Ground Beef or Ground Turkey?

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Is Jenny O ground turkey good on Keto? All recipes call for ground beef. I noticed this week eating Keto chili with Turkey (bc that’s what I had) my stomach is bloated and cramping…any comments? I’ve been keto(ing) for 7 weeks now…down 19 lbs., but need info on the meat.

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If it makes you unwell then you shouldn’t eat it whether it’s keto or not.


Best case scenario, lean meat like turkey will completely screw up your protein-fat ratio. When given the choice, I always choose the fattier meat. Don’t know why it would make you sick tho.

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Yes you are right. 1st time I’ve felt bloated since starting Keto.

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That’s true. Thx

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It could just be coincidence of course. If you like turkey, try it again some time & see how you go.


Like @safi points out, it could be a coincidence, but the good thing about this WOL/WOE (Keto) is that you don’t have to go for the leaner meats. But, with that said, you can still use it if you prefer the taste over Beef, just make sure to fatten it up some, (if needed). … Like there are lot of folks that only eat the fattier pieces of chicken now, such as the thighs. But to be honest, I very much prefer Breast and will simply load it up with a lot of Mushrooms, Onions, etc. which then adds the extra fats, but more-so, adds great flavor! :slight_smile:

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I just stocked up on turkey when it was on sale, put it in freezer and this wad all before going Keto.


I would try as mentioned above and give it another shot, since you have it on hand. … My wife actually picked up some Turkey Bacon last week just to try it out. But though it wasn’t bad, I prefer regular Bacon. But it went quite well in a Creamy Cauliflower/Broccoli soup she put together with it. And I think it complimented it well.

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Thanks Dave. We had Keto taquitos & I had same reaction. I think I will get ground beef and mix them together so as not to have as much. This is just so weird…never bothered me before til doing Keto. Oh well, I learn as I go. Now I know why my weight went up…not enough protein/fat in my meals. New week ahead, new lessons learned, and I’ve got plenty of time to get weight off and get healthy. :slight_smile:

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I’ve flagged this post for the obvious reason.

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if a lean meat is used you can mix it with couple of spoons of ghee to shift the fat/protein ratio up.


Yep, it was different, but that was about it. :smile: … She gave herself two demerits for this, and moved on.

If anything, it tasted like a dehydrated meat of sorts, she will definitely be sticking to proper Piggy Bacon. :pig:

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@juice Who was the sick bastard that thought of the turkey bacon concept in the first place? Get a rope…:cowboy_hat_face:

@mistyu2 Next time look for fattier ground turkey that has dark meat and skin in the grind. Read the labels, I think JennyO is white meat. But I am not sure, I only get ground turkey occasionally. Try mixing it with ground pork, great for meatloaf or chili.

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I’m a big fan of all of the above - but how do mushrooms and onions add fat?

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Turkey bacon is prohibited in my house, it tastes horrible. I told my wife she could eat it but would throw it out before I ate it again.


Sorry, should have mentioned that I actually make a creamy sauce with Butter and HWC, which I use with the Mushrooms and Onions. :slight_smile:

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It’s the epitome of all that is wrong with the culture today. I bet it was Ancel Keys when he was a kid, thereby tying him and youth together, making it an unstoppable force for evil!

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Ah! Makes sense now. Kinda like my pork chop with onions dressed in sour cream!