Having trouble eating after 7 day EF

(Dee FORMER T2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #1

I ended my first fast, 7 days, yesterday. I had a meal, but only ate half of it because I simply wasn’t hungry. So, about 300 calories.

Today, I haven’t eaten anything yet (it’s 7 pm here). I’m just not interested in food. I feel fine as long as I keep my salt intake up.

Is this okay? Seems like if my body needed food, I would be hungry. I’m a 69 yo female of 5’3" weighing 169 lbs.

Thanks for any feedback.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Yep. Trust your body. Continue to keep salt intake up.

(Susan) #3

I would just wait until you are hungry, then eat. Your body can do wonders when it is in autophagy so enjoy it!

This article lists a lot of the benefits, it is awesome =).

(Paul H) #4

Hi DeeCS. Your first fast? 7 days and not hungry the next day? That sounds pretty rad. I could say the obvious and that you’re sooo good but, if it’s true I would suggest you work on re feeding a bit more and then recycle into fasting if you really want? There is so much we don’t know about you here… No rush… we are in it for the long run. Bone broth…Ketoaide. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dee FORMER T2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #5

@Paul28023 What would you like to know?

(Dee FORMER T2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #6

Thanks, still not hungry. I ate some olives and macadamia nuts yesterday, though.

(Dee FORMER T2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #7

Good article, thank you. Maybe my body is doing autophagy and that’s why I’m not hungry.

I have tons of loose skin and a tummy apron from a 70 lb loss a lot of years ago. I’m hoping for some improvement, but not sure I can expect much at my age.

(Susan) #8

Good luck with the loose skin, and from what I have read and heard about it, autophagy is pretty amazing and can do wonders, so good luck to you =). I am 54, have lost 41 pounds so far, and I have 130 or so to go, and am very hopeful that all this fasting for autophagy (and weight loss) works!

(Dee FORMER T2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #9

Good for you, congratulations! Is your skin shrinking?

(Susan) #10

Thank you!! I am still far too fat to notice if it is =). I was 293 and am now 252, and I am only 5 foot, 2 inches. My clothes are very baggy though, and my underwear was falling down, so I know it is working, hehe =).

I have managed to get into 2 pairs of pants that were too small, and a few tops that were too small so far, and been wearing the other things, baggy. This is fine for me as I am normally in the house, only leave the house for Friday night grocery shopping or for appointments.

I have a long way to go, I want to weigh about 120 I think, (I will see if my body can maintain that and see how I feel, etc but I think that is a good goal weight for maintenance for me).