Going back to the Gym

(Denise) #21

Morning Edie,

I just wasn’t well enough yesterday to look at Mind Pump site because I got a migraine that put me down. Ok, I see the same program you bought, and honestly can’t spend that much for it, but you’ve still given me a good way to go with putting together my own if I can’t find something that works for me on Youtube :wink:

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help, Denise :slight_smile:

(Edith) #22

So… it’s a fitness program that you purchase. It provides you with “blueprints” to follow: what exercises to do, how often, etc. It is not a video that you follow, but it has videos that demonstrate how to perform the different exercises. If you are looking for an actual workout video to follow, it is not going to be what you want, but hey, it never hurts to info gather. :grinning:

(Denise) #23

yes, that’s the one I found :wink: Thanks much Edie! I’m just sticking with something similar to what I’ve been doing except using dumbell weights. I can still mix in my bands, and be sure to take at least one day of rest, probably 2. I maybe get this one you have at some point if I see I’m going to stick with the free-weights :slight_smile:


Anabolic is a great program! As is Split, Aesthetic and PED :grin:


Targeted Keto / Cyclical Keto. Carbs before workouts or after workouts to reload glycogen. Muscle is a huge glucose sponge, when you eat carbs and your liver starts taking it in, once it’s had it’s fill, the muscles start getting it all, it’s only after they’re full that you start spilling over and at that point, anything you can’t burn as a fuel potentially stores as fat. Good part is, muscles don’t give it back, you have to burn it up by using them, so you still wind up in ketosis when your liver runs out, which doesn’t take much, but the muscle glycogen can last a couple days which is why people on CKD do a carb refeed either once or twice a week and that’s all it takes.

(Edith) #26

I’m only on the second week of MAPS Anabolic. So far, I am enjoying it. I particularly like the triggering sessions. I’m doing something everyday and they leave me wanting more.

I was thinking about doing the MAPS Symmetry next.

(Denise) #27

That’s what I love about working out with my Heather Robertson, or any workouts I did at the gym, I always was left with wanting to do more and longer :wink: It feels so good, even if I’m exhausted, I recover in a few minutes and usually add in more.

I did have an issue lastnight, started yesterday, and want to especially flag @marklifestyle because of what he’s done to reverse his bone-loss. The spot that show just the start of some osteoporosis is on my backbone and it’s flared yesterday, not bad until I went to bed. I had to get a gel-pack from my freezer, and didn’t think that was going to help but it finally did and I slept good. No pain this a.m. but I can feel that teenie bit of soreness.

Today is my workout day, and pretty sure the flare up came from either my pushups, I can do 15 now, full-style, no longer on my knees doing them, or it could be the arm bands upper body ones. Here’s the video, again, I follow. Feedback from anyone is welcome. I just know today I have to be careful, Denise

(Mark Rhodes) #28

I believe, as does the medical community, that the 7 herniated disks I had were a direct result of my osteoporsis. The worst was 10 x 10 x 12 mm at L5-S1 into my sciatica and had me permently disabled. I was 48. I had to stop running and at the time I was a marathoner. I had to stop lifting. I became obsese and despondent and dependant on oxycontin, 300mgs a day when I took it as prescribed. Pain was incredible.

And then another scan in 2019. Notice minor bulging only and NO STENOSIS. AM I pain free? Nope. But I have said elsewhere that in 2021 I recieved 2 injections for my spine because, while it wasn’t intolerable, I thought that I could fare well. I did. I haven’t had need since then. Occaisionally I will tweak my lower back. I have developed a very robust core development program that helped strengthen my back, paying particular attention to spinal erectors and the glutes. The glutes more than the spinal erectors help posture and are connected to the shoulders through fascia and the ankles through muscle and tendons.

What hurts me more now is my knees but that is self inflicted by leg pressing , uhm, well alot of weight.

(Denise) #29

Ok Mark, I also am good at finding what exercises effect what muscles, and I’m busy looking for my bone-density paperwork. I know I was give paperwork, not a cd so I’ll find that to make sure I am right about the area of pain I’m getting.

Then I’ll just try to workout without using that area.

Thanks for all your info :wink: Denise

(Denise) #30

Ok, I finally got another copy of my DEXA and I’ll pin it below. I’m due this month to my surprise, for another. I’m a little nervous because I don’t know how much I’ve truly done to reverse it. Can you tell me about my numbers @marklifestyle. When I originally posted this, well, I can’t find the post so I just need to know if that is the part of my back that is hurting, and about the numbers, their meaning?

Do I just have a little bit starting or more than I think? I do have a doc appt this month and will talk to him about it. All he told me after test was to take Calcium, and I was a bit shy to do that and it’s when I started the harder work on weight-bearing, and especially walking as well + collagen and boron. Can’t believe it’s been a year already since last scan, Denise

(Mark Rhodes) #31

Your BMD measures the mineral content, primarialy calcium and phosphorus. for a woman 0.84 is the bottom range of “healthy” in the Lumbar region, seen as L1-L5 or low back. . They measureboth femurs as it has been recorded that femur measure differ. They then average these. You are below average in BMD here.

The T score is the difference between BMD and O as calculated for a 30 year old and the Z score measures how many standard deviations away you are, which means how did you do for your age group and it is not shown.

It will be interesting to comapre the two results

(Denise) #32

Hi Mark,

Here’s a photo of where the pain is, is that indicated on the report, or something else maybe?


I promise to stop bugging you, Denise PS that’s just a guess, but in the area for sure

(Denise) #33

So it’s not just a teenie bit of osteo. Why in the heck didn’t the MD state that when he and I discussed my test. I like him so much and feel so bad he is deteriorating himself, but I have to try one of the other NP’s. They are able to see me in person, and they just have to get thing’s ok’s with Pearson my Md.

and…if collagen is the largest amount of mineral, if that’s even true, why do they push Calcium instead?? What I mean to say is why isn’t collagen amount indicated in tests?

(Mark Rhodes) #34

My Bad. There Z score, it reports as normal relative to your age, meaning -T2.6 is relatively normal for a 70 something year old woman. When I saw -2.6 I thought that is really not that badm but I would focus on glute training and leg presses to strengthen the femurs. Even box squats with a straight back, no weight is good if you lower and raise yourself soley using the quadraceps and hamstrings.

That looks like T5.

The Throacic Ribs are jointed on both the spine and the sternum. 25% of their movement comes from breathing alone. Small osteophytes are commonly seen here as well as disk compression, especially T10-12.

All these images from the Anatomy Coloring Book, which I have found to be incredibly helpful over the years.

(Denise) #35

Ok, so it isn’t real bad, and I want that coloring book!! :wink: I’m looking on Amazon now! Funny you told me to focus on squat etc., lower body as I can do that with or without my hand weights. If I do the workout below with weights, 5 lbs each dumbell, then I might hurt that place on my back, maybe need to let it heal before I apply weight that affect upper body as well :wink:

(Denise) #36

Is this the right one @marklifestyle ?

Anatomy Coloring Book?

(Mark Rhodes) #37

witht he exception that it is fourth edition…God I am old.

(Denise) #38

not as old as me, lol :wink: Thanks Mark, getting in now on Ebay from a seller who has sent me “like new” books :wink: Btw, you don’t look your age :grin: but I know what it’s like to sure feel our age sometimes :wink:

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We celebrated 23 years married this past Saturday. We dated 5 years before that. She is thriteen years younger than I am ( shhh, don’t say when you work out the math). Sometimes I forget and just start rambling about “when we were kids” and she doesn’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue what I am talking about.

Yesterday I was grousing and she says you sound like a grumpy old man and I say wait, quickly search my extensive meme collection and show her this:

She is still laughing.:sunglasses:

(Denise) #40

metoo, laughter is so healthy :slight_smile: Congrats on your anniversary :cupid::cupid: