Going back to the Gym


I have Symmetry, haven’t run that one yet though. All the reports back on it are pretty good though. I’ve pretty much worked Trigger sessions into all my routines now, whether they’re MAPS ones or not. They absolutely make a difference.

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FYI Sal DiStefano just published a book called Resistance Revolution which apparently has workout programming in it…I’m too cheap for MAPS too so I just bought a used copy @Goldengirl52. The Mind Pump podcast was so good after all

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Crap, I forgot about my Ebay where I buys some books, in great shape!! Thank you for the heads up @E_P.

I just got a couple that Marklifestyle recommended for under 4.50 each :wink: Denise

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Is this the one @E_P ? Figures Mind Pump would get into the newer stuff, or at least, new to me.

(E P) #45

Yep that’s it! My copy is in the mail. Sal is the main host on the podcast so I imagine the workouts in his book mostly lineup with MAPS programming.

(Denise) #46

Yesssssss, sounds good!!

(E P) #47

Three programs in the book: an anywhere workout (bands, stability ball), a dumbbells program (9 weeks), and a home gym workout program (also 9 weeks). I haven’t finished the book yet but started the dumbbells program.

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Excellent @E_P!! I’ve been doing so well with my regular band workout, but still just barely making it through the pushups part, and a couple other areas like leg-lifts, and sort of a bicycle set. So, I’m going to make sure I’m ready to move up to a harder workout, either with dumbells or thicker bands.

Thanks for sharing a pic of the book, I just got the Anatomy Coloring Book, and the Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd Edition that looked interesting, by Frederic Delavier.

I’m going to need to use a magnifying glass to read the small print in both. My reading glasses don’t help with this size enough. I can see them wanting to cram in all the text in a small space but they sure don’t think of the vision impaired do they :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Since you bumped the thread, and thank you for that @E_P I wanted to ask a question here as well.

When using dumbells, lets say, to do a lunge, is that hard on the arms to be weighted down straight like that? I can see if you are bending your arms to work the muscles, but how are arms effected when just hanging down at your sides? It makes me think of when something gets pulled out a socket, know what I mean, anyone?? Denise :grimacing::wink:

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Whenever I did an exercise like that, I always left just a slight bit of flexion in the bicep; I felt like I was stressing my joints too much if I didn’t. However I am no expert on weight lifting, haven’t done it in years.