Green Tomatoes?

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Hi All,

We are having our first freeze of the winter tonight, so I had to harvest all my cherry tomatoes. I got a tons of green ones.

What can you do with green tomatoes?


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Depending on how far along they are in growth, you can simply wait and see if they ripen well. Setting them where they get sunlight helps. (I don’t do direct sunlight, just near a window when it’s light out)

Many times I’ve been out pulling produce from the garden & had something happen to break a part of the plant, or simply pulled some from where critters had damaged it, etc. Never had too many problems with them not ripening. … I also do this with full tomatoes since sometimes they get so heavy, I have to pull them Green to help from snapping off the plants branches. These too ripen well in the house.

Good luck, I know I had a ton of Cherry Tomatoes this year, and thankfully I was able to supply many folks with what I couldn’t eat, since I do stay under 20g it doesn’t allow for to many daily.


I’ve heard about pickled green ones but I just bring mine in and wait until some become red and eat those, the rest is compost (actually I usually can guess which can ripe, I don’t do anything with fully green ones but when they start to get lighter, they usually manage to ripe inside).
It takes several days if they are still kind of green if I remember well.

Fortunately my tomatoes still have at least 3 weeks until frost (unless something very unusual happens).

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@ToddAndMargo if you do as @Digital_Dave suggests and put them in a bowl or on a tray to ripen you will have a better result if you put a few already ripe ones among them or even possibly some bananas. Ripe fruit emits esters which encourage other fruit to ripen.

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open a cafe?

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You could ferment them:

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My neighbor brought me a bunch of green tomatoes a few years ago and I made relish out of it. I couldn’t do that now because of the sugar but maybe a dill relish would work? Just sub the tomatoes for the cucumbers.

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Followup: the green ones did ripen, but he tastes off (bitter and sour), so I tossed them.

Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average [Includes USDA commodity food A238, A233]
1 cup cherry tomatoes, raw:
. Glycemic load: 2
. Calories: 26.8 kcal
. Carbs: 5.8 grams

I don’t know about you guys, but at about 1/3 cup of the guys, I am about to explode! And at a glycemic load of 2 per cup, I ain’t worried!

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I had a “medium” sized red tomato today for lunch, thinking I was “carb loading” after my 36 hour fast and work out. Only to realize there are 5 grams or so of carbs in a tomato of the size I ate.

So much for carb loading.