Grilled Steak with Cheesy Brussels Sprout Bake

(matt ) #1

The steaks were set out and salted an hour before cooking so that any released moisture would have time to be reabsorbed. I added a bunch of fresh cracked pepper before they hit the grill.

I cooked them with the grill on full blast and the lid open. I mix up the way I grill based on my mood and the weather. I went for top open and flipping a good bit. I try to get them off near 130 and let them rest.

I closed the lid for a sec and you can see that on the one side of the steak. Just a bit overcooked…oh well ain’t nobody perfect.

Here is the recipe for the Cheesy Brussels. We left out the shallots as they are carb heavy. You could sub white onion if you like just decide what level of carb you want. Onion powder samey same. We use an bottled onion juice.

These sprouts were the best part of dinner. So good!

(Stephanie Hanson) #2

Yum. Onion juice. That’s awesome.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #3


(matt ) #4

It tasted likeshit really. Eww gross.