Fruit is what I miss more


eating in season locally is way diff. then normal trasport of ALL veg/fruit etc and more crap from other locations.

just keep that in mind on where ya live currently :slight_smile:

local food and in season meant 0 use of other. It meant life as in your location as ya lived it on what nature was so…and there was no greenhouse to add to our lives on the plate ever…so…

just thoughts to throw out

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I think we (meaning, human beings) ate fruit in season when we could get it. I remember walking through the woods with friends as a teen and stumbling on some wild black berries. We ate all of them, but there really weren’t that many.

Even when we go pick fruit at the local farms, most fruits don’t have a long growing season when they’re ripe. Maybe a month at most. At least where I live.

So, you ate fruit when you could, but that was a short time period.

My dad and his family always grew tomatoes, but these really have a short season too. A month maybe.

I do like a good tomato, though.

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Also, as people have pointed out a number of times here, the fruits of yesteryear were much less sweet and a lot pulpier.


Tomatoes don’t have a long period indeed though if one uses multiple kinds and do what is normal here, sowing them 2 months before they can go out, it’s multiple months. (I looked at my notes, only end of July, August, September, October and probably the beginning of November is when I can eat tomato from my own garden but the November is the green ones riped inside. It’s still not such a short time.)
But that’s only tomato. I have apple in July and in December too… Okay, not in August. July is summer apple, Granny Smith starts in September and it’s hard enough not to spoil easily so we have it for 5-6 months? Maybe 5 only because we don’t have so many… Some apples stores properly last until spring or more. Some pears do that too but not mine, it’s hard to keep Williams for one week! :smiley:

I can pick strawberries between June and October (later too but that doesn’t taste good). Okay, that fits keto very much as they are tiny but very flavorful :smiley: There are raspberries like that too.

I have grapes for months.

But if we look at the union… Only part of March, April, May is when there is no fruit in my garden (if I couldn’t cut off all rosehips :smiley: I tried, I have way too many thorny plants and only 3 kinds bring nice sweet fruit.) If I have no rosehips, part of December and January and February is fruitless too. And while November has multiple fruits, I tend to go for a carnivore month (or 2 weeks… or 1… or whatever I can do at the moment) then as the fruits there are too sweet and I tasted them in October and I can wait until December if I fancy medlar (not really. I enjoy the fact I have fresh fruit in December and I consider it one of the tastiest ones but I just don’t need such a sugary one. But I have a relative who loves it so I gift her some.)

Of course, if we look at wild fruits only, that’s difference. Still the bigger part of the year but the amount is so tiny and in many cases, the sugar content so low that it’s insignificant. But nice.
Rosehips are very very sweet but they have those pesky seeds so I hardly eat more than one fully (maybe 2 half)… The stray walnuts are way more useful.

I eat tomato (typically puree, Italian and tasty… store-bought tomatoes are tasteless, garden tomatoes are good, that’s why I bother with them. but I use tomato as condiment) all year round, I never go as strict as I couldn’t. (I did before but my fully carnivore times are over. I probably will do such ones accidentally but tomato is wonderful and very very useful when I get bored of meat. And I do that. So my default woe is carnivore-ish. It doesn’t really allow fruits and tomato is only for times when I need the variety, it happens too often :(… But I love tomato and I would include it here and there anyway.)

By the way, there are some super sweet tomatoes nowadays. I don’t like those. I like sour tomatoes. Okay, the two can go together, well I like midly sweet and quite sour tomatoes :slight_smile:

And I have my relaxed times now and just made a quince cake from scratch (I have WAY too many canned quince, sometimes I tell my SO to eat it and he has ideas but it’s not very effective). I mean, semi-random, I just put things in without much thought (I have enough experience to do it and end up with something nice). It was good but too much quince, too little eggs. I think 50g is enough for a small whole cake, it’s very few carbs… Even if we add more, not bad. It’s a pretty big dessert though not in calories but it’s not for satiation, maybe a little bit. And it’s very different from just eating a little fruit.
I got surprised again how sweet and flavorful quince is. It’s a very very fine choice on keto I think. Of course if one doesn’t like it or specifically wants banana, it doesn’t work so well… That’s why I use most of the fruits available. I like them all.