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Hello all, my name is Jason and I am a 44 yo male from Montana, living in Queensland, moving to Michigan soon. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have three sons, 16, 17, and 18. I will fill in more blanks later, but for now am just excited to have found the forums. I came to the forums from the 2KetoDudes podcast, which I discovered while listening to The Obesity Code Podcast, which I found after reading Dr. Fung’s books. My wife and I are both engineers (Chemical and biochemical) and it was great to finally find a diet/way-of-life that made sense with what we knew about the body and chemistry. I am relatively new to keto and fasting, but have already taken off 14 lbs and looking for more in the near future.

Biggest Surprise so far? How cheap the weekly shopping excursion becomes when you eat one meal a day… Ha! Anyway, I look forward to spending more time here and getting to know you all. Thanks for the support and the great resource.


HI Jason,
Welcome to KF! We look forward to seeing you around.

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Welcome Jason and congrats on your success so far!

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Hey Jason

I have formal training in Chemistry, a masters in Environmental Engr and am a Computer Scientist now at 65yo. My oldest brother was a chemical engineer for years. Actually a carbohydrate engineer but that is for another time.

My youngest is training to be a mechanical engineer and is a rising Junior. She goes to a small new engineering school called the Olin College of Engineering.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi, Jason!

Thanks for introducing yourself. Look forward to seeing you around the forum!

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Congrats on your progress so far and welcome to the forums (and welcome to America soon) :smiley:

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Sounds like a fun family, Eric! I hadn’t heard of Olin before, but looked it up. Looks like a great school. Thanks to all for the welcome, and I am certainly learning a lot from the reading!

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Welcome to this thing, Jason.


Hi everyone, I am also new here.
Last year my father saw some videos on youtube about Keto diet and he followed it and lost almost 10 kg of weight. This really inspired me but every time he would tell me to follow the diet… I would get scared. I wanted to do it but I was too scared of being hungry all the time so I did not do it.
A week ago, I met my old school days friend… she looked almost the same (its been 10 years since we finished school). So, my friend… I think has put on not more than 3 or 4 kg but I have put on 18 kg. During school time my weight was 48 kg and now I am 66 kg… when she looked at me… she said, “wow you have changed drastically”… I felt really bad at that time and that was the time when I decided that I will give keto a try. So, I joined this forum. I hope I can at least lose some weight and gain back my confidence.

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I hope so too, @maxperill.