Hamenopi's Progression Thread

(Justin Hamilton (Hamenopi)) #1

Hello all!

Hurricane Harvey really blew me off course with keto. #pun
Actually I was doing great during the hurricane, but afterward, little by little, carbs started to creep into my diet.
It wasn’t long before I started feeling crappy from all the carbage. Mood swingy. Lethargic.
I also found myself gorging on food mere weeks ago I wouldn’t even of considered. This last Sunday, instead on leaving syrup soaked waffles on the kid’s plates. I wolfed them down. I’ve turned into a carb monster! Sunday night I ate half a loaf of garlic bread.
What’s more, it doesn’t even taste great!
My stomach was starting to feel bloated. I’m getting gut cramps. Number 2s are taking forever. I don’t feel as well rested.
Anyway, about one week returning to carblandia, I decided to hold off keto till the 15th.

Yeah… I’m not waiting anymore. Running on carbs sucks!
My body was pretty fat adapted before I swan dived off the wagon so I hope it shouldn’t be too long before I’m chugging along full speed ahead. I’m just at a slow crawl right now. It SUCKS!

II had a huge coffee with coconut oil this morning, normally I’d be powering through the day until like 2 but for the last hour I just want to take a nap.

Anyway, I wanted to start a thread on my journey back into ketosis. Partial accountability. Partial blog journey. Partial cry for help.
I miss it.
But I’m coming back.
And I’m going kick some carbooty to the curb.

(Mark Rhodes) #2

@Hamenopi Life Happens and you coped as well as the tools around you allowed and also made your way back to the, uhm, promised land ( land of milk and honey:rofl:) I for one look forward to your posts, not that I have had this journey since beginning this way of life but to understand if it is more difficult the second time as a means of keeping me on the wagon long term.

Welcome back!!

(Linda Culbreth) #3

Welcome back! Are you and yours okay from Harvey?

(Justin Hamilton (Hamenopi)) #4

Physically we are good.
the psychological effects of it, we’re trying to overcome.
My kids have to walk past mountains of debris daily. It take a toll. On them. On us.
But our community is closer now too.
I have faith in the end it will be all worked together for the good but currently the groans are aplenty.
It will be a painful process but we will progress.

AS for my personal progress back into keto. I’m recalling the gastro intestinal distress part. Not pleasant have the pipes clogged with carbage.
At least it is a daily reminder to not hop back on the carb train. Large amounts of sugar and dairy is not a good combo for me. Ugh.

Anyway, last night I enlisted the help of my 4 yr old to make keto pork chops.
He crushed the pork rinds, and preppeped the eggs, cracking and scrambling them.
It was a great experience. I even got off a few shots with the camera.

Meal served with roasted cauliflower.
So excited to get back on track.
I just now need some better Fatty Coffee Recipes.
I have Ghee and Coconut Butter. Cinnamon and Ginger too… Even a milk frother to mix it all together.
But the ratios aren’t hitting perfect. Not a fan of the coffee right now. Maybe I’ll run to the store for lunch to pick up some HWC.
If anyone has any recommendations. I’d greatly appreciate it.,


Those pork chops look awesome, so cute with your son helping prep them.

I add HWC and some cinnamon to my coffee, I do IF by skipping breakfast most days of the week. I use a frother as well. If I am doing an extended fast I will add coconut oil, about a teaspoon, not tablespoons of the stuff. I’m not a fan of butter in my coffee, I prefer it on steaks, etc.

(Justin Hamilton (Hamenopi)) #6

Thanks for sharing.
I think I’m more a hwc/raw milk type person too.

(Justin Hamilton (Hamenopi)) #7

After a month of not logging and pretty much moving into lazy keto…
I’m trying to get back on the wagon.

I got sloppy with my keto, with the hurricane and all.
I mean though, I didn’t do that bad… but the carb creep was showing back up again.

Oh well. New month. A good time to start again.
October 1st. Time to Keep on and Keto on.

But life… Fortunately I’m healed enough it’s not too bad but I’m definitely coloring outside the lines.
5 Yard Penalty!
Repeat First Down!

Blog link >>> October 1st

(Linda Culbreth) #8

Great to get youngin’ helping and eating keto! Even the penalty flag does NOT stay on the field very long before it’s tucked away! KCKO!!!