Hello from Belgium

(Vic) #1

I have been reading this forum for a few months now. Living the keto lifestyle for almost 3 years.
I identify as a carnivore. More then 98% of what I eat comes from the animal kingdom.
Lost 26kg and became mutch healthier.


(bulkbiker) #2

HI and welcome.
Sounds like you are pretty well informed… we have quite a few “significantly carnivore” members too.

(Jane) #3


(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #4

Hello, @Carnivoor. Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for introducing yourself.

I wonder how many other forum members we have from Belgium.

(Laurie) #5

Welcome! I think I have a similar way of eating.

(Vic) #6

Thank you all for the warm welcom.
I know no one in real life who eats as weird as I do. It is liberating to be part of a forum that doesnt judge for keto way of life.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(Susan) #7

Welcome to the forum Carnivoor.

(bulkbiker) #8

You’re amongst understanding (for the most part) friends here.
We’re all weirdos…in one way or another… just healthier weirdos than most of the general population!

(Jane) #9

Before COVID I did a lot of international travel and Belgium was one of the toughest to stay on keto.


I am zero carb plan and you should see the weirdo looks I get when I mention it out and about :crazy_face:

I always get those responses of ‘how can you eat meat only, that’s not normal?’ and then they say ‘I have to have my bread!’ :money_mouth_face::rofl:

Welcome to the forum.

(Vic) #11

Does this sound familiar:

“Hi, long time no see, you look healthy, did you loose weight?”

Re “yes 53 pound’s”

“Amazing, how did you do that?”

Re " I ate fatty meat"

“?..the weather is nice isn’t it”

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(Laurie) #13

Vic, if all they do is change the subject, you can consider yourself lucky! Here in Canada, people are quick to criticize. Even a vegan said, “I don’t believe in restrictive diets.”

You’re right, it is nice to have this supportive community.

(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #14

There’s just too much to process here. :exploding_head:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Vic) #15

:rofl::rofl::rofl: hilarious

(Karen) #16

@Carnivoor welcome

I have eaten ‘wierdly’ according to my work colleagues for many years and in many different ways! They are always looking in my pack ups at what wierd food I have brought in to work These days I get them saying “that meat looks great” … “no veg???” Or “cheese again” hahaha

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #17

Oh, the humanity!


this is the least restrictive WOE I have ever been on