Heard this in the shopping centre the other day


We still have Safeway here in the US, maybe that’s just how it lived on? Weird.

(Mihalis) #22

I was under the impression that palm oil was better for you because it is not as processed like say soy and canola etc. More like a cold press or something similar.


I don’t even know what is in our crackers (well it’s probably sunflower oil, rapeseed oil or something like that as they are THE oils here in everything, be it tinned tuna, raisins or pork rinds. the bigger half of the fat in pork rinds is sunflower oil… wow. not like we have much of that stuff, we have scratchings here and they are side products of lard making so of course they are fried in their own fat) as I stopped eating those stuff (with rare exceptions, yes, I am not so great) when I went low-carb and started to read and care about such things.
I have an opinion about various fats, not really about palm oil but I just don’t get tempted to buy anything with it (it’s not even that common here as the previously mentioned ones). I do my best to stick to the fat in my protein sources (and focus on the leanest protein sources, fat is so very easy to overeat if one is me). A little extra here and there but that’s animal fat :slight_smile: Sometimes coconut oil as my SO cooks with that. That’s fine for me.