Hardcore Keto - are you craving for sweets any more?


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found it, in case anyone else wanted it:


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For something sweet I eat fruit according to stages of ripeness for the nutrients and benefits sought (whenever possible)!


  1. Fact or Myth: Do Ripe Bananas Fight Cancer?
    Japanese researchers have proven that ripe bananas fight cancer. The dark spots on ripe yellow bananas produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) that destroys cancerous tumors. As your banana ripens, its antioxidant levels rise, strengthening your immune system and increasing your white blood cells!

  2. Why ripe fruit is better for you
    According to a study at the University of Innsbruck that looked at apples and pears, the antioxidants are a natural byproduct of ripening fruit. Unripe fruits are green because of their chlorophyll. … nonfluorescing chlorophyll catabolytes are highly active antioxidants — making them potentially very healthy."

  3. Is Ripe Fruit Healthier for You?

  4. Is fruit more nutritious when it’s ripe? The nutritional content of fruits (including those fruits we think of as vegetables) absolutely changes as the fruit ripens.

  5. Ripe vs Unripe Fruits: Which is Good for Your Health and Which is Not? 1. Carbohydrates Unripe fruits usually have more complex varieties of carbohydrates and often, these complex carbs cannot be digested by the body. 2. Resistant Starches Ripened fruits and unripe fruits both contain fiber. However, the unripe fruits have resistant starches that act like fiber in the ripe fruits. If you want to take advantage of better fiber, go for ripe fruits since they have a more tender texture. This makes it easy for the body to digest. Most people’s digestive tracts don’t respond well to unripe fruits because of the resistant starch – although it does help you manage your weight. 3. Sugar When it comes to sugar content, you can already tell that the ripe fruits have more sugar than the unripe ones. Sugar content is much higher in ripe fruits because the carbohydrates keep converting into sugars as they stay on the trees. This carbohydrate to sugar break-down also takes place when you keep the fruits at home for a few days, waiting for them to ripen. You can even taste the prominent chemical difference. For example, if you eat green bananas and bananas that are about to turn black, the latter would be so tender and is almost as if you’re consuming sugar itself. …More

  6. Natural vs Processed Sugars

  7. Natural vs. refined sugars: What’s the difference? {cancer center} Metabolism matters How the body metabolizes the sugar in fruit and milk differs from how it metabolizes the refined sugar added to processed foods. The body breaks down REFINED sugar rapidly, causing insulin and blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Because REFINED sugar is digested quickly, you don’t feel full after you’re done eating, no matter how many calories you consumed. The fiber in fruit slows down metabolism, as fruit in the gut expands to make you feel full. But there’s a caveat, Baker says. Once the sugar passes through the stomach and reaches the small intestine, IT DOESN’T NOT MATTER if it came from an APPLE or a SOFT DRINK. “How much sugar is ALREADY in your blood will DETERMINE how the body USES the sugar,” Baker says. “If you already have a lot of sugar in your system, then what you just digested will form EITHER FAT OR GLYCOGEN, the storage form of glucose that’s used for quick energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s junk food or fruit.” …More

Resistant Starch 101 — Everything You Need to Know
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A!ways wonderful articles! Thanks Bunny.

No sweet tooth. Never cared as much for sweets. Except darker chocolate. Not really a keto nsv, just me.


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I was a sugar addict. I could have whole days where all I ate was sweets. I have been Keto and fasting now for 3 months. I have not really had cravings but occasionaly the thought will cross my mind that sugar would be great today. I am able to avoid by eating something Keto. I will allow myself to have a Keto treat every so often like maybe twice a month.

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I’ve made two of these bites for later—took about 60 seconds to prepare. Thanks for the idea.

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Of course!
Easy and tasty to eat!

Just one added thing🤔

  1. W (2) squares , you are looking at about 3.5 Net carbs
  2. w (1) square , you are looking at about 1.8 net carbs

So, if your counting macros/carbs
Just be aware of the above :wink:

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I’m actually considering a dollop of peanut butter on top. :smile:

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That’s the ultimate “ finger food fat bomb “
:smile:…or w almond butter as well.

U should Post a pic?


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I maybe wrong as I am not sure yet about my observation.

I noticed my cravings for sweets go up strongly when I eat cooked vegitables.

I am not hardcore keto yet.

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Depends on the vegetables. Some have natural sweetness brought out by roasting.



With the exception of the occasional cheat meal (which I know will sometimes trigger cravings for me for a couple of days), the only time I get cravings is during times of extreme stress (like today…sigh) or randomly during fasting (not often though). They are definitely mental cravings.

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I eat cooked Okra and cooked corchorus

Both have very small amount of carbs per serving(3 grams )


Sweet tastes make me crave sweets.


I do,but its not very strong.What I noticed is that if I have pleasure keto food avaliable,then sweet craving is low but when I have to force feed myself with boring pleasure-less keto food,I start imagining eating sweet food but its not that bad.

Actualy I have more of generalized carb craving,think fries,hash browns,pizza,noodles,rice,and various salty cheesy bacony bakery things based on flour.

Strongest craving I have is for canteloupe and piel de sapo melon and also caramelized condenset milk.I also have strong urge for rhubard cake.My grandma have slavic recipe,that thing is so good,she puts some pudding/buttery/creamy thing into it,if I was starving I would kill people for that cake.

Worst crisis was when week ago I randomly stumbled upon banoffee pie.I was googling something and the auto - filling feature suggested word banoffee.It sounded like interesting word so I clicked it instead of what I originaly wanted and what I saw in google images I will never get out of my head.That thing did to me what the ring did to Frodo in LOTR trilogy lol

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Continuing the discussion from Hardcore Keto - are you craving for sweets any more?:

I love super dark chocolate; The darker the better. Coffee without sweetener sometimes helps me control my monsturous sweet tooth. If it gets really bad (ahem before during and after shark week) I have a piece of a 90% chocolate bar with or without a little peanut butter. I’ve also been making sugar free chocolate fudge jello pudding with HWC (my son calls this frosting). To thin it out a bit, pour in some half n half. I eat this with a little whipped cream and some strawberries macerated in a TBSP or swerve (there is no cooling effect). Finally the 666 chocolate brownies posted on this forum somewhere are a life saver. So yes, my sweet tooth is beyond control…

I think my sweet treats have stalled my weight loss so I’m doing without for a couple weeks.

Carbs - I don’t crave them at all. I can sit across from my husband while he eats an Italian sub with boardwalk fries and not be bothered at all. I eat the toppings off pizza and I’m happy.

Cookies, brownies, chocolate - I doubt I’ll ever get over that love affair.

Note: I’ve been Keto since Feb 2018

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Not really. Maybe just for the fruit or rather the juicy and crunchy texture an apple for example


Only dark chocolate with each full moon, so it must be natural.

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Interestingly, I’ve noticed that of late, something like a serving of carrots or sweet potatoes can easily BE my sweets. I don’t get either often but now that I’m not eating so many of my keto desserts anymore, something like a few cooked carrots seem very sweet. Something intentionally sweet or a standard sugar filled dessert is way, way too sweet for me and even if I have a little taste, a little taste tends to be all I want.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like a treat once in a while. But the tastes really do change over time. It just took me a little longer than most, I think.

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Especially, w Triggers like nuts of any kind and or almond butters
Cravings shoot up right away💥
So, I try to limit the the above :grimacing:

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I don’t know that I’m “hardcore” keto, but I will tell you I was hardcore sugar all my life. Like…MASSIVE addiction. It took me years of trying to cut it out before I finally succeeded in going cold turkey almost 2 years ago. This was way before keto. Through last year and into this year, I didn’t crave it at all. At one point last year, I started using honey and my cravings came flying back until I cut it out. Then when I started keto this year and realized I could eat sweeteners, it brought my cravings back for a bit until I got fat adapted. Now I decided to go a month without sweetener and am about 10 days in with no cravings at all. I really need to do no sweetener at all, though I have far less issues with erythritol. After my 30 day hiatus, I will allow myself to finish the fat bombs and keto cheesecake I have in the freezer.