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Hello I’m trying to switch to the keto lifestyle. I have been doing alot of research on keto and was hoping to get a few opinions and get a few questions answered. I was trying to use carbManger for counting carbs and I work as a truck driver so not much moving. The app says that I need like 160g of fat and 50g of protein. truthfully maybe I dont have a good idea on what I should eat for extra fat so I need so good ideas for simple meals(not a very good cook). Because I have had a lot of problems trying to fit in enough fat. Also I have heard of clean keto and dirty keto does it really matter? If someone has enough time if they wouldn’t mind sharing what a week of eating would be I’d be truthfully grateful thanks.


If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t need to EAT that 160 grams of fat. Your body can be using stored body fat to complete that macro need.

Once fat adapted, hunger should be your best guide as to how much fat you need to EAT. Many have lost most of their hunger sensations at that point, so they need to prioritize protein intake, to make sure they get what they need.

My two keto mantras:

  • “Minimal carbs. Adequate protein. Fat as needed (for satiety).”
  • “Eat when hungry. Stop when full. Mostly meat.”

BTW, 50 grams of proteins seems low. But you didn’t state your vitals, so it’s hard to gauge.


A typical day for me might be:

  • 7 am: “Everything” omelet
  • 3 pm: Shrimp and vegetables
  • 11 pm: 2 slices Canadian bacon on a slice of pepper jack cheese

I live in a retirement community where breakfast plus one other meal is provided.

For breakfast, I’ve had the everything omelet almost every morning for two years now. It’s a little different every day. Sometimes I add bacon and/or sausage.

Lunch is usually what I can pick and choose from what they offer. I usually take it home and use as ingredients, sometimes in a “dump” soup. I avoid the breads, pastas, rice, beans, potatoes, and so forth, and sometimes rinse off sauces and gravies before using.

I can always get a spinach or garden salad, some soups are OK, raw or steamed broccoli and/or cauliflower, hard-boiled eggs, sometimes “no sugar added desserts” (I avoid the ones that are still carb-heavy, like blueberry or cherry pie).

Examples of what I ordered recently:

  • “Philly cheesesteak, no bread, double meat, double onions and peppers”
  • “Shrimp Scampi, no rice, double shrimp”
  • “BBQ pork ribs, double portion, no sauce”
  • “Chicken Salad croissant, no croissant, double meat, extra tomatoes”
  • “Club sandwich, no bread, extra ham, extra turkey, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce”
  • Chef’s salad. I use spicy mustard, horseradish, and spices as my dressing.

My late night is usually some kind of cheesewich or meat and cheese roll-up. Or whatever leftovers there are from breakfast or lunch.

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Ok thanks for the reply. I am trying to lose weight I’m about 220 lbs 5 9. I drive a truck from 1 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon I was thinking of eating when I get home at 1 and once around 5pm before I go to bed. That way I can have about 20 hrs without eating for a fasting period. What do you guys think?

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Welcome David.

Keto is pretty easy if you don’t chain yourself to macros and simply keep your carbs low and eat fat and protein to satiety. That is unless your sense of feeling full is not broken.

For me, it’s as easy as featuring a fatty protein and eating a salad or a cup or two of buttered vegetables for each meal. Pork chops, ground beef, steak, chicken thighs, salmon, ribs and roasts are great things to feature and you won’t feel restricted if you simply listen to your hunger and make the right response.

There’s lots of good tips in the link that @juice posted.

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Do what juice said. Period.

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Awesome thanks for the replies guys! One more question on internment fasting alot of people say to eat around 2 meals a day maybe even 1 meal. My question is if you are only eating one meal a day how big of a meal would it be? Just eat till you’re not hungry or make sure that you eat enough food for that day? Again thanks for all the help.

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You may find some useful tips in this or the other videos on the ‘Healthy Option’ Channel.

You might also find some guidance, inspiration and solutions through the links in the vidoe description.

Good Luck and I hope this is useful.

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