Heard this in the shopping centre the other day

(Mihalis) #1

So I was doing a bit of shopping at Woolworths in Melbourne (Oz) last week, (the old Safeway for the USA folks). There was a group of pre-schoolers doing a bit of a tour through the aisle’s. As they all walked past me, I hear one of the teachers say “OK kids, here we are at the healthy crackers”…at which point I started laughing quite loudly, just couldn’t help it. Really wanted to say “I think you mean the meat section”. Please tell me one thing in those crackers that is good for this little kid? Anyway, this is just the everyday workings in early education now, they dilute their brains young and by the time these kids figure out the truth they’re already overweight. Hopefully they discover the real truth behind low carb / higher protein sooner rather than later.

(Geoffrey) #2

The brain washed washing the brains of the little ones. But then again, most of us were right there with them at one time.

(Alec) #3

This is the problem: it is 10 times harder to unlearn something than to learn it. We are all pretty much taught when we are young that we should eat low fat, healthy whole grains, lots of fruit and veg, avoid red meat, saturated fat is really bad, keep salt to a minimum, and eat mostly plants.

All 100% wrong. And you have to unlearn all that to start learning what is truly the right way to eat. And as you said, in the meantime, you are getting fat and sick. But chin up, at least the food and drug industry bosses are earning squilions.


I feel so, so, so lucky no one ever told me when I was a kid that high fat or red meat is bad… I have enough baggage without that! I can relearn but certain things related to food doesn’t seem to change as quickly as my knowledge. It doesn’t cause big problems* but still.

*Except overeating. I don’t even think I ever will lose the urge to overeat, the desire for very high-fat (carbs always made me eat more fat, to mitigate problems and keeping me satiated when carbs made me super hungry) and that I look at a 1500 kcal meal and see or feel it’s little (not always but I never ever could call such a meal big. it’s very little food, after all. in my eyes. it never changed). Even if I manage to get satiated by it (but I typically get hungry soon, it IS little food).

But eating lowish-fat and insane high carb? People like me wouldn’t even get used to it, it would be pure suffering, well that may be a good drive to change things… But if one can get used to it AND it is bad for them (or they eat the usual bad stuff that is bad even for people thriving on a healthy high-carb… healthy for them, such a diet doesn’t exist for me. but some are much worse than others)… Oh my, it must be super difficult to change even if they know and want it.
I suppose the modern people are very used to just indulge their food desires too so when they want to be strict, it may be very hard. It was the same to me except I loved healthy food, didn’t have bias against it (more like the opposite, it always baffles me when I meet the usual BS. it can’t stick in my brain, it makes no sense to me) and had some experience with saying no in my vegetarian years (it was way easier than staying keto though. still. I had a time when I didn’t just eat whatever). And it still was very, very challenging. And I am very stubborn and health-conscious, I don’t see people caring about their health so much. Well they may pay big money for medicine but lifestyle changes? Those are tough.

It’s very unfair to put that dietary BS burden on kids. Sticky, stupid things and the kid will need a lot of work to get rid of it, somewhat… :frowning:

Humans know SO MUCH at this point but on average, even the “expert” average, we still are so very clueless about basic things like healthy eating. It’s complex, yes but it’s not a total mystery, we do have experience and knowledge that helps! And they just go and ruin the life of the new generation too, it’s so maddening.

(E P) #5

The healthy crackers! As if!

Our kids’ grandparents are shocked by the amount of butter and meat and eggs they eat and make comments ranging from “my, what appetites” to “you’re going to be big as a barn when you grow up.” Well, so far, the kids aren’t chubby like my husband and I were growing up on potatoes, rice, toast, cereal, sandwiches, garlic bread, crackers, and daily dessert. The gluten intolerant kid sure is happier and healthier than when I didn’t know any better and was trying to save money by serving him thick homemade bread slices 2-3x a day. Live and learn.

(Eve) #6

I think it is a relative statement to some extent. If you are going to eat crackers, then there are ones which are much healthier to eat and will do less damage than the crap filled ultra processed ones. There are some very nice low carb seeded ones that l eat sparingly, which are extremely healthy and fit well into a keto WOE.


Yes I eat some gluten free ones from Trader Joe’s a couple of times a week and enjoy them. I agree some are less bad than others but I understand the point which is crackers in general should not be anyone’s healthy go to


That’s great! But my brains still broken that Woolworths still exist somewhere, and that Safeway is that big that it existed in other countries! Just when you think something is only around you…

(B Creighton) #9

LOL. Yeah, it took me a good few seconds to accept that Woolworths still exists. I guess they are run better in Australia than the US. At first I was like, how old is this thread? As for the crackers, it seems there is probably no such thing as “healthy” crackers… they all have a fairly high percentage of acrylamides to start off with. That’s after they pack them full of sugar, salt and seed oils…
But, nevertheless, I still eat them from time to time… although I am a bit pickier now… and try to get organic.


I make my own crackers now. Lol They are yummy. I only make them about once a month. They use almond flour and lotsa tasty seasonings.

(B Creighton) #11

And egg or what?

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Actually, I didn’t know this… that Woolworth’s in the states became Foot Locker… LOL. “By 2001, the company focused exclusively on the sporting goods market, changing its name to the current Foot Locker, Inc., changing its ticker symbol from its familiar Z in 2003 to its present ticker (NYSE: FL).”

The Woolworths in Australia is totally unaffiliated, and is a major store there.


No egg

Just mix and roll to desired thickness between parchment. Cut with pizza wheel into squares. Start out checking after baking 10-12 mins as sometimes they can burn at 20 mins depending on thickness. Remove pieces that crisped faster than others.

(Eve) #14

Thanks. They look good!

(Mihalis) #15

Hi Eve, I’ve pretty much checked out alot of the crackers here in Australia and even the so called healthy ones are full of seed oils. I think the U.S would have a much better variety compared to here.

(Mihalis) #16

Hi, well it was called Safeway for along time then it was rebranded to Woolworths and now everyone here just calls it Woolys.

(Mihalis) #17

Yep, the big 3 here in order are Woolworths, Coles and Aldi.

(B Creighton) #18

Nope. Same in states. Even the Organic crackers are going to be made with organic seed oils. I don’t think I have ever seen crackers made with a healthy oil like virgin coconut oil. I have seen palm oil used(I have some now), and that is OK with me, although typically targeted as politically incorrect.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #19

It is certainly politically incorrect so far as the soybean oil and corn oil producers are concerned, lol!

All that saturated fat is going to kill us! :rofl::rofl:


(KM) #20

Hard to know which brand of propaganda to embrace, isn’t it! Palm oil is bad for you because the manufacturers of the big 3 lose a market share? Or palm oil is bad for the planet because it’s an enormous monocrop with the same problems as all the other monocrops, pushing out native flora and fauna and local agriculture … or palm oil is bad for you because of all that artery-clogging etc. etc. … or palm oil is the wonder drug of the ages. :woman_shrugging: