HELP! crashing /sleepy after meals. Trouble adapting 8 weeks in

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Thanks for sharing. I will check it out for sure but unless it’s some miraculous resource that has ground breaking info, I’m afraid I’ve already applied and exhausted all generic keto flu advice/tips :frowning:

I’m up on my b vitamins
I supplement electrolytes religiously in all possible ratios
My carbs are 15-20 g net
I cut out dairy
I cut out nuts and seeds
I use no sweeteners
I go to bed at 10…
I go for light walks
My protein is moderate <100g
My fat is high 200g+

Two months into it, I’m still not feeling the way I should. Feeling frustrated at the moment.

The only thing I haven’t tried is cutting carbs EVEN more to 10 g or less… at which point I might as well go zero carb…

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I was supplementing with potassium chloride for 2 months and it wasn’t helping any of my symptoms. :frowning:

Someone on this thread suggested taking it out so I’ve been “Lo Salt free” for 1.5 weeks and instead eating lots of avocados, which has helped the palpitations . My energy is still very low…I’m praying to god something clicks soon and I have energy. 9 days into your recommendation of <20 grams of carbs.

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Your carbohydrate threshold depends on your degree of insulin-resistance. The principal reason we recommend a limit of 20 g/day is that it is low enough to get everyone into ketosis, except for those who are especially insulin-resistant. Since elevated insulin interferes with ketogenesis and fatty-acid metabolism (not to mention preventing triglycerides from being broken down—lipolysis—so that the fatty acids can leave the adipose tissue in the first place).

I would strongly recommend dropping your carb intake from 30-35 grams net to under 20 g total. If that doesn’t work, you may need to drop your intake even further. The sleepiness is likely from too much carbohydrate—it’s the crash from the over-production of insulin because you are insulin-resistant. You can avoid the crash only by eating so little carbohydrate that the resulting glucose rise doesn’t spike your insulin so badly.

If you find yourself feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and having muscle cramps (you didn’t mention it, but just in case), that is sodium deficiency and can be cured by eating more salt.

Now as for the weakness and fatigue you are feeling, that is because your muscles are currently relying on either (a) an inadequate glucose supply or (b) ketone bodies, which they can use, but don’t do all that well on. What the muscles really want is fatty acids to metabolise, and there is an adaptation phase that takes the time it takes. The only way to get through it is to stay consistently in ketosis, and that requires keeping carbohydrate intake below your threshold. You will know you’re fat-adapted when your energy returns. At that point, your muscles will be metabolising fatty acids in place of glucose and ketones.

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I use magnesium glycinate because that is supposedly more bioavailable.

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Maybe, some tips from Diet Doctor might help.

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@Sungl1025 @Ruina

THIS!!! I felt horrible for the first 2 months on keto. Everyone kept telling me to take more salt, but I couldn’t eat that much salt, so I ignored their good advice and kept feeling horrible. Quitting keto isn’t an option, so I just lived with it.

I finally got some salt tabs several weeks ago and make sure I get a minimum of 4 g of sodium a day along with lots (2-3 g) of potassium. I’m currently taking 9 caplets of potassium gluconate 3 times a day which isn’t even the recommended daily intake of 4.7 g. I’ll be making my own capsules with potassium citrate powder once the caplets run out so I don’t have to take so many.

Magnesium glycinate doesn’t have a tendency to cause diarrhea, so you can take more than you can with the magnesium citrate if you need to.

World of difference! Listen to the experienced ones (not including myself in that category) and save yourself weeks of feeling awful.

In case you find it helpful, here’s what I now take in electrolytes each day:
400 mg magnesium glycinate (once a day)
2.6 g potassium gluconate (split into 3 doses per day)
4 g sodium (split into 3 doses per day)

Lost my energy
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Hello guys, I need some help… I just checked my fasting blood glucose and ketone levels today using keto Mojo for the first time 45 min after waking.zxx

Glucose was 91 and ketones were 5.5???!!! Is this a dangerous ketone level?? Please advise. Should I stop keto?

I’ve been eating OMAD since yesterday. Does that play into it?

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dangerous would be 7 in the presence of glucose over 170.

you’re fine.

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widen up on your eating window. consider doing 4 or 5 meals per day if you need