Hardcore Keto - are you craving for sweets any more?



Just a quick question - I’m wondering for a hardcore Keto (for example who takes MCT oil), are you craving for sweets, such as cookies, any more?

(CharleyD) #2

No, but that can of macadamias in the pantry is looking dead sexy…

(Liz ) #3

I have been low carb for 15 years and Keto for one. I consider myself hardcore Keto (I like the sound of that!) and I do not have any cravings whatsoever. My cravings did not stop until I went full Keto.

(Jody) #4

I have been hardcore Keto since July 2017.

I do not find I have cravings for sweets … UNLESS / UNTIL I have [a keto] something (fat bomb, Lily’s SF Chocolate). Once I have something, I find that I want more of it … so I find, for me, it is best to try and just avoid it for 99% of the time.


I will be one year Keto in March. I use Stevia extract and whipping cream in my coffee. I find this alleviates any cravings for sweets. I was never a pastry or desert fan (except for angel food cake once a year on my birthday)!! Also raw coconut oil alone or added to my veggies helps the feeling of fullness…thus no cravings.

(Mike) #6

Yes, definitely. As long as I get my low carb ice cream most evenings (A small serving) I have absolutely no issues but if I skip it I end up with heavy cravings. At this point I have given into it since it does not seem to affect ketosis. In fact I just went on a 10 day cruise, ate low carb (50ish grams per day of carbs) and ate a ton of sugar free ice cream (Hey it was HOT). After the cruise I had LOST a pound. I have never lost weight on a cruise before!


I don’t crave sweets anymore, but I do still eat 85%-92% chocolate daily. I see desserts as nonfood now. I still bake for others but I just don’t eat any of it.

(Allie) #8

No I don’t. But I never have thankfully.

(Brian) #9

No craving. But I do like my keto muffins of various kinds and different keto desserts. I don’t have them at every meal but I also don’t beat myself up for eating them.

Oh, and CharleyD, I have a coconut cheesecake with macadamia nut crust in the oven right now. We’re having guests for lunch tomorrow and they can help eat it! I’ve only ever made one other cheesecake before but I always make that kind of thing when we’re having other people over.

More standard fare is likely to be more like a keto blueberry muffin or something similar, which is sort of a sweet, but not nearly as much as other desserts could be.

(CharleyD) #10

Have mercy! :sob::stuck_out_tongue::money_mouth_face:

(Brian) #11

It’s a Carolyn Ketchum recipe. She’s on Facebook, “All day I dream about food”. She’s pretty good at coming up with some very good recipes.

I’ve been wanting to try out this recipe since before Christmas. :smiley:

Yup, Mercy!!! LOL!! (If it were just me and my wife, it was going to be a mini, as in 4" springform pan. But since we have some guinea pigs… er, I mean, “company” coming, LOL!!, it’s a wonderful excuse to try it out.!)

(Paul Melzer) #12

I dislike every single one of the keto-approved sweeteners, so I’m kinda sol as far as caving-in to a sweet tooth. But, since I’m into keto not to be strict or to lose weight, I allow myself a bit of dark chocolate now and again. As for the craving, I’d say, after 5 months keto, my craving is more of an echo than a real craving. The cells in my brain that experienced the pleasure of sugar have not all been updated yet. (haha)

(Tim W) #13

I’ve been keto for a little more than a year, IF for a year before that. I exercise a lot and I think I’ve depleted glycogen to the point of having intense sugar cravings at times.

Other things I’ve found that cause the cravings is ace-k (fake sweetener) and low fat meals so I add olive oil/butter to EVERYTHING now.

Ignoring the “cheat treats” that have almond/coconut flour seems to work for me as well.

If I eat plenty of fat, don’t have ace-k, and skip the keto treats, I don’t crave sweets for weeks at a time. When you consider eating a spoon of bacon grease VS a doughnut, you might be fat adapted.

Good luck!

(Allie) #14

I’m working my way through an olive oil cake slice by slice, but only because I’m looking for ways to consume more olive oil :joy:

(Jeanne Wagner) #15

I’m not sure if I’m hardcore Keto, but I’d say I’m full Keto now. Since December. Went gluten free last July however. Somewhere about a month or so into cutting gluten, I stopped having cravings. I can’t express enough how crazy liberating that was. Like a miracle.

I think the key was to really leave it all behind and not try to keep it in my life by buying gluten free products. They still have starches in them.


I have sweets for when I have a sweet craving. They’re keto friendly of course.


I still make sweets like cookies, fat bombs, cakes (kinda) all the time, but it’s never a craving anymore. Just something I like to eat that doesn’t send me off the deep end anymore. Also, FIRST thing I do every morning is a shot of MCT! Can’t start a day without it!

(Troy) #18

I can get my fix from An occasional almond butter fat bomb
Or dark chocolate and whipping cream here and there
I do crave mints and gum too.

Carbs…I have no cravings at all…so far

For my SWEET craving today

Just had a “ KerryChoco Sandwich “

(2) squares of Lindt 90%
1 tbsp of Kerrygold butter

( Grab a note pad and pen please. Pretty detailed :wink:)

A) Place 1 square of Lindt on a plate
B) Place the butter on top
C) Place another square on top of the butter

Then pick up and eat🤣

It taste WAY-better using NO utensils :spoon::fork_and_knife:
Clean up free


(Ely) #19

Dear ketofriend, your question need a detailed answer! Well…I was sugar addicted, so when you talk about sweet cravings, I know what you are talking about. I had sweet treats everyday, multiple times a day. Actually they were not treats, they were part of my daily diet. Everything was homemade or from high-end bakery shops, but still. I was sick all the time. This is not for saying ‘‘carb&sugar are evil junk food’’, I don’t want to do any food-shaming here, it’s just that I am one of those unlucky person whose metabolism is very bad with carbs&sugar. One year ago my husband and I decided to go keto. The results have been shocking. Our daily diet does not contain any cereal, any not-really-a-cereal, any starchy vegetable, any bean, any fruit; I try hard to prepare meals containing more than 70% of fat, but I’m liberal with the keto-allowed vegetables: I’m not counting their carbs.
So now let’s talk about sweet things…
At the beginning I did 4 full months without any sugar or alternative-sugar sweet food. It has been painful like hell, but that time helped me recognise I had a problem. Then I prepared many keto desserts, but I can’t stand the aftertaste of alternative sugars. Finally, after a pair of cheat meals, I had a honest conversation with myself. I will always love sweet food, it’s part of me, it’s part of my culture (I’m Italian), it’s part of the culture of the countries I visit. However loving doesn’t mean being enslaved like I was before. So now sweets are treats. If I have guests for dinner, I prepare a (usually delicious, eheheh) dessert and I can have a reasonable slice of it and the leftovers go with the guests. In my hometown I can order a coffee without a muffin, but if I am a tourist somewhere, I’m curious about their traditional desserts, so I go for them and I don’t call that cravings. I know that every sweet food comes with a price, I pay it for about a week, but the richness and complexity in flavours, qualities which are somehow elusive in keto food, are worth it. It’s a difficult balance sometimes, but it works!

(Bacon for the Win) #20

can you point me to this recipe please? TY!