and some peppers. Certain high sugar veggies like potatoes should be avoided, especially in the early days…

Originally I ate:
Breakfast: Bacon and eggs. Coffee with cream.

Lunch: Avocado, canned Salmon, feta cheese.

Dinner: Steak, steamed broccoli, cauliflower with butter on top.

Avoid bread, rice, wheat and sugar. Have veggies instead.

Get a good carb counting app, make sure you don’t go over 20g net carbs.

Tons of water and salt.

Don’t let yourself get too hungry and obviously don’t eat like a pig (although I did because I hadn’t eaten food like the above for a long time and I just had to chow it all down in double doses).

Not everyone gets “keto flu”, I pretty well didn’t.

And you need to give it a few weeks.

Oh and don’t weigh yourself every day, your body’s water levels go up and down … so that can put you off. But over a couple of weeks or a month most people lose a decent amount (For me it was 11lbs in 4 weeks)


(Stylee) #5

You are your best support team. You and the you that you’re trying to become. This is a personal decision that may fly in the face of family and friends. But you’re the one in control of yourself and what you choose to do. I applaud you for making this decision for whatever reason you’re doing it, health, weight loss, mental clarity and good energy throughout the day without the carb roller coaster you’ve been riding.

We humans have an amazing capacity to change and adapt. It might take a little time but not too long to endure for a strong young woman like yourself. Be empowered by your choice and keep your resolve to change your life for the better. Things will even out in time. Keto is effective but not a magical transformation where you’re going to suddenly see weight loss instantly. And beware of getting bummed out reading how so and so lost 35 lbs in a month. Really large overweight people lose fast initially because they have tons of water on board stored away. And men lose fat much easier than women so just hang in there.

As you will see a popular slogan here is KCKO, keep calm keto on.


(John) #6

You can certainly eat broccoli and celery and peppers. Salads, asparagus, cauliflower, any kind of green leafy vegetable like spinach, kale, chard. They are all on Dr. Westman’s list and are low carb vegetables as listed on the DietDoctor web site. It’s a low carb diet, not a zero carb diet. Some people choose to (or need to) go more extreme, but it is not a general requirement.

Just make sure total carbs are under 20g per day. Drink plenty of water, supplement with magnesium (I take a daily pill that provides 75% and get the rest from food), potassium if needed (found in Lite Salt), and regular salt.

Eat dairy and nuts in moderate quantities (meaning - some, but don’t overeat these). The main rule not to break is to cut out sugars, grains, and starches.

Don’t overeat fats and proteins just because you think this is a magic diet with an excuse to eat all the steak and butter you can. You can do that, but don’t expect to lose any weight because your body will fuel itself from the steak and butter and not use up your body fat reserves. Eat normal portions of foods, to the point where you are not hungry, but not to the point where you are stuffed or feel overfull.

First couple of weeks were rough for me, as far as how I felt. I knew what to expect having done Atkins in the past. Everything finally settled down by week 6 to where I felt pretty much normal most of the time, just eating different foods.

It’s not easy. It does require a commitment and some re-writing of your own mental rulebook. But you CAN do it. You just need to commit to the change, and then follow through. Once you have established new habits and new ways of thinking about food and food choices, it becomes more automatic and doesn’t require constant willpower.

(Isabel Rodriguez) #7

Thank you so much.I needed to hear that today.You’re right this is about me and my journey to health.I guess I need to be patient and put in to work to see the change.Sometimes I just need a kind gentle reminder.

(Randy) #8

Welcome Isabel. Some good advice so far. I think it’s important to think of this as a long term strategy, and not a “magic pill”.
Your body has been using glucose for a long time, and it takes a while for it to learn to and run effectively on fat.

You’ve got this. :grin:

(Stylee) #9

Speaking of The Magic Pill, a phenomenal inspirational film on Netflix that you WILL LOVE. It totally convinced me that I was doing the right thing. Highly recommended viewing.

(Regina) #10

Welcome Isabel. MCT oil is certainly not necessary - but, at the very least, start slowly with it. Forum members report GI issues with it, until their systems adjust. Also, be very careful with the potassium (see link below), I have never supplemented with it. I get my potassium from avocados, mushrooms, leafy greens, salmon. Concentrate on salt and water. Many do supplement with magnesium, however.

You will find keto very easy once you get going with it. And the forum members are extremely helpful - keep us posted on your progress, and ask any questions as they come up.

You will find this of interest regarding potassium and other electrolytes.

Again, welcome to the forums.

(Kristen Ann) #11

Welcome Isabel,

That’s what this forum is for. I’ve found so much support here, it’s amazing. I don’t expect the people in my life to understand this woe and rarely share my keto lifestyle.

For me the transition off of carbs caused an emotional reaction. I was overly emotional, frustrated, starving, burnout. However, this was very short lived and this woe got easy. You don’t sound weak. It gets easier, hang in there.

(Karen) #12

Your weight loss may be very slow. Vegetables are delicious and youll miss them. Fruit is delicious and you miss it. Bread crackers cookies are delicious and you’ll miss them. No matter what anyone says.

Pick a keto choice that’s delicious, and eat it. Don’t eat again until you are hungry, because it will taste really good if you were truly hungry. My go to is bacon and eggs.

You feel like you’re deprived AND you’re not losing weight. So it feels like a punishment at the moment. It will get better.

(Regina) #13

Here is a helpful link I think you will enjoy reading.

(Jane) #14

Hang in there!

What are your goals? Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic? Have a lot of weight to lose or less than 20 lbs? Or just want to get over sugar/carb addiction to reduce inflammation, brain fog and have more energy?

(Isabel Rodriguez) #15

I want to get healthy.Im over weight and my joints kills me.Ive had childhood arthritis in my back since I was 10.The weight makes it worse.My self esteem is shot.And my energy level is too low for a 30 yr old single mom.

(Isabel Rodriguez) #16

Thanks so much.I will check it out tonight thats when I do my Keto studying.

(Karen) #17

I find reading keto studies, and books about Keto, and podcasts about keto to be motivating. However it is frustrating if you don’t feel like you’re getting results.
Listen to the keto dudes. They’re fun, funny and informative

(Regina) #18

Weight loss is not linear - a few pounds either way, especially in the beginning, are nothing to worry about. Just keep carbs at 20 grams or under, and enjoy the food. And when you have time, give us a few daily menus so we can see exactly what you are eating. That really helps us to give targeted advice.

(dogboy) #19

Take a breath. It only seems hard because you are beginning.

Get some green veggies like broccoli and kale or cabbage. Napa might be the easiest to use, you literally slice it up and put it on hot food with salt and it will wilt quickly. Then douse it with olive or avocado oil. Eat it with your favorite proteins. You can ride that for a few days while you figure things out. Make sure you eat enough. The first thing you need to do is adapt. Then the weight will go.

If you hormones are messed up, the weight takes a bit longer, but you will still start to feel so much better that you will not believe you felt that bad before and didn’t realize it.

Get rid of your scale. It won’t help you until you don’t care anymore.

Just keto on.

(Julie ) #20

Welcome Isabel, one item I like is the fact you can recreate much of the items you once ate into keto friendly foods. I have this board and a few friends for support, but for the most part this has been me for me. Like the others stated this board will help you out a lot as there are people on it at every level, of keto.