Hello everyone :)


(J Nieuwland) #1

Hii, I’m Jennie and I’m on carnivore for a while now.

Glad I found this forum, it’s nice to see people also have similar diets who I can communicate with. Guess I’ll just start with why and how I found this diet.

It started for me when I couldn’t bend my fingers without pain anymore. I had unexplainable body aches since I can remember. I was like 28 when it got rapidly worse, but still doable, and both my shoulders were chronically inflamed. My knees occasionally hurt, but that was about it. Around 32 walking also got painful in my hips, and meanwhile my knees, especially my left, hurt every day. I had no idea what it was, and neither did my doctor. I had cortisone injections, and they said that it might be arthritis. My other bodily discomfort like having my bowelsystem always making weird noises, never a steady stool nor period, and always craving food, but staying on “healthy” foods like the doctor advises, only made all this even more servere I found out. Not to mention that adhd is supposed to get less with age, but not for me, it got worse. I got fired because I had to call in sick because I could no longer move my right arm more than 10 cm up, and that was very painful. A long time I thought there was no cure and I was just a hypochondriac and it was all in my head, since my past hasn’t been the easiest either.

Now I’m 34 and a good few months on carnivore, I just wainted to get rid of the joint pain everywhere in my body. I love what this diet did for me:

I can play basketball with my daughter without pain, I can run, my energy levels are steadier, my mood is steadier. I became more aggressive, but in a good way. I’m irritated faster, but I have way more control over my emotions so it easily fades away again too, instead of staying for days. My ptsd and adhd got under control, I might even say if this is still like this in a year, it might not even have any effect on me ever again. No more flashbacks, no more constant nervousness, no twitches, etc. it just all disappeared. Also my memory greatly improved, and I function better within my family, in traffic and at my job overall. I have a list of like a million things that got better, both in my head and body, but I guess you get the point here.

This diet literally changed my life 180⁰ and I know I can’t go back. I ate vegetables/salad twice, and the first time it was so bad my boyfriend wanted to take me to the ER because I was delirious, and crawling on the floor like a worm. The second time was the day before yesterday, and I’m stuck with very heavy cramps and being unable to do anything other than sitting, and walking around very little, because my body wants to be a ball. This is also the reason I found this forum.

For my boyfriend and daughter, my bf followed me on carnivore (he has add, and he also likes the effects, he has no bowel or auto immune system reaction on “normal” food, he just likes what it does to his head) and my daughter is on Keto. She plays better with other kids, has more understanding of people, her focus is better and her energy got higher. I’m not putting her on carnivore, because I’m afraid she can’t go back because she’s only 9, and it’s her decision to make when she’s older what she wants to eat, and if she wants to follow any diet at all.

Well that’s about it, it’s a long story, but I got rid of it. I’m happy that I found you guys, and can’t wait to learn more good things and bad things about Keto and Carnivore diets.


I don’t post often, but wanted to welcome you here. You have found great healing. I suspect your body will continue to heal even more over time.

You say you eat carnivore. Are you able to eat fatty meat? I think animal fats are very healing but not everyone can eat a lot of fat right away. I’m glad you found something that helps.

Anyway, welcome!

(J Nieuwland) #3

Thanks! Yea I eat quite fatty. Except chicken fat, I cut it off, it’s so weird. I like beef the most. And eggs. Life saviors hahah

(Robin) #4

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story about the power of carnivore.

Just Curious…
how did you learn about this way of eating?
And did you begin with keto, as many of us do, or did you jump straight into,carnivore?
Are you hoping to lose weight as well?
Do you have any issues with cholesterol, blood pressure or high blood sugar now or in the past?

Hope you take the time to look round the forum. It offers just about everything in the land of keto and carni. From Science (usually over my head) to sharing pics of our meals.

Look forward to your participation.

(Rebecca ) #5

Welcome! Thank you so much for sharing you testimony! A person’s story of their healing is much more impacting then reading research papers…for me anyway!


welcome. That’s some story! From what I’ve seen, people who have a physical why (including severe mental health problems) do much better sticking to carnivore. Weight-loss goals just don’t do it for most people forever. But pain? Or a cancer diagnosis? Or bad bipolar? Or a fasting blood sugar of 250? Pretty gosh darn motivating.

Veg don’t bother me, but I’m 99% carnivore anyway. I feel great on it, and it’s so, so easy to shop and prep meals.

Congrats on taking your family into healthier eating with you!

To learn more, I really like Amber O’Hearn’s blogs. justmeat.co has some great links. Look at all Kelly Hogan’s youtube videos (a new one with Amber is very interesting) at myzerocarblife. There are only about four interviews on youtube with Charles Washington, but they are worth searching for. His approach is sensible and calm. I’m in the middle of reading Fat of the Land, the Steffanson book, which is linked off justmeat.co. An interesting historical moment in carnivore eating.

(J Nieuwland) #7

Hii everyone, thanks for your reaction, I kinda put it all in one answer haha

I learned about this in a piece of some joe rogan podcast. I gave it little thought. I started carnivore in a day. I already ate a lot of meat, since I like to listen to what my body tells me it needs. I’m not on it for loosing weight, though I lost about 5 kg I guess. I had a normal body type before I started.
The reason I started it because of chronic inflammation through my whole body and arthritis. Which were both gone within 2 weeks, plus a whole bunch of newly discovered benefits which keep growing!
I haven’t noticed any ploodpressure issues, or cholesterol I don’t know. I don’t get tested, and my blood pressure was already low. My heart beat is the same, 50 bpm.
This diet literally saved my life, because along the way, I leaned that I wasn’t very far from diabetes. Tingly legs, feet, arms, hands lips each morning, sugar crashes, etc. I just cut it all out, except for meat and eggs.
My fav is beef and chicken, I also like turkey, and ofcourse pork, but I eat very little since it’s stuffed with hormones here.
And indeed, my trauma’s make it easier to sticking to carnivore. Both in my head and body heheh.


Thanks for sharing your story. Do you eat any dairy?

(J Nieuwland) #9

Yes, sometimes. We’ll aged cheese and full fat products go very well, I can not drink pasteurised milk, my hands get very sore from that within a few hours. The next day it’s gone. I haven’t tried anything else, so I can’t really say. But diary products have never been a favorite, for as long as I can remember I always yelled: if I was supposed to drink that, I would’ve become a baby cow! But that counts for a lot of products people eat hahaha. I only ate lettuce on top of a dish, twice, and boy did I regret that :laughing:

(Megan) #10

Hi Jennie, awesome to hear about the improvements you are having on your woe. I’ve been carnivore 4.5 months and my inflammation has gone down a lot. No longer need knee replacement surgery! Keep us posted as you continue and wishing you all the best!

(Laurie) #11

Thank you for posting your story, @J_Nieuwland .

I gradually stopped eating plant foods, because they caused abdominal pain. Once in a while I eat a tiny bit of veg or salad, and then I pay for it with a tiny gut ache.

Yes, it’s much easier to stick with it when pain is involved!

I’m glad that carnivore helped your ADHD.


@Fangs Jenny’s story of discovery is a good read.

(J Nieuwland) #13

Thanks you all,
@MeganNZ this is so awesome! I’m really happy for you, I’ve seen knee replacement surgeries on family members, and it’s no joke!

Guys thanks :smiley: I just love this diet every day more. Yesterday I was with my friend and she made a rice dish. She left out onions and green veggies. She put in a lot of chicken instead of pork, and no sauce. It was delicious! And I have no aches today. It’s good to know I can still eat some other stuff, for some occasional dinner party or something.

Glad my work parties involve a lot of barbecuing and wine. Somehow I can take red wine. Not an infinite amount, but I can take a little alcohol.

(Robin) #14

Oh, you’re so lucky you can still have the occasional rice dish. My joints will immediately start barking. Crazy. But for me, that’s probably good. I’m best with hard lines in the sand.

(J Nieuwland) #15

Ah yes I have that too, except with rice! So I guess it’s something that isn’t in rice.
But yeah, when I eat SUGAR :rage: I can’t fit my shoes, all my face gets tingly and eventually my legs too. I get cramped up and when that’s gone the jointpain starts. I also have it with carbohydrates, but then it’s "only"joint pain.

(Veronica) #16

How wonderful to read your story and how you diet helped. I don’t think doctors really value how important diet is, how it can make or break a person. That you found relief after all you suffered is fantastic! There’s no greater motivator than illness or pain to change one’s life around and begin one’s journey towards better health, and at least you have steady footing now on that, knowing how your body feels and can and can’t tolerate. Joint pain I’m familiar with, but not of the severity you suffered. And I found as you did giving up sugar, gluten, bread and anything processed, really made a difference to that pain. I am keto at the moment not carnivore, and I don’t think I could part entirely with vegetables or berries. And I eat cheese and butter but like you, feel sick if I drink a glass of pasteurised milk. I still have some mild stomach complaints, so I have still a way to go on my diet. Who knows, perhaps down the road I’ll learn carnivore is best for me too. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s so encouraging, and just wonderful to read someone’s success in achieving a better quality of life, better health.

(J Nieuwland) #17

Thank you so much! I’m also very happy for you that Keto works! This whole food thing made me very aware of how we’re (accidentally/unknowingly/willingly who knows…) misinformed throughout our lives about our food habits. I already was a big meat eter before I started, and people told me, including my doctor, it was unhealthy. Yet with kickboxing I ended up getting the best results on meat based dishes with rice. I ate a lot of that in those times and I was healthier than any member of my family who all didn’t believe it was a good thing. Well, I guess it is, because I’m back to that, and gotten further with even higher energy levels. This diet literally saved my life :smiley:

(Veronica) #18

Yes I’ve met both approval, from my mum, and shock, from my mother in law, who swears by a typical low fat, high carb diet and follows the old food pyramid. I can’t blame her because I was the same, and it was only really after I was diagnosed with lipoedema I started looking into a ketogenic diet. I was also a meat eater and have always been since I was little, but when I was little I happily and with relish consumed fatty cuts, and then later as I grew up began to buy into the idea saturated fats were bad and ought to be limited. My mum and grandma always cut off the fat so I began doing that too. And I began believing butter was bad, and so for years I didn’t have butter on my toast. I also avoided salt. I believed my diet was super healthy because it was rich in fruits and vegetables, and of course, I didn’t understand what I do now about fructose and insulin. I was also of the understanding I should eat little and often to improve metabolism, so without realising, I was keeping my insulin high. Then I gave up sugar. Or so I thought. I was still clinging to my nut and date bars and dried mango. I could eat four of those bars in a day and down a whole bag of mango. Still believing I was eating healthy. Thing is I was perpetually bothered with joint aches as well as headaches and dizzy spells.

It was just a little over two weeks ago I decided to give up all of those foods as well as gluten. It was a wake-up call. Of course, having done a bit of research regarding keto I began eating butter, cream, eggs, beef, bacon and cheese aplenty. Precisely how I would eat when I was a little girl. It was also how my dad ate, and my grandad. After seeing my mother in law’s reaction to the keto diet I thought it best to close the subject. But my mum, although not wishing to do keto, she is leaning more towards the mediterranean diet, is already like me doing intermittent fasting. She was already implementing other useful tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle such as tai chi, meditation and mindfulness, which is such a wonderful thing. We cheer each other on.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like living in a country where most people (try to?) eat low-fat… I can’t imagine that. The average Hungarian eats a similar amount of fat as me (maybe a tad less, it depends how good I am at the moment. if I don’t focus on minimizing fat, I can get some impressive numbers) - just a ton of carbs on top.
Fortunately I never was a good follower - but still, we can’t avoid our circumstances. I just had NO IDEA what options I actually have and my body didn’t guide me into a woe it never ever experienced. When I showed it what lower-carb is like, it immediately burned the bridges leading back… It’s smart but if you were raised and fed in a certain way and it kind of worked… Then changes need some trigger. And it took a lot of time.

I always ate lots of fruits and vegs because of the enjoyment though I didn’t consider them unhealthy… I ate everything (but meat) so my diet was quite nutritious at least… It could have been WAY worse. I was always well satiated except a very short time before some of my meals. And on my rare Unsatiable Days.
IF came naturally.

The trigger was the tricky thing, I had to have a reason to focus on my diet. I lived in ignorance previously. We didn’t learn about nutrition in school (maybe it was for the better considering what I know now… I have read some official dietary guides and they get almost everything wrong, it’s crazy), fortunately I don’t remember much discouragement regarding fat and stuff, surely there was some but Hungarians seem to be good at ignoring it. Except sunflower oil, that came and won super quickly some decades ago so I was raised on it. Once I calculated (well it was an educational guess but I couldn’t be too far) how much I ate in my life, about a ton.
But the vegan and anti-fat propaganda pretty much failed here. I don’t even understand how it could win somewhere, the normal person don’t even care about their own health much if it’s against their habits and enjoyment. And while I can imagine low-fat has enjoyable items too especially for people unlike me - but almost every interesting food is very fatty, it’s hard to avoid it if one doesn’t cook for themselves or choose from some very limited options. Or those countries has low-fat options everywhere? And many people was born into a low-fat household? Poor souls. I was born into a high-fat one, Mom often ate pork fat tissue without any meat in it (I disliked that)… But I am sure I would like and need high-fat anyway so the first time I tasted such a thing, I would have wanted that. But maybe less so.
Eating high-fat probably made me WAY more fat obsessed, sadly. I always feel compelled to eat more fat if I eat more carbs to mitigate the problems, it’s irresistible and I had it before low-carb too. So I am used to overeating fat (I did it for decades I am sure) and it’s still a problem unless I do “everything” right. But I am not good enough to do everything right almost all the time…

In my family only I ate and eat very low-carb (most of the time). At least my SO is health-conscious just like me and he pretty much does his best, he is merely different and needs a vastly different woe to thrive :slight_smile: But he eats high-fat too. So it’s not super high-carb. I consider it way better but probably many don’t. Whatever, it’s a moot point as he can’t do low-fat just like he can’t do low-carb, he can’t even try those for a day. And why break what works anyway?
We both pretty much evolved to a point where we can’t change things significantly and get something better. But we will see.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #20

When I was young, the standard advice was to eat three meals a day and avoid snacks. After the dietary guidelines were introduced, it was the constant hunger attendant on eating so much carbohydrate, that eventually led to the advice to eat several extra times a day, as a means of coping with that hunger. On keto, we are back to the notion of eating only when hungry, and eating enough at each meal to satisfy hunger. Most of us find we can go hours between meals, free of hunger pangs.

Back when I was young, everyone knew that carbohydrate was fattening, so we avoided it. It was only after Ancel Keys convinced everyone to tell us to fear fat that carbohydrate suddenly began to be touted as healthful food. And we all know how that turned out! :scream: