Help Carnivore Diet long term side effects

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I eat mostly Rib-eyes, ground, faux fillet, cause thats what is easily accessible currently where i live. Liver i have rarily cause i cant find it as often. I mildly cook eggs,

India is the worst place to be a carnivore. 20% are strict vegetarians. And 80% although they eat chicken and fish. majority is against beef and some states beef is banned too. Indian diet is very plant based. But currently i live in france and there is no problem for me at all to find good meat easily. But that wouldnt be the case when i visit my family in india for holidays.
Right now my wife visibly has seen my crippled when i drank lemon juice or had few raspberries. But she isnt convinced . Literally no one thinks its normal.

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I’ve done this for 5 weeks, actually it was chicken eggs and fish, nothing else. I was offshore and there was nothing else on the ship. It did not affect me in any way. It seems as long as I eat from the animal kingdom, it works for me.

In France you can eat anyting you want to.

When in India, don’t bother with the beef, just eat other animal foods. Makes it easyer.

I travel a lot. Over the years I’ve learned how to eat my way in all types of places and culture’s. Its a real challenge but not impossible to become a master at it. Including the tough places like India.

For me now its super easy. No one would even notest if I don’t want them to.

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Interesting. I think i should be ok. I was panicking from half a lemon. i thought i was cursed for life. Eggs and chicken should be doable. With butter. What do you think is the good rate for fat to protein. 2:1 or 1:1. I go at about 120gm of protein and maybe around 150gm of fat. I am loosing a lot of weight. since the carnivore my weight went down from 67 to 48.6Kg(today). Which puts my BMI 17.7, which is slightly lower. Do you know how i gain weight. Cause i do not feel hungry at all. And sometimes i force myself to eat more. I notice i have some periods of low energy, usually an hour or 2 after eating. But during the time i feed, my energy seems to come back ok.


You need to slowly start adding things back in. Whenever you’re in a very restrictive diet, your body will hyper react when you change it. Your pain was most likely inflammation from foods that caused an inflammatory response or a possible food intolerance.

In either case somethings up with your knee if a little food inflammation does that, do you work out or do any physical activity with it?


While I am no carnivore, I try to stay very close most of the time… I eat about no ruminants, it seems fine. I barely ate any ruminants in my whole life and I never ate much meat and maybe I never will.
I live on eggs and pork, mostly but I doubt one can eat on eggs mostly. It’s not perfect nutritionally - very great but not great enough - and I personally can get bored of eggs too… I rarely eat 12 eggs, more like 6-8 in average. I need meat for certain nutrients, variety, joy, probably for other reasons too, I don’t know all the important reasons but carnivore with extremely little meat, it sounds very, very bad. I can pull it off for a while with little and I am pretty sure one pound is more than enough for me (in average) but almost none… And chicken… Many of us find chicken not so great. Carnivore can be very different for different people but trace amount of meat carnivore, I can’t consider it even remotely valid.

I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian and then close to that (meat a few times a year for convenience, I didn’t specifically want it). People totally couldn’t comprehend it either and it’s odd as this country has plenty of vegetarians, vegans, even raw-vegans aren’t that rare…
I never heard of carnivores here and keto isn’t popular either. Paleo is the big thing.
Beef isn’t a very popular meat, too expensive and not even available in villages, at least not around here. People eat pork and chicken, mostly. Turkey and duck, maybe…
I would be DOOMED without pork. I couldn’t do carnivore without it at all. Without ruminant meat? Easy enough. But it’s always nice to have some here and there.

It’s way easier for me to eat carnivore as my relatives consider meat a normal part of a meal (restaurants are better for a mostly-carnivore than a vegetarian who needs big, fatty meals with lots of animal protein but no cheese if possible… that’s why I usually ate meat in restaurants in my almost-vegetarian times). I eat the meat they provide and that’s it (if I want. I don’t need carnivore all the time so I am more flexible when visiting). They had a bigger problem with meatless dishes though one relative (the one who I visited very frequently) learned to handle that, the lovely soul. While she can’t comprehend very low-carb (diabetes or not - from her part, I am healthy), she often makes fried meat, I simply don’t eat anything with it (and stay hungry especially if it’s chicken but I bring my own eggy and meaty and fatty bites so it’s all good).
I don’t find it a problem to skip the food if it’s not okay, I drank mineral water while the girls ate cake and chatted for hours before… We went to meet, not eating and especially not criticizing each other’s habits (even though one did that but it’s not my problem).
It’s probably harder for some people and in the case of certain situations but you even have a valid reason to avoid plants… You are basically allergic or similar enough. I am not but it’s my life, my woe so I have all the right to eat whatever or fast so I don’t care about other people’s personal little problems regarding my life.
People don’t need to understand my/your woe. They just should respect you and accept your decisions about your own life.

But I am a hermit. And if I still go to somewhere, I can just not eat.
I can imagine it’s way harder for you… But you still need to focus on your health. Many people can’t eat things very very very common in dishes in their countries. Avoiding them can be hard but must be done… If one feels obligated to eat things very bad for them, that’s horrible though. If we don’t protect our health, who will?

Oh I forgot before, I eat not only cheap “normal” meat but organs too. It adds some nice variety and it’s different nutritionally from eggs. Not for everyone, it seems. Eating organs is very very common in my country but it wouldn’t help if I didn’t like the taste of certain organs. I still can’t eat much of them but a little liver can make a difference.

3 months? I am sure some people lived on only eggs for 3 months (it’s still insane, of course). Many eggs with some meat and extra fat sounds way better for a while. Still far from ideal, of course. But I don’t know. A healthy one surely could pull it off if they wouldn’t start starving rather than eat in such a limited way… It would bother me and I don’t even have your health problems, I am sorry for your troubles :frowning: And for my wall of text too. If I could write consise, I would have done it.

Whatever suits you. I did anything between 1:2 and 2:1 but my own taste, food items, energy need etc. points to something around 1:1… More protein if I eat less, more fat if I eat more…
But some people feels their body likes a specific ratio…

Oh my, you need to eat! Can’t you add fat somehow? Fatty items? Ouch, it’s hard if you can’t just eat cheese or fatty meat but some added fat is something…
Do you need hunger to eat? Can’t you just eat? Something little, dense, tempting? Drinking calories?

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I just eat what I find tasty that day, sometimes its a lot of fat, other times its a lot of protein.
I usually crave what I need.

Just enjoy life and eat whatever you feel like eating, as long as it is from the animal kingdom.

As plants harm you as much as they do, no more plants, just ban them. Its not for you.

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Don’t they eat mutton in India? And goat meat? I’d eat some of those with your eggs and if you can tolerate cheese…
I dont find chicken holds me long enough but lamb does so maybe a mix of both? You maybe different of course …

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I want to work out. but i cant, cause of the immense pain.doctors did a lot of scan but cant figure out whats going on. they say this and that. and its a mess.ill stick to the carnivore as long as i can. The benefits are still worth it

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oh nice to hear you can survive without ruminants. I for one cant get rid of my pain without a good old rib-eye. i stopped eggs for about two weeks now. i just replaced them with more meat i suppose.

As long as people are healthy. its fine whatever diet works for them really. if they like vegan then ok. but i dont like it when they virtue signal about vegan being the best and blah blah.

i think ill need to add more pork…

paul saladino is big on honey. I dont know if that helps. cause ever since im on carnivore i went from 64kg to 48kg. which is ALARMING as im lower in the BMI. i dont get hungry so i try to eat more even if im not hungry.

its a good thing you have that option to be flexible. unfortunately my body is so messed up that i cant have anything except carnivore i suppose.

Thank you for your input. and sharing

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i find that i dont crave. and can go long periods without food. but thats dangerous since im loosing alot of weight

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yes goat meat should be ok i guess. but beef ground doesnt burn the pocket.

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As a former diabetic, I don’t believe that all that sugar would do me any good. Quite apart from the fact that it’s not ZC/carnivore. Eating the bees instead of the honey, now . . . . :grin:

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I see. I want to experiment with it a bit. the raw organic wild honey as they claim. The reason is im really looisng a ton of weight. and getting only meat is getting hard as i feel sooo damn full all the time.

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Ok so i experimented with honey. The knee pain is back. bye bye honey.


Most meat is very satiating to me as well but I need to lose fat and I am very bad at doing that, carnivore or anything close to it is my only hope at the moment but I need to be careful as it’s too easy to eat much. But not from meat only. And not all meat has the same satiation effect, many of us don’t feel chicken as effective (it works for me better when combined with other meat, it’s hopeless alone). Other items may help with eating more… If you simply can’t eat and lose weight despite you shouldn’t, that’s a huge problem. Can’t you do something, timing, other, less satiating items…? I found I eat similar amount of leaner and fattier meat so I can control my calorie intake through this to some extent… Meat still can be very effective, too satiating but there are other options to eat.

(Edith) #36

How about rice? White rice is pretty bland. I don’t think it had any plant toxins.

(Butter Withaspoon) #37

Hi Fieryfire. Your story is very worrying. I have to admit I’m more worried about you losing more weight and not being able to stop the process than about the knee. 48kg and a BMI of 17.7 are worrying, and added to all your words about being trapped and not being able to stop this downward trend have me very worried.
Can I extend a big virtual hug to you, and suggest that you get help along the lines of a possible eating disorder developing. Many of us have experience of this and it can be a bad situation when mixed with continuing any dietary restrictions. It sounds like a terrible trap and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this.

The suggestion of eating some white rice is a good one. Sit down with a bowl and eat it slowly with enjoyment. My allergic-to-everything in the world neighbour took her first steps back to the world with meat, white rice ( and pears!).

Your anxiety is high too probably. I lie down and listen to Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube (without bothering to do it) it’s soothing. I hope you can find some more peaceful space. I’m crossing my fingers for your knee too.

Also, there may well be some internal health issue that the doctors haven’t figured out. Calmly pressure them into looking harder with a steely glance that suggests they wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Best of luck and heath to you

(Vic) #38

You have your answer, no plants and no sugar for you. Explore the animal kingdom. Lots to eat there. Eat enough, 3meals a day, and if you body decides to weigh 50kg then so be it. Its fine.



oh yea, there can be issues :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For a number of reasons, rice may accumulate a significant amount of inorganic arsenic (the more toxic form) from the environment. Arsenic is a toxic element naturally present in our environment.

and so on and so on with what farming practices and more

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The last time i had a small cup of rice with ghee two months ago. And i had explosive diarrhoea. Its the strangest thing. Im indian. Ive been eating rice all my life. And the last time i just ate a cup. I couldnt walk for two weeks. It was the most violent experience ive had with food. RICE!!! unbelievable!!!