Hangry Mood?


On Day 5 of a 5 Day fast. I am not at all hungry, less than I would be on a normal day at this time. No real problems. Rather than being cold as previously posted I am a little hot.

However, I have had some minor annoyances where I have to deal with people on the phone, overcharged for something, issues with something not arriving, family. I am finding that I am less patient and more stressed than normal. Almost like when you are hangry except I am not hungry at all

Note, one of the reasons for my annoyance woke me up at 6AM (which is not a time I am up voluntarily). I could not go back to sleep and had to get up several times during the night for nature calls. I was already sleep deprived because due to early appointments I had not gotten much sleep on Monday or Tuesday either. Usually lack of sleep does not affect my mood. I have an important phone call to make and I think I will wait until after this fast as it may be contentious. Will not be able to catch up on sleep until the weekend

Unrelated side effect not worth a separate post is I feel fine, except that if I bend down I get a little dizzy so I would not want to do a balance activity now. Anyone else experience this? I supplement with pink salt, iodized salt, potassium and magnesium

(Crippie) #2

I have not done a 5 day fast. I am still relatively new to fasting. I tried to do a 72 hour fast last month, but broke at 50 hours as I felt like crap and got to the point where all i could think about was the fast and it was disrupting my day to day. i wasn’t even hungry, but I just didn’t like how I felt.

I hope to get that 72 hour fast at the end of this month.

I did notice on the second day of that smaller fast I got somewhat Hangry, without the hunger, just like you said.

But my mood was just off, every little thing seemed to rub me the wrong way and my fuse was as short as when I was on carbs and hadn’t eaten in 6 hours.

I don’t know any definitive science behind it, but I think it is pretty much the same response as when we got hangry with carbs. When we reach near our max fast our body feels like it is out of fuel and reacts sort of like it is being threatened, which is why you become hostile. When we were on carbs that was just a matter of hours, but with fat, and our fasting experience, it goes into the days. Just my thought

(Liz ) #3

I find when I feel easy to aggravate it’s my liver, I take Milk Thistle and the homicidal feelings subside LOL. I think what we’re doing affects the liver a lot and it needs support.

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Can you be my new best friend?

You’re hilarious.

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LOL indeed :crazy_face:


Exactly how I felt but I was surprised. Usually the first 2 days are hard and then the last couple are easy. On my last one I regretted having to break it on Day 4 for a business dinner. I have at least 60 lbs to lose so not sure why my body is concerned. I llke @LizinLowell idea of the liver. Is this a sign that my liver enzeymes are elevated or just a general keto thing? I am not big on doing bloodwork to find out. I may even have some milk thistle lying around (clearly I spend too much time in the alternative supplement world)

(Liz ) #7

I’ve never had a blood test for anything in my life but the milk thistle works every time for me. If you try it let me know if it helps!


Really? Never? That is amazing. I have not had any bloodwork in years and hate the idea.

Well I already broke my fast but I am still not relaxed so will try it ty

(Liz ) #9

Yeah I have a deep distrust of western medicine & I guess I’ve been able to avoid getting sucked into it all these years. Mostly I research my ailments & have been fortunate to find solutions (like Keto!) on my own. I hope the milk thistle helps you. I also take it after I use ibuprofen or, alcohol anything hard on the liver like that.


Much happier. Thank you. No idea if it was the 4 Milky Thistle pills (yes they were the first things I saw in my cabinet) or the 2350 calories I ate in the last 4 hours. How many and how long should I take them?

I have been having a little problem with satiety lately. That was part of the reason for the fast. Interestingly while fasting I was so happy with my commercial organic bone broth and shiritaki noodles that I ate the first night. When I stopped the fast I was starving (even though I had not been hungry 20 minutes before) that I ate everything in sight. While I do not usually track, since most was all at once it was pretty easy and I put it in Cronometer. I was surprised it was only 2350. I wonder if I have been undereating laterly

(Liz ) #11

I just usually take the milk thistle as needed. And undereating can certainly make you crabby. So glad you are feeling better!


Someone on here mentioned having what she called “locust days” and how she just goes with it (staying keto), and eventually it passes. I so relate to that! I’ve found that I’m much happier (and even feel better) if I just accept and embrace that there will be days when, for whatever reason, I feel the need to eat “extra” (or, more precisely, “everything”). Trying to fast on such days just makes it worse for me. I never have “cheat days,” and I don’t even feel a temptation to, but I think part of that is because I honor my locust days.


Its great you are not tempted. I am not tempted by the real bad guys such as wheat based pizza (oh how I love it) but I am tempted by the almost good foods that I was permitted to eat on my last diet (moderate carb). Such as peaches, sushi with rice and figs. I usually don’t or at worst take one bite and decide it is not worth it. I would eventually love to have a diet that incorporates those things but I am not sure that will ever happen

(Khara) #14

Yes. First time I’ve heard this term and I can completely relate. Just had a couple earlier this week. I too just go with them and eat more. I keep in mind what Megan Ramos says about switching it up and keeping your body guessing. I also just feel that if I’m ravenous then there’s a reason and I need it. I do wonder if it’s hormonal. Probably if I tracked it I’d start to see a pattern. Oh good, another piece of data to track. I have to be careful of that or it can get the better of my time.