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I want to do the carnivore diet because of all of the health benefits. I believe that I have some atherosclerosis because of eating a bad diet for many years. When I’ve tried to go very low carb in the past, it has caused me heart pains (feels like a cramp in the heart, soreness around that area). Is anyone else doing zero carb with active heart disease? How is it working for you?

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@TomSeest hasn’t been seen on the forums for a while, but he has a great deal of experience using a ketogenic diet to successfully treat his heart problems.

Tom’s case is, of course, anecdotal, but there is also study evidence to suggest that heart muscle affected by clogged coronary arteries does significantly better on ketones, because, being fatty acids that are already partially metabolised, they require less oxygen to metabolise fully.

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As @PaulL mentioned Tom Seest has a particular type of AFIB that has been a problem because of infections and yes he has managed to normalize it while on keto.

My heart disease is not AFIB, but a bifascicular block. This was discovered 2 years into keto. My calcified plaques got worse initally and then became much better, improving by 8.2% which the AMA says doesn’t happen, that it can only increase by 12%> annually. On top of that I improved my ejection fraction from 45% to 60%. This is all on a ketogenic diet.

As of September 13th in an effort to help my wife sort out some autoimmune issues we went ketovore ( carnivore with an emphasis on ketogenic). The first 4 weeks have been encouraging, no weight loss but some slight but measurable changes in mood and outlook.

On the two of us I took a full blood panel prior to this experiment including a dexascan. I will follow up in 3 or 4 months.

My plant based cardiologist has said “do not change your protocol”.

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If you want Tom’s story here is the beginning of it. He does have a big footprint in various social media and Medium pages. https://2ketodudes.com/details/14

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