Hair loss and new straight texture


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Hi! Im 7 months on keto and am experiencing the dreaded hair shedding for the last couple of months:(. Luckily, i had quite thick hair starting out, but im definitely noting much thinner locks.
I am also experiencing a totally different texture of my hair. It used to be wavy with lots of body and fullness…usually frizzy. Now its stick straight, flat and lifeless… But quite shiny and smooth. Very strange!
Ive got what looks to be new growth around my hairline so im hoping i am almost through this phase. Started collegen and biotin suppliments hoping for healthy new hair.
Any one else experienced change in TEXTURE in addition to shedding?

I also wonder if this phenomenon is similar to what post-partum women go thru due to hormonal fluctuations? It seems estrogen plays a big role there and i experienced some initial estrogen related “side effects” when i first started keto (resume of period after almost a year of peri-menopause, temporary acne, etc). Any research/links that supports this theory?

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Apparently hair texture can change with chemo, too.


It’s pretty common. Biotin didn’t seem to do anything for mine (I only started taking it after the baby hairs appeared though) but collagen seems to be having an impact. My grey streak is lessening - bummer 'cause I quite like it - & my hair seems softer & a bit curlier :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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High fat diets may deplete glutathione levels (for lack of enough organic sulfur in the diet) which could explain the hair quality thing and loss and it could be a combination many different things including hormones:

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)===>Vitamin C===>Bone Broth = to bind keratin and collagen===>beautiful hair and nails!

Bone broth can make your skin thicker also because as we age our skin becomes thinner and less resistant to tearing and bruising; maybe because of the gelatin and hyaluronic acid (the bodies super glue) that’s in it, in it’s most naturally organic absorbable form?

Ma Hair!

My hairdresser commented that my hair seemed thinner and I have a baldish spot :scream: I have been wearing my hair up often so that may be some of the issue. I also started with very thick wavy hair… So I didn’t really notice that there wasn’t as much of it. I honestly always wanted straight hair (we always want what we don’t have) but mine is still curly.


Am 8 months in and have lost about 40% of my hair. Started noticing it around the 2 month mark, but also lost my Mom during that time which probably exacerbated it. My weight loss has stabalized over the past couple of months and hair loss seems to be slowing down a bit. My hair seems drier and super frizzy from all the new hairs poking out, but was straight before and still is (at least what’s left of it).


I’m really sorry for your loss @jeanbar :worried:


Thank you. She lived a long, full life with no regrets. We should all be so fortunate.


That’s so good to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed we should.

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I’m sure some of you but maybe not all know that ketosis can trigger a new hair growth cycle. You’re not losing your hair! The effects are temporary and depending on your hair length should look normal again in 6 months to a year, longer hair taking longer to fill in. Usually your hairs are on their own life cycle but ketosis can trigger them to go en mass.