HATE exercise

(Monica) #1

not sure anyone can relate, but in my journey of life, I have YET to find an exercise I actually enjoy, outside of Yoga. I KNOW that cardiovascularly speaking, I should be doing something more. I’m not sure if it’s a mental block or what, I have friends that are addicted to their run, or lifting heavy, and I’ve done both. But man alive I do not find joy in it!! Anyone else?


Me too! I keep hearing about those people that all of a sudden get the urge to run or exercise. Not happening here. I’ve been Keto since March, 2017 and the thought of exercise repels me. I’m within 20 lbs of my goal weight (175/125/105) and haven’t been able to convince myself that now is the time to start exercising. Glad to hear that I am not alone in this.

(Karen) #3

I love square dancing! Can be vigorous.:grinning:


I hate flossing, but I do it anyway because I’d hate not having teeth even more.

(Jack Brien) #5

I used to hate running. Love it now though :wink:
What ever you pick, start slow, leaving yourself wanting more, not exhausted and finished with it.

(Shayne) #6

My doctor suggested dancing. I have a couple of xbox games that are pretty physical - including zumba… so maybe I’ll start doing that again.

(Sophie) #7

I’ve loved dancing since I was a child and danced all through life up until my perfect storm in 2007. Because morbid obesity caused numerous issues with my knees among other things, I had to quit. Because of Keto, I can now take a Zumba class and I’m considering going back to clogging again. It’s a hellova lot of fun and I don’t consider it exercise at all!

(Monica) #8

I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t exercise.

(Monica) #9

I think for now I’m just gonna stick to yoga and walking my dog, maybe something will come up that speaks to me lol

(Allie) #10

Tbh I would think yoga and dog walking are just fine. Not everyone is drawn to resistance training or HIIT. I’d be concerned about someone doing no exercise at all, but sounds like you’re keeping active.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #11

I do yoga, walking, no dog but my T2D husband, spontaneous dancing, and I also do some strength training that I enjoy. I used to HATE exercise besides yoga. I love my strength training results so I now enjoy the fact that at 68 I am probably the healthiest I have ever been in my life.

I think you can do just fine with walking and yoga. That is what I was doing through most of my almost 50 lbs. weight loss journey.


Exercise isn’t critical for weight loss but it helps tremendously with weight maintenance, general health and as we age, quality of life. To that last point, sarcopenia is a real problem, and resistance training is the best way to delay the decline.

(Adam Kirby) #13

I like strength training because I enjoy getting stronger and also getting an aesthetic upgrade.

(Michele) #14

I’ve been walking daily for a while. Recently I started going out without the dog and doing the uphill bush walks in the local park. I needed to improve the strength of my legs as walking on the flat wasn’t enough. The dog gets a separate walk later in the day. Eventually I will do some other exercise that will strengthen my upper torso. What I’m trying to say is that what we do to be healthy doesn’t have to be fancy, difficult or expensive. All it needs to be is repeatable without too much effort/difficulty. The only thing that stops us walking is the rain.
I would have thought that yoga was pretty good at maintaining flexibility and strength. I wouldn’t underestimate it’s value.

(Andrew) #15

Richard was saying that he now gets runners high now that he’s keto. You might try cardio a few more times to see if its better. Gl

(Zoe ) #16

If you love yoga, do yoga.

Try different forms, find the ones you love the most. You have said you have tried other things.

I think there are some intense forms out there that I know others have found excellent results with but do what you are draw to. And then if someday you think, I might try something new- try it.

Myself, I have come to enjoy exercise. Long walks, strength training etc. I have built myself up and now find myself invigorated by an intense workout though I intentionally limit the duration not to stress my body out. I was never into sports so thought I was not good at exercise but activity has become a great stress reliever.

Also, my understanding is that yoga can be a great form of strength training too.

(Vladaar Malane) #17


Don’t do what you hate. Search for exercises in forms that you like. Be it dance, yoga, or whatever.

I used to grind away at free weights and realized I was forcing myself to do it sometimes because of how I wanted to look.

However, I recently discovered putting “play” or fun into exercise is the best method to ensure you develop a healthy habit you enjoy. I have a post in Calisthenics that I posted with me using gymnastic rings, and the topic was exercise where I felt like a kid again I think. I’ll see if I can find it and post a link, but if not you get the jist do what you enjoy.

Hey, if you find you don’t like exercise in any form? Don’t stress about it. I didn’t exercise at all for first year, when I lost most of my weight. Maybe you will feel like exercising later on.

(KetoQ) #18

Hi Monica –

You could just go for a walk – and not think of it as exercise. Aside from the physical benefit of walking, you may enjoy getting outside, or you may enjoy the peace and quiet, or you may even enjoy the time to think, or to not think of anything at all. I like to think of my walks as “me time.”

Good luck.


Just idea to thing.You can try TGU(with bridge position) and bent press.Both with kettlebell.I think you gonna like it.Tehnique,slow speed of execution,and closer look to details are so close to yoga,in my opinion.

(Gail ) #20

Yes, I’m waiting for that “burst” of energy :roll_eyes:.