Fruit is what I miss more

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I am making keto and the 2 things I miss the most are fruit and bread

Bread I can live without it but fruit is harder because I miss some swetness. I always liked fruit.

I started eating 1/3 of a carrot to “replace” fruit.

Any other suggestions?

I am 1,73m and 71,4kg



I ate fruit every day on keto originally as it was impossible for me not too. I couldn’t handle it without fruit back then. But a little was enough especially in the presence of enough raw vegetables.
I preferred raspberries and frozen banana :wink: It’s very individual, I simply loved these a lot and both were great to scratch the itch using almost no carbs… (I had maybe 3g net carbs a day for fruits, it varied a bit but it was the normal I think, I needed a lot for vegetables, nuts and other stuff, presence of fruits were important but the amount wasn’t.)

I never really miss it on my carnivore days, I just know it’s very, very, very enjoyable. Lack of plant carbs does wonders to me but I was very experienced with keto and even more with low-carb at that point.

Sometimes I drink fruit juice (I have blackberry now, from canned blackberries. of course without extra sweetening added, it’s fruit, it’s sweet already. it has no added water either) with carbonated water, that must be super low-carb as fruit juice is extremely sugary for me so I use a very little amount. But it takes time to reach that too I suppose…? I don’t remember, my sweet perception changed very quickly after cutting out added sugar and it happened to my high-carber SO too despite he eats sweets 20 times a week, fruits every day, just not added sugar. Interesting.
It’s a rarity and I need fruits canned by myself for it (and quince produce close to no juice, for example. berries are the best, they has lots of water) but it’s very nice.

Carrot is very sugary too, I would rather use my fruit juice thing.

Oh and lemon is a nice fruit too and it’s so intense a little goes a long way… I personally love lemon, it’s not like biting into a crunchy fruit, of course, it’s not good for that desire just like my drink isn’t. I enjoy crunch, fruit flavor and juiciness alike. Some vegetables help a lot with 2 of these and while they don’t have fruit flavor, they may have their own veggie flavor. Like a crunchy, juicy, tasty slice of daikon, that is amazing. Not fruit but as I wrote, I don’t really need fruit anyway anymore. (And even my rebellious inner self is happy, the same that wanted banana with chocolate every day as daikon isn’t carnivore :smiley: And my actual goal is being close to that. Not using vegetables without a very good reason. But some crunchy juicy stuff here and there is nice and they are a bit similar to fruits in that.)

If I just wanted sweetness, I could have beetroot juice. Even pickled eggs using beetroot juice and lots of vinegar, I love that stuff (well the vinegar works against the sweetness, I actually dislike that in my non-dessert type food. but I still love the taste of beetroot. nothing like a fruit but nice and sweet, a bit too much sometimes but vinegar and salt helps).

But frozen banana is my ultimate very sweet fruit. I had to use unsweetened chocolate to bring down the too much sweetness after some time. Of course I only ate a slice or two but it was enough for me.
But there was a reason I had my other big option, raspberries… Very low-carb and I wasn’t the type to eat it galore. A few was fine. But I actually could fit more, sometimes raspberry was my “jam” in my cake. But I typically ate fruit all alone.

But almost any fruit is fine on keto (well on some people’s keto, we all have our own blacklists I guess). Theoretically any fruit but I couldn’t do it with certain ones. I needed to choose the ones where I could eat a little enough amount. It covered most fruits as I am that type but one can learn. But it takes a very, very good apple to make it worth (and possible) for me to eat 10-20g of it… Okay, a tad more may fit :wink:

Bread actually can be replaced for many of us, fruit is fruit, nothing resembles them. (Not like any keto bread could be similar to normal breads if you ask me but I don’t want that anyway.)

I don’t know if it helped any as these things are pretty individual. Some people don’t even handle well keeping sweet things, it seems… I am not sure about myself, life seems to be easier when I manage not to eat sweet things but sometimes they are needed for reasons…
You should figure out what works best for you. And you easily may change later.


You can still eat berries, and low GI fruit here and there isn’t going to kill you. There are keto breads but most of them are pretty horrible depending on where you are and which ones you have access to.

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Even an occasional apple or something won’t do too much damage, since the fibre keeps the fructose from being absorbed fast enough to damage the liver. But fruit juice, stewed fruit, or anything chopped or mashed has no fibre, and so should be avoided.


There are quite a few factors here, the best way isn’t always trivial. Fruit juice (like 15ml berry juice, that’s enough for a nice cup of drink for me) and frozen banana was loads better for me than apple because I got many times more sugar and not more joy from the apple (except the best apples where a thin slice is enough) and my individual body complained when I had apple while it was fine with the others. And well, if I desire something specific, only that will do :smiley: (But if I desire the wrong things, I do some training. Or use tiny amounts and rare occassions. Amounts matter a lot.)

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You’re 5’8" and 157 pounds? May I ask why you are trying a keto diet?

And you can have fruit, as long as it doesn’t cause cravings and/or make you overeat.

I still eat some fruit, though I have to watch that I don’t overeat because of it (if I eat strawberries and yogurt, I limit myself to one bowl, otherwise I’d have three). Berries are typically better from a carb standpoint, though I cut up an apple last year and put it in some yogurt.


I eat both fruit and bread on keto

The fruits I mostly eat are berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), coconut, avocado, the occasional small guava and African star apple. You can eat some low sugar, non-starchy fruits.

I eat the usual keto breads available in stores/online. Just make sure to read the ingredients & carb macros to make sure they are actually keto.

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Oh yeah, and I eat a lot of olives, which are technically fruits.

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Also fruits are peas, beans, Lima beans, all gourds, . . . . :grin:

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I did not know that

I used to eat beans all the time while on Pritikin. I tried a recipe recently with kidney beans where you soaked them overnight in salt and baking soda, drained, cooked low temp. That’s supposed to get rid of a lot of the stuff we can’t digest.

I had this over the top of a lot of pork. That wasn’t bad. But then I had it alone (the recipe was meat + kidney beans, so it wasn’t nearly all beans), and holy cow did I have digestive issues, which I never have if I eat just meat with selected “fruits” or vegetables. How did I eat so many beans previously? Just thought these effects were normal?


you are in that weirdo zone :slight_smile: not sure how long you are Keto now but ‘missing that sweetness’ can show 2 things. You might do very very well on low carb keto type bread and a tad of lower index GI fruit like berries mentioned above…or you are wanting big azz carbs back in your life.
Kinda it is time to know who you are, what you can eat and how well you handle any of it.

‘missing’ sweetness is a real deal. we all go thru it. IF YOU ARE one who can have a little and do fantastic and hit goals and feel great, yes you can incorporate a little in that direction, but if you are one where ‘missing that bit of sweetness’ is gonna derail you to the max like it would to alot of us here and we have issues having this sweetness back…then it boils down to who you are and what it takes for you.

low index GI berries…what can ya fit into 20g per day for sweet?
do well on sweeteners, many don’t but some can handle them and be ok…so again, how do you do on them. sweetener in a bit of coffee after a meal to hit your ‘dessert sweetness’ you want? sugar free jello to give sweet? again all mostly crap but if you do well on it then it works for you personally.

wishing you the best finding out what suits you for long term health lifestyle changes!!

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Beans were never my friend…

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A Granny Smith Apple would be a decent choice…more tart than sweet.


but even a Granny is like 24g which is over 20g Keto Plan recommended, well I don’t know the ‘net of this thing’ cause I never netted out a carb thru fiber etc, I am whole carb menu person…so??

tart doesn’t mean no sugar tho. sugar intake is what this whole deal is about but of course, some can even go a bit higher carb and do fine.

so just saying, tart taste doesn’t mean ok if sugar intake is your focus?


I just know bananas are berries… :slight_smile: And strawberries aren’t :slight_smile:
I eat both. Or neither on carnivore, I really needed my fruits for many years on low-carb but now it’s just very occasionally, not needed joy (and how could I say no when my garden gives me more than a dozen different kinds, seriously? I use moderation. I can’t grow melons and dates, I never could eat those in moderation and they are all super sugary anyway. Quince is about right if I want a sweet fruit…).

I have just sown some fruit :slight_smile: (Tomato and pepper.) It’s fun, my real fruits need about no work anyway…

It’s so very strange to read for me, I left that ages ago… I learned to enjoy unsweetened (or naturally sweetened) desserts. Coffee with cream is just fine. And I normally never make unsweetened whipped cream as I make it for my SO’s pudding (I taste it but just a bit) but a few days ago I did it and it was such a fine, sweet enough dessert! :smiley:
Okay, it took time but it was pretty natural and went quickly in the very beginning. Ideal sweetness for all my family members who cut out sugar dropped spectacularly and pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter we continued to eat lots of sweets and some fruit… Interesting. Still don’t know the reason for it, the fruits are often super sweet too, the sugar is very similar…

And of course, I can mention my experience that if I just stop eating all those sugars in vegs, I don’t want more sweetness… Or maybe it’s the plant carbs, I have no idea. But sugars tend to bring their friends, sweets too.

So there are many methods we can try if we want to reduce our fruit/sweets consumption.
I changed a lot but if I start eating sweets and am not super full yet, there is a chance I continue. It just doesn’t bring the satisfaction my more proper meat do. Sometimes I can pull it off and it’s worth it but it’s rare.
It’s usually not true for unsweetened desserts. In my case, at least.

It’s very sweet, I have a tree. Maybe it’s riper than what you tasted, it’s so odd for me to see GREEN Granny Smith apples in the shops! Mine are yellow with red spots if they were in a very sunny location of the tree :wink: Once we picked them in December…
But a proper apple should be sour too, not only sweet. And DELICIOUS. Granny Smith is insanely good in the latter, hard too, that’s why I can eat 10-20g and be happy. I never could do that with some soft juicy bland but kinda nice one. My SO says it’s basically drinking, not eating…
I prefer very flavorful fruits as I need but a tiny bit to get satisfied. Hence my banana consumption as a newbie ketoer. 10g frozen banana is a satisfying treat. 100g bland apple is nothing (and feels worse than a whole banana, actually, no idea why my body has this against apples). And having a few raspberries is the best choice unless we want something else :smiley:
(Of course when I pick 500g raspberries a day from my garden, I eat a bit more. Frozen is easier to eat in moderation and anyway, I need to use the seasons. But I just don’t want much fruit.)

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Fangs, I don’t personally eat any fruit at all (and i don’tmiss it), and you are correct, tart doesn’t mean no sugar.


And Granny Smith is a BIG apple. Okay, we have plenty of tiny ones as we have a whole tree and it has the tendency to drop unripe apples (well, those are surely not so sugary or it means more starch like in the case of bananas? we eat them, obviously, we don’t waste food, even unripe fruit :smiley: it’s not bad cooked in cakes and my SO eats those galore) but the normal ones are usually huge.
And it’s not that easy to eat half an apple and leave the rest for tomorrow. I can do it now but it took very much time.
I typically share my Granny Smith apples with my SO. I eat my 10-20g only. Yum.

Data says 19g net carbs for 100g Granny Smith - but it’s fruit, reality may or may not have much to do with it. Okay, it’s probably close at some point. But ripeness matters a lot.
(Once I ate some not sweet pumpkin, did some reasearch and found that unripe it has 1/7th as much carbs… I eat fruit from my garden unripe as it’s not borderline inedibly sweet then. And apple and apple are different too so if we don’t find ours… I have a summer apple I know nothing about :smiley: It’s so good I don’t care much about ketosis, I would worry a lot. I have my extreme low-carb days and my off days and that’s it.)


oh yea just saying that the fruit one misses goes hard against that darn ‘Keto Plan’ stay at 20g to the OP :slight_smile: I hear ya on that!!

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When I was a teen, I ate a lot of what we called “crab apples”, which were small, green, and extremely tart. People said they’d give you stomach aches, but I ate a ton of them, and never had anything.

I guess what I had weren’t true “crab apples”, though, as this person says there aren’t any true crab apples that are green:

We’ve gone apple picking at the local farms, where the apples tend to be huge, and the tart ones to me aren’t very tart. But I also have eaten maybe one apple in the last few years.

Edit: I forgot to say that if I eat fruit, I try to eat it only in season. Right now, it’s below freezing where I live, so I avoid eating fruit. If I eat fruit, I might eat it in season.


I never saw crap apples :frowning: It would be nice to try…
So it’s about the size? But the tiniest apples I saw (some were hazelnut sized :D) were very very sweet and not really sour except unripe. That was summer apple when I was a child :slight_smile: The current summer apples I have taste just like normal apples and small but not tiny.

I tasted wild pear. It wasn’t good at all.

Sounds good, too bad I have end winter fruit craving phase sometimes. Finally it’s spring now and I am fine without fruit but I felt a too strong pull not long ago. Of course it doesn’t help that we have a fruit basket in the kitchen all the time and I do love fruits… And December is my traditional citrus+banana month and it’s a relaxed one anyway…

I will do my best not to eat any fruit (except maybe a few drops of lemon juice) in April. And in May. I should use the fact I don’t have fruits in my garden and “citrus season” (that is December, mostly but it flared up a bit at early spring) is over for me too.
My fruit season starts in June and ends in December if we don’t count rosehip season in winter (I don’t think it counts, 1-2 rosehips on a walk is fine for me)…

I always will love fruits. They give me extremely much joy and not only when I eat them.