Help Carnivore Diet long term side effects

(Vivin Mathew) #41

I really wish i could gain weight. i lost weight drastically after carnivore. almost to a dangerous degree i think. I think with the carnivore diet, its really hard to gain weight. i just feel too full all the time.
i try to use chicken as a filler. just to gain weight. in france, its a bit more tricky to get fattier cuts of meat. you get rarily the 80% protein to fat. but ive never seen lower. Its a bit of a hastle where i live to prepare beef tallow each time, so i just stick to butter for convenience.

(Vivin Mathew) #42

Thank you for the virtual hug Hallie. I appreciate it. Right back at you.

Unfortunately, Rice as i mentioned above. I ate them all my life. But ever since last year with my arthritis auto-immune suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Currently even a cup of rice with ghee, gives me explosive diarhhoea and i cant walk from the knee pain for two weeks of recovery. I am trying to experiment with small quantities of food. but each time i experiment, im unable to walk without pain for the next few days. and frankly im sick and tired of being in perpetual pain. Which is why im ok with just eating meat. Cause anything beats the pain really.

Im starting to meditate now… And i hope that should improve my situation.

currently im looking with an internist. if there is something in the small intestine thats causing my leaky gut syndrome.

Thank you for your support. i really appreciate it.

(Vivin Mathew) #43

Im fine foregoing sugar really. i dont even miss it that much. but the weight thing is concerning, cause im starting to think im not having enough, and thats sometimes causing pain through the body. Ill just have more Rib-eyes. Im loving it

(Vivin Mathew) #44

I suspect thats what caused the explosive diarhhoea and two weeks of terrible knee pain from just a small cup of rice. But everyone in the table had that same rice and everyone were fine. So it could be my intestinal problem in addition to the toxins in the rice.

(Edith) #45

Or the ghee. Ghee causes me to have cramping and diarrhea, as well.

(Vivin Mathew) #46

Very Interesting… i hadnt thought of that. I think i have no issues with butter. So i suspected that the ghee was fine. since its just clarified butter. Diet science is just too confusing and difficult. i suspected that half lemon was causing huge problems so other foods follow suite. Anyhow ill begin experimenting after a couple months. For the month ill continue with Rib-eyes

(Edith) #47

I have problems with dairy. It gives me a rash and achy joints, especially my lower back. I’m pretty sure I would have psoriatic arthritis if not for my diet.

I had heard that because ghee was clarified, all the milk solids removed, it was non allergenic.
Now, I have to admit, I did not get itchy from it like I do from dairy, but my oh my, within 20-30 minutes of eating it, I was on the toilet.

(Vivin Mathew) #48

Interesting. I may have to try forgoing ghee/butter as well. But what im worried is i would only be left with beef tallow. And its no where to be found in france. Except making them ourselves. This can be a bit complicated.

(Edith) #49

If you do try cutting out the ghee, please let me know what happens.