Greek Yogurt... do or don't?

(Brian) #81

Sweetleaf has a BUNCH of different flavors. So far, I’ve only had the plain, the chocolate and the vanilla cream. I’ve been tempted by several others as our local Kroger has a few. But dang, they’re expensive. One of those little bottles can be close to $15 if they’re not on sale. I like the vanilla cream in my coffee. And I sometimes use the plain when I’m baking something and want a bit more sweetness.

I haven’t tried it in the yogurt… yet. I used to love the Orange flavored Fage before keto. I wonder if the orange Sweetleaf drops would be good?..

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #82

I have tried orange extract with plain Stevia in it and it’s pretty tasty. I’m not an orange lover but it was a nice change, for sure! Plus extract is a lot less expensive than those Sweetleaf flavors! We should just mix our own.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #83

It’s good for the gut. I have to salt it heavily and can only eat a half a cup. Very filling.

(Jane) #84

Yes, but I make my own Bulgarian yogurt with my sous vide and strain it for about 2 hours to thicken it up.