Ground Beef or Ground Turkey?

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #21

Not enough fat. When Stefansson and Anderson were locked up in Bellevue Hospital during their famous experiment, the researchers convinced them one day to try eating only lean meat. They began to feel really ill, but a little fat perked them right up again!

(Pete A) #22

I eat the ground 80% regularly and love it. I generally bake it in pan drippings from bacon, sausage or beef for added fun!

Turkey bacon? I don’t see the point.

(Dee Nice) #23

Thank you all for the feedback. I needed more fat. BTW, it’s now April 20th & I’m down another 16 lbs, making a total of 35lbs since Nov 17, 2018.

I had a stall month where my weight went up or down by 1 pound only. My husband & I are both on this journey & the same happened with his weight. We think we ate far too many almonds, pistachios & pumpkin seeds. Now we measure 1 oz at a time.

But anyway, we stalled & decided to go off for a week. We ate out, had a few beers & didn’t feel guilty. We started up again & both lost 4 lbs the 1st week & are still loosing. I guess we just needed to jump start our body’s again.

LOVE the Keto way of life!! It’s clean, healthy & we look & feel better!