Getting into Ketosis

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #21

I think the problem was actually some of the rest of us, not you. I am sorry this user felt attacked instead of supported, and I regret my part in that.

(Robin) #22

We walk a thin line sometimes with newbies. We want to help without criticizing. That’s a toughie.
When I was new and doing some stuff that was self sabotaging, members pointed it out. I only took it personally, in that it personally helped me.

Regulars are used to the back and forth banter and know the personalities attached to the statements. I try to be sensitive to that, but often fail too.


You can’t Jumpstart it. All you can do is follow how to eat, log your net carbs and your body will follow suit. I’m in week two and I know when my body is ready it will make the shift, it’s like you direct the train but don’t drive it. Patience and stay the course.