Got me into podcasts!

(James Seabright) #1

Just wanted to thank the Keto Dudes for the time and effort put into the podcasts.
I have never bothered listening to podcasts always run to music.
But after trying and failing at Keto for a year (self inflicted), I started listening to the podcasts when running, I now purposely take our dog for a long walk (wife normally takes her), so that I can listen to them undisturbed.

So thank you for the effort and giving us the tools to make this work :slight_smile:

(Jay Patten) #2

The podcast is amazing. These guys totally changed my opinion on doing keto long term!!

I used to yo-yo… gain some weight, do keto to drop 15 pounds and then go back to the SAD.

After listening to the dudes for a long time, I have learned that keto is forever! The science is amazing and I love how they yearn to learn (and then share).

Too many people on this forum skip the podcast. It’s essential for learning keto, IMO.


Welcome to the forum, @ketojimbob!

The podcast really is great. It’s worth catching up on all of the episodes as there’s a lot of great material spread throughout. When you’re done with that, check out this thread for some more podcasts:

For anyone browsing this thread and wasn’t aware of the 2 Keto Dudes podcast, here’s a link to that:

(James Seabright) #4

Thank you, I am currently working through the back catalogue which is hard as new ones pop up all the time!!!