Frying Food

(jennifersmatthews) #1

I got a deep fryer with a basket for Christmas but I’m not sure what oil to use? It says I can’t use one that solidifies. Any recommendations?

(Richard Morris) #2

Unfortunately all the good ones do solidify at room temp.

My favourite is duckfat, but tallow, and lard are also good fats to fry in.

In Australia we can get grass fed beef dripping, which is what we use in our mini fryer.

(ManMythLegend) #3

Peanut would probably be best as long as no-one in your family has allergies. It has a smoke point of about 450 F. It is liquid at room temperature and also has a fairly neutral taste that won’t transfer to your food.

(jennifersmatthews) #4

Thx!!! So, if I use that solidifies,do I just drain it every time?

(jennifersmatthews) #5



Why can’t you use an oil that solidifies? I assume that means at room temp. Does it say?

(mwall) #7

Where’s the emoji for green jelly? :heart_eyes:

(AnnaLeeThal) #8

I think if there is a submersible heating element it can catch fire with solid fats. That is the explanation I have heard.

But possibly melting the fat, adding it to the fryer, then draining it after use would work. I prefer tallow for deep frying. I have an old school hot pot thing that you can use for deep frying, slow cooking, sautéing, etc…

(Justin Blow) #9

I have the same style fryer. Personally rather then melting the solid adding it in and removing it before it cools I just use Peanut.
If you keep it hot when cooking, it doesn’t seep into your food nearly as much (if your oil is cool it’s gonna soak into your food and you’ll get the oil as well as badly fried soggy food.)

Also I Highly suggest getting a filter chef. (I hope it’s alright to post the link, I have no affiliation with them at all) It filters the oil and stores for future use in one container. (I just got the one for oil but so far it’s wonderful, I’ve had the one for bacon grease for 5ish years and it’s a must have in my opinion)

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #10

@Brenda is a pro at deep frying. She uses tallow. It’s her fault that I bought one for myself yesterday, and now I need to go figure out where I can get my own tallow :slight_smile:

(Erin Macfarland ) #11

I think avocado oil has a high smoke point and stays liquid

(Clive Butler) #12

I got one a couple of months ago. It says not to use solid fats, but I use Lard. It doesn’t have a filter and it works great. Just had to make sure I melted it before I put it in the fryer

(Cathie Condon) #13

I use beef and pick tallow by Epic. I want to learn to make my own but need to find GF bones.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #14

Hey @MableSyrup! Buy beef fat (suet) from your meat department or your butcher. (Some butchers give it away for free). Then render it yourself at home. Best part? The leftover crispy bits that are like cracklin’s !!

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #15

Hey @Brenda - would you be up for making a How To on Care and Feeding of your Deep Fat Fryer? Things like:

  • DFF Fat maintenance
  • DFF Fat sources
  • DFF Cleaning/filtering

I feel like you’ve really been an awesome DFF guinea pig lately.


(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #16

YES. Absofuckinglutely. Great topic

(Peter Barney) #17

I’m in Australia at the moment and found ‘Jac Wagyu Rendered Fat’ on the supermarket shelf!!! Yum

(Richard Morris) #18

i know right … so good

(Rebecca) #19

I’ve got some of that as well.

(Peter Barney) #20

Yep I took a whole tub and smoothered a beautiful piece of beef in it, wrapped it up and slow roasted all afternoon the other day it came out like soft spreadable beef butter heaven. :grin: