Green Tea Ice Cream


Do let me know, I haven’t tried any variation yet. I don’t give a fig about calories but I would like to have a dairy-free option to offer peeps.


So I tried using all coconut cream, egg yolks, vanilla extract, and erythritol and it’s amazing. Perfect consistency but it freezes hard still. Amazing when made though.


Nice. Thanks for the update. Did you churn it? I find with the churned that 5 mins or so left out the freezer and it scoops easily enough. I did that with some pecan vanilla last night.


I blended it up in the blender and then put in ice cream maker for 25 minutes or so. I’ve had to leave it out for like 15 minutes to eat again after freezing, no big deal though. I’m going to try using a stevia/inulin blend instead of erythritol next time because even erythritol messes with my ketone production.

(Doug) #25

Daisy, I love this thread for the title alone. First time I saw it, there was a real “Ooh…” moment.

Green Tea Ice Cream - magical, somehow.


It is pretty good. I have served it up to a few non ketonians now and they love it. It is very good with black sesame sauce and toasted coconut flakes on top.

(Kozitte) #27

Daisy thank you for the recipe! I am looking forward to trying this! Green Tea Ice Cream reminds me of my travels to Japan!


I first had it in Bangkok in a Japanese coffee shop - so good.

(Doug) #29

Last night, had ‘Thai Tea Ice Cream’ in a Thai restaurant; godly.