Going back to the Gym

(Denise) #1

…after I’ve decided to follow my new inspiring woman that started her journey at my age! I am just not progressing like I want to, and I don’t know if I can come close to Joan’s results as I have no trainer. I can’t believe I could actually afford it anyway. Here’s about when she first started, she’s 77 today, I believe, and looks/feels amazing!

I still have time :slight_smile: I was wondering this a.m. if I should rejoin the gym and spend more time working out, it’s not like I have anything else to do, lol :slight_smile:

(Denise) #2

I don’t agree, of course, with her meals, too high of carbs, and too low on fats. Her daughter that’s teaching her must still be “old school” or maybe this works for some people. I imagine it could, not me as I have T2 Diabetes already :wink:

(KM) #3

I don’t know if I’m going back to a gym or not, but thanks for posting this, she’s really inspiring!

(Denise) #4

I get that, I wasn’t even thinking of doing the gym again until this a.m. when I woke up and started thinking :thinking: :sweat_smile:

(KM) #5

I think I may be on the road in my van later this year. It’s not a fancy RV, just a generic large white diesel consuming lump, so the easiest / least complicated way to take a shower is to become a member of a gym like Planet Fitness. I’ve been thinking well, if I’m going to pay for that, why not actually work out there! Giggle, what a concept.

(Denise) #6

I was going to do that myself Kim glad you have a van I was shopping for one I could afford and changed my mind about the whole thing I still get the wanderlust though :+1::grin::blue_car:

(KM) #7

Oh, mine was affordable because it’s a complete piece of … ahem. I’m having some fun working on / contemplating a “build” on it … the part that’s the sticking point is actually picking up from this life of mine for a while and detaching myself from some unhealthy patterns. The van itself is just a distraction. :slight_smile:

(Denise) #8

I had a message waiting for me this a.m. and I can’t wait to watch to Podcast. Thanks to @VirginiaEdie who sent this to me, and just wanted to share it here so anyone getting on this thread will know what I’m up to now :sweat_smile: If this works out for me (no pun intended but if it fits :blush: ) I won’t be rejoining that darn gym!!

(Edith) #9

Ha, Ha! We are a lot alike. When I get excited about trying something new, I have to start NOW!!! :joy:

(Denise) #10

Absolutely!! I’m so glad you probably found exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t know it until I saw your words about it :grin: :partying_face:

(Edith) #11

Moving here from the collagen thread.

I would start with 5 pounds (if you don’t have those already), then add 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 12 - 12.5 pounds (not sure how those come), and 15 pounds. Those weights will definitely give you a good start and last you for a bit.

(Denise) #12

I like the real barbells, just the one piece type because I had a full-set some years ago I never used pretty much. I hated changing the weight on the bar that was used for all weight :wink:

These are heavier than I remembered so I’ll start out with them. They feel heavy enough for me and they’re 5 lbs each :wink:

(Edith) #13

At least get some 8 and 10 pounds. I think you will find that you move past the 5 pounds pretty quick.

(Denise) #14

LOL, you read my mind, already looking at some Walmart has, but I imagine I’ll look at Amazon too :wink:

Eighters and Ten’rs hey, sounds good to me! I know I am using my strongest bands, and hardly used the weaker ones so if I follow the workout I will probably move up pretty steadily at least :wink: ty Edith!!

(Marianne) #15

The thing that I loved about PF is the “30-minute workout.” I don’t like cardio but enjoyed doing weights. The machines offer a pretty comprehensive weight training cycle and the steppers get your heart rate moving. When I was a member, I’d do two circuits (60 minutes). There usually wasn’t anyone using the machines. Plus, if you’re 65 or older (like me), see if your Medicare offers “Silver Sneakers.” We have it where I am. You can join any gym (even the YMCA, which is like $450/yr.) for like $20/year.

(Denise) #16

Hi Marianne, I’m looking into my Medicare advantage that I think is offered here, but waiting for a call-back.

For now though, I’ve decided to workout from home as I have some barbells and bench I can start out with, and add in my Resistance Bands which I want to keep using, just to see how things go.

Silver Sneakers is a good deal, but I don’t know yet about the price I’d be paying for the M.A. for Medicare :wink: So I’ll come back and let you know. If they don’t call me back soon, I will call them again :wink: Denise
PS I like using my RBs because according to my fitbit, I really get my heart rate up but am using also, more muscles like inner thigh etc.

(Marianne) #17

That will work just as well!



That one obviously comes down to choice, it’s not old school though, muscles like carbs, more carbs means more glycogen, more glycogen means you can get more out of them, which leads to growing them. How much is too much is person dependent, obviously, but muscle is the best glucose sponge there is, I convinced myself of the go-to keto mindset of you don’t need them at all, it only takes the protein etc, in 4yrs I lost a lot of damn muscle. That’s why I went to the TKD/CKD thing I do now. You can still absolutely gain muscle either way though, but I couldn’t hold onto what I had that way. The rules of your diabetes start changing as you add muscle to yourself, your A1C’s will show you that as you go.

(Denise) #19

I’ll have to look at this again when I’m back on my PC I’m just on my phone right now dictating oh I know is I can’t go above I think I’ve been as high as 50 carbs a day during my 3 years of keto but now I’m around 20 and I believe all I lost was fat because I was still strong I don’t think I lost any muscle mass when I was losing weight the 30 lb but like I said I’ll get back tomorrow on my PC and look into this further I appreciate your response though it’ll be interesting

(Denise) #20

What is TKD/CKD @lfod14? Also, if you could give me more info on A1cs changing according to adding muscle? I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to ask :wink: I started wondering if I did lose muscle because I don’t remember ever “looking” this skinny. I don’t want to lose muscle, but frankly, carbs scare me because of being a T2.

I did eat 2 tortilla shells filled with leftover steak I think it was last Thursday. The Zero carbs were because there was 9 carbs I think and an equal amount of fiber so I tried it. It only went up to 110 though after eating two shells in a row with meat only, nothing added.

I checked at 60 min. and it started going back down in 2nd hour. I thought that was pretty good because I didn’t stay spiked for long. According to my chart 110 mg/dl is just 6.1 mmol. Here’s the chart I use when I randlomly check my BG: