Hello Everyone! πŸ™‚ My Keto Journey - Weekly Weigh Ins βš–πŸ“†

(Khan) #1

Hello Everyone,

I’m about to embark on my second keto journey. The first I did for around 2 months. I did see and feel benefits but it was cut short by my all inclusive holiday to Turkey! It has been a few months and after putting on roughly 7lbs I thought I would try again. I am still around a stone (14lbs) away from my ideal weight. I started keto today.

Today I had my teas and coffees with minimal milk and sweeteners. Fish with keto naan (made with almond flour and psyllium husk) for dinner. After my previous keto I realised 1 sweetener in my drink does not cause me to go out of keto. It took me around 3,4 days for my body to go into ketosis. I was checking with the strips off Amazon.

My usual daily routine;

6am. Wake up . Coffee, dash of milk and a sweetener. 1tablespoon ACV with water. Drink through a straw to protect enamel. 1tablespoon Pure MCT oil.

6.30-7.30. Gym. HITT Cardio.

8.30-4.30 Work . Only water and coffee while at work. The MCT oil usually keeps cravings at bay.

6pm. Dinner. Keto friendly meal. Minimal carbs with either chicken, meat or fish.

8.30. Something sweet. Keto cake in a mug or similar.

9.30. 1Tablespoon ACV as above.

I have been OMAD (One meal a day) for while now and it has really helped me keep my weight stable. 12stone 4lbs. Really would like to get down to 11stone.

I understand keto is not only about weight loss and I did see changes in my cognitive ability (after the initial brain fog) to improve through the last keto period I did. I am going to be uploading a pic of my weekly weigh in just to share and hopefully get some tips and motivation from you guys!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Any questions, please ask! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Carl Keller) #2

Welcome Khan. Hopefully you’ll stick with it this time and learn that it’s not a temporary way of eating. It’s a lifestyle that will not only extend your life, it will make it much more enjoyable. :wink:

(Jill F.) #3

Hi @Yorkshire! Welcome we hope you stick around for good. I had a birthday party today at my house and we had lots of keto and non keto foods alike. It feels so good to be in control of what I eat, how I feel, and with a little effort made myself a keto cake that was so good. It can be done and it can be easy! I put pics weekly on my social media accounts and that helped me stay the course. I have lost 40 pounds since December, with only 14 to go you’ve got this!

(Susan) #4

Welcome to the forum, Khan. You seem to know what you are doing, which is awesome, and I wish you success on reaching your goal =).

(Khan) #5

Hello all,

This weeks weight in…

Hello all,

This weeks weight in…

I have not really had a problem following Keto this week. Pinterest/YouTube has been amazing for recipes. I discovered cloud bread this week and that has been a revelation for me. Something to hold together meat and veggies is like a godsend! :slightly_smiling_face: .

My personal favourite recipe this week has been Keto Ice Cream. I know it is heavy in calories but a few spoonfuls every other day keeps the sugar cravings at bay! https://youtu.be/aujs8wR4rHA

Gym has been the usual. Lots of HITT.

I’m happy with the weight loss. Im closer to my target weight of 11st so it has been alot harder to take the lbs off but every little helps! I also understand some of this will be water weight so I’m interested to see what happens next week.

Thank you for reading! Wish me luck for next week!

-Ee By Gum Keep Keto-ing!-

(Susan) #6

Wait until @x-Dena-x and @Beefcake see this!

Congrats on your progress thus far, and good luck for the rest =).

(Khan) #7

Hello again,

Time for another quick update. This week has been a little more harder in keeping the cravings at bay. I dont know what it is but I found myself looking at some soggy bagels at work like they were some irresistible little round pieces of heaven cooked by a Michelin starred chef! Kept away from them though so felt proud. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been eating the cloud bread I discovered last week with pretty much every type of meat. If anyone has any south asian recipes that they would recommend I would be grateful. One thing I really miss is chappatis/naans and rice! (Tried cauliflower but it was a total no go! Dont think I could ever get used to the texture and taste)

My little keto stick things off Amazon are telling me have been in ketosis all week. Nice and purple. Reading around the forum I understand they are not the best and most reliable way to tell but I feel as a beginner they are doing a good job. I will gladly take suggestions off anyone in the UK as to a good proper ketone monitor (?)

Gym has been the usual. Again, lots of HITT training. Energy levels have been good. My pre workout coffee and MCT oil has been giving me a good energy boost and keeping hunger at bay.

Anyhow, here are this weeks results. I’m happy. Another 2lbs off. I break up from work tomorrow and have 6 weeks of holidays so hoping to really push to my target of 11st.

Thanks for reading guys. Keep up the good work!