Getting muscle pain fasting

(john) #1

i have done 2, 3, and 5 day fast. but on both 5 day fasts i get quad and knee pain bad. the first time it started on day 3 of the 5 day fast. i get the gout and i though that it was that so i quit after day 5 to eat and take my gout meds. on the second 5 day fast i got the gout (day 3) again but it was in my little toe and i took my meds with out eating to tough it out. my wife was doing her first fast (2 days) so on day 5 i stopped my fast to eat with her. about 2 hours after i ate the muscle and knee pain came back with a vengeance. i looked this up on the net and there were a few blogs saying it is form detoxing and old injuries. they said to drink a lot of water to flush them out. i can remember when i had a 1 hour massage and was told to drink a lot of water. same thing! the pain is like a very first hard work out. i am so stiff. i drank a lot of water and kept my electrolytes up (sodium 5 grams, potassium 5000mg. mag. 500mg). SO has anybody else had this happen to them?


The gout flare up can happen with keto but can also be the thing that takes care of it in time.

(Cindy) #3

I haven’t had that happen, but I actually get sick with fasting. The last time I tried a 4-day fast, I suddenly got a 104 degree fever and was so sick I couldn’t stand up. Even when I do smaller fasts, I get sick, although not as scarily sick, aching from head to toe, and severe migraines. For some of us, fasting is really stressful. I do a 12-17 hour overnight fast each night, but I never go longer than that now. I’m a small female with low-normal weight, and I’ve learned that it just doesn’t work for me.

(Asiyah Mujahid) #4

I was having a similar problem and still do as my body continues to change. I read of someone else doing celery juicing among other things, yes on keto. I will try to locate the source. I haven"t been juicing but have been eating alot of it in my salads along with hemp hearts for the magnesium (bowel movem’ts). It has helped things shift more quickly through the cleansing modes/pains.

(john) #5

Alex yes i read that also. normal keto does not brother my gout only after 3 continuous days of fasting brings it on. i just wonder if uric acid is stored in the fat cells that are getting burned? can not be in the food that i am eating because on a fast you do not eat anything. so where is the uric acid coming from? has to be in the fat cells. just my option, meat does not brother me, i even eat liver a lot and it never hurts me, only fasting does.

(john) #6

well I think I have my answer. I heard a inter view with dr. phiney that when the body during a EF it take the protein the body gives up and starts to break it down and during this process it release or makes uric acid out of this. this makes sense for he goes on to say that also when this happens it releases inflammation markers also. I think this is why day three gout in my little toe (still there) and on day 5 inflamed knees and ankles and very sore quads that it was so hard to get up out of chair or couch’s and the throne. (that has all gone now ). I know that dr.foung says that there is no protein break down during a EF and there is a lot of controversy out there on this, but this has happen 2 times to me with EF of 5 days. other fast of 2, and 3 days I have no problems. Any thoughts? anybody with gout that have EF have this problem???

(Candace Daniels Prosser) #7

I don’t have gout… My father did… But I ended a 42 hour snke juice fast at 2pm with Callogen and Bone broth with ginger, turmeric, and herbs. An hour later I had BPC, bacon, and eggs. Around 6 pm I had 2 garlic Dill gut shots. I ate dinner around 8 of steak and beef liver with onions, avocado, a soft boiled egg, and iceberg salad with green olives, broccoli, and cucumber drizzled with avocado oil and Primal Foods Greek Dressing.

30 min after eating I got really cold and my knees started aching, then my lower legs were throbbing. I laid down on the couch with a throw and took a short nap. I woke up HOT… My legs no longer ached, bit my arms from my shoulder to my elbows hurt like I have been lifting.

First time it has ever happened after fasting.