Fried Chicken is great without any sort of breading


I just salt them and fry in avocado oil on medium low. Get nice juicy, crispy fried chicken. I don’t see why they are ever breaded to be honest.


I don’t bread any meats anymore.


Yeah I haven’t done that for years. But at least I know I can fry chicken and have it taste good without having to use some flour substitute, like pork rinds etc.

(Peter) #4

Amazing cooked in the airfrier … sometimes I like jerk or spice seasoning. Or yogurt and tandoori spices


Of course. I used to fry everything and never breaded them (well I tried once or twice but it’s a huge work and a big mess and I may have cooking as a hobby but I still want simple or at least enjoyable things…). I am an abnormal Hungarian. We are said to bread everything.

Chicken (at least the cheap supermarket one) isn’t very very flavorful but not tasteless either (and if it was, breading wouldn’t help). I use spice on it due to its mild taste but that’s it. I only use salt on pork as no way anything could make it better.
I am with @Pjam, chicken and tandoori masala are good together :wink:

By the way, meat flavor is better than flour flavor. If I just omit flour, the food instantly gets tastier in the cases where it’s not the main ingredient (but even then, partial replacement does good. pure wheat flour breads are super bland, ew, even my high-carber SO prefers lower-carb, tastier options). I like when the flavor isn’t diluted by boring starch flavor.

(Chuck) #6

It is great with coconut flour too.