Headbanger's Kitchen now on Diet Doctor

(September) #1

Headbanger’s Kitchen is amazing! I am so glad he has paired up with Diet Doctor. I just made the Kheema with lamb yesterday ( + added 2 jalapenos with seeds). I can’t wait until my fast is over to burn my tongue :slight_smile:

(Jane) #2

I agree! I love their Indian food dishes. They are excellent.


And he’s a cook!
He understands how food is made.
He uses real ingredients,
and real cooking techniques.

(Denise) #4

Try the chicken saag recipe. It’s amazing. Made it for the 3rd time yesterday

(September) #5

I made the saag paneer. It was so fun making cheese for the first time. Then freeze. Then eat!

(Frank) #6

Paneer recipe?
I think I have all I need…