Getting back on after baby!


Hi! I was keto and on and off carnivore for a while and then I got pregnant (yay!) I had been having trouble conceiving and then I went carnivore for the longest stretch in one go I had done (~2months) and BAM! Pregnant. I tried to stay on it but I was SO SICK you guys. I was also scared it meant something was wrong and that I might hurt the baby. I thought getting off it would help. BIG MISTAKE. It was worse…waaaaaay worse but I felt stuck at that point. I was so nauseous I just ate what I could stomach because I was also ravenously hungry. Yay fun pregnancy symptoms!

Anyway I gave birth naturally to a healthy and GIGANTIC baby boy. I gained so much weight this pregnancy too so I have a bit to lose now, I’m a little under 5ft tall and my baby was 8.5 lbs! I want to blame carbs but maybe I should blame my 6’1’’ husband :sweat_smile: Babe is a bit over 6months now. I wanted to get back on the wagon sooner but I was distracted by the babe and not sleeping :grin:! He is sleeping through the night as of 2 weeks ago so I have willpower to devote to this now. I am excited to get started again, plan is starting keto with limited veg and going to taper off into carnivore in the New Year I think. I want to really stay focused now because we want a big family (this babe is my 2nd, we want 4-6) and I feel it was a really big mistake (or a missed steak? badum tsss) to think getting off would help me. The doctors talk like you’re killing yourself and hurting your babe if you don’t get your 5 a day and though I didn’t tell the docs what I was doing (they were just giving me the general eat “healthy” foods spiel because of my nausea). I was scared especially since the nausea was so bad I thought it was my fault. Turns out my diet had been making it better than it would have been. Live and learn! Next time I will stay strong and not doubt myself. We want to try again when babe is 1yrs old and I want to feel comfortable in the diet when we do. So yeah I want to float around on the boards here a bit to stay motivated. I find it easy to stay on once I’m on but I always find getting on hard. Kelly Hogan and Charlene Anderson are my super carnivore mom motivation too! I’d appreciate cheer leading, I’ll cheer lead you too! We can get back on, anyone who is here, ignore the Christmas cookies, they aren’t that good anyway (admit it, if you can only have 1 food the rest of your life regardless of health, you would take the steak over the cookie right?) and you know you will have a tummy ache because 1 always leads to 10! Don’t do it! See ya around!

(Karen) #2

Congratulations on the baby and glad he is now sleeping through. Good luck with getting back focused again.x

(Laurie) #3

Welcome back, and thank you for telling your story!

Forty years ago I had morning, noon, and night sickness. I couldn’t even drink water. I was prescribed Bendectin (now sold as Diclegis). It worked, but people warned me that it would harm the baby. Such fears seem to have since been disproven, but who knows the truth? In any case, I suspect that many doctors are reluctant to prescribe it and just blame the patient.


@Karen18 Thank you!

@islandlight Thanks! They offered drugs but I was afraid to take them…I am paranoid like that after a couple of miscarriages. I am very afraid of messing with anything. Its irrational I know but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I had. Partly why I decided to eat normally once pregnant I was so afraid something would go wrong due to the diet.


Down 4lbs in 7 days! :smiley: I know its mostly water but still, I feel better anyhow.

Diet has mostly been roast beef, beef patties, chicken wings, eggs, bacon, and heavy cream with a little onions, mushrooms, broccoli and the occasional bit of carrots, butternut squash or dark chocolate (85% lindt though my preference is Green and Blacks but they were out at the store) usually only at dinner. No hunger and “keto flu” has been mostly limited to a little tiredness. I have been drinking low salt in my water when I get a headache which cures it.

Its good to be back :heart:

(Laurie) #6

Thank you for checking in. I’m glad it’s going so well for you.

(Belinda Conklin) #7

Great to hear you’re going well. I’ve been lurking a bit lately, as I am keen to get back on the keto ship after having my little man. He is 9months now, and was a surprise for a 41 year old ((42 by the time he was born) mumma after going keto late in 2019.

I had great results initially and had lost around 20-25kg then I found out I was pregnant. I kept pretty low carb throughout most of my pregnancy, but after a horrid labour and emergency c-section, and a little maniac who doesn’t love sleep, it all got too hard and I slowly feel off the wagon.

I had a fall when I was pregnant and landed hard on my right knee (which was previously my good knee) and have a partial meniscus tear and signs of osteoarthritis…so the weight I had lost, and have found again since bub’s arrival, has really started to take it’s toll. I have to get this weight off again, my doc has prescribed Contrave to help, but I really don’t want to resort to medication unless I can’t shift it myself. Aside from the side effects, it is really expensive. I feel like rubbish, and just want to get back to feeling my mind is sharp and have my joints not feel 400 years old anymore. Anyway, maybe actually posting rather than lurking will help me stay accountable to myself…here’s hoping.

(Laurie) #8

I’m sorry about your difficulties. Welcome back, and good luck getting back on the ride!