Turkey just isn’t enough (and I ate other things just not meat. except the spicy sausage and ham but that was minimal). I had a late meal: scratchings and quark mixed by cream… I am so thankful for dairy items. How could I live without them? They bring me lovely variety and creamy desserts without the problematic plant net carbs… And anyway, nothing else is even remotely similar to dairy.
And sour cream saved me so many times when my food was too spicy or hot (temperature wise) or salty or maybe dry…

Frozen meat in the freezer has pros and cons and that fact there is a barrier between us is both. It keeps me from eating it unnecessarily… But I hesitate anyway and try to pull it off differently when I only need a little extra. But tomorrow I will have fresh pork. The best except cold leftover pork roast, that is wonderful too.

I had very low energy today but at least no headache (and no waking up super late). No workout or walk (the weather wasn’t to my liking and with very low energy, even the need for exercise couldn’t move me), just some garden work (and breaking walnuts as we run out and Alvaro needs it for his breakfast oatmeal. I made a breakfast cake for him last time but I couldn’t do it again for multiple reasons). I do need fresh air so I get it every day, no matter what. The walnut breaking is the activity where even rain can’t stop me, it’s outside but under the roof. Too horizontal rain can stop me but that kind never can last all day…

My spring onions and iceberg lettuces are as tiny as they were 1-2 days ago, sigh. I check them every day :smiley: By the way, I have baby sorrels, they are cute! And some pretty golden (more orange than the first ones) crocuses came out! No sign of the huge purple ones yet.
A neighbour had the first daffodil! And it’s almost March and it won’t start with deep frost like last year or when… Alvaro is good with time, not me. I only remember the big snow on the 15th several years ago.
Mmmm, little developing plants, I love them. We will go to the yearly tiny tour, 2 villages away (we need to go uphill for so long and it’s steep and I need to stop at least a few times… oh well, it’s fine afterwards and fun and fast back :smiley: ) to check out the wild garlic. I just go for the nice forest walk (and admiring the plants), Alvaro actually likes them in scrambled eggs… We visit multiple times, it’s very nice in the end because most of them are flowering then and it’s quite pretty. By the way, my 2 onion flower boxes (the house came with them and I am bad at eviction… I have enough place for the flowers. and onions are flowers anyway, we keep them for their looks… I only take out the ones trying to invade the other flower boxes, the sneaky ones) look cool, the leaves are all out, young but long (the normal onions find the weather cold but not them), fresh, spring-y! They will have flower blobs later, like pom-poms. Just like onions do but these are dusty pink, not white. At least the normal onion flowers I ever saw were white. I can imagine it’s not always the case…

(KM) #162

Yes, someone in admin must have switched the settings. I’m suddenly getting notifications every few hours as well.

(Geoffrey) #163

Super busy today and didn’t get around to eating until 5:00pm. That’s just another reason why I love this WOE. Hunger just doesn’t control me anymore. Get a little hungry? Feel a little empty? No big deal when I’m just too busy to stop.
So when I did finally get to eat it was just some leftover brisket and pork butt.

(Judy Thompson) #164

Yup. That’s why we got the tall freezer!

(Judy Thompson) #165

Good morning! Wednesday already. Today, a Dr appointment to look at varicose veins, tho hubby says with ZC they have improved immensely in 2+ years. Also arthritis and sciatica are so much better. He used to say he hated seeing me gimp around, now I’m up and running around in the mornings and long days don’t bother me at all.

The brisket sous vide finished Monday night and I smoked it for about 3 hours yesterday. It finished during a violin lesson, nice to have the remote cutoff switch on my phone :rofl:

It’s a lot for us! Even though it was the smallest brisket they had.
Yesterday, the other half of that chicken, split into quarters, of course mine is the dark meat part! I made a gravy by adding cream cheese to the broth in the pan before baking and then stirring it in when it came out of the oven. Miraculous!


I truly love reading how so involved you are with your gigs and that you guys are so enjoying your music as you want it to be!! Sounds like you got some steady gigs that work well for ya. I loved seeing your seafood tower at that restaurant you work and your gig pics from before :slight_smile:

Hey did ya get ‘bonded’? I lost a small chunk of tooth between my front tooth and the other and thought, oh crap. Got in there and dentist put this bonding stuff in and used a light to set it, done in like 15 mins tops and I thought, darn that was fab…I expected so much worse. Glad you got fixed fast too!!

Yea isn’t this the best. Our bodies, when so well nourished on our meat proteins and fat can give us this benefit and I love it too. I feel ‘more normal’ than when I was on that carby life definitely. We are natural humans now as it was meant to be. Healthier and not relying on bad nutrition food means we live life real. ZC is the damn best right? HA

--------------reading great posts on the thread.
Friday is March. We start MeatMadnessMarch for carnivore. watch for new thread to come.

today is simple zc. got weirdo ribeye steak end cuts on markdown from my lil’ smokehouse butcher store down the road a’piece. Hope they are ok, lol, so eating that first. second meal gonna put in some pork country ribs and done deal.

weather bit wintery icky again. super super high winds. got some tin flapping on my older horse barn from the roof. omg I don’t wanna do farm barn repairs!! I feel so much older not wanting to do that crap repair work, ugh.,like we farm retired, now thru the yrs I have to maintain the damn buildings/barns/pasture and fences, etc. SO ready to sell and move more South to new life retirement…not yet tho darn it, lol

zc strong everyone

(Robin) #167

Hmmmm. I’m not smart enough to mess with settings, and I don’t want to be! @Paull may have an idea.

(KM) #168

I think it’s fine, both Denise and I actually wanted notifications and weren’t getting them. It’s just that I seem to have gotten a huge slew that are really out of date.


I am lazy to look up which is that, well the thigh, maybe the wings too, the breast is white but what about the rest…? It’s interesting there is such things in English, we don’t have it in Hungarian. Chicken is chicken, we can say the parts and that’s it. (But I know I wrote about it years ago, here both the drumstick and the thigh is called “thigh”. upper thigh, lower thigh. poor anatomy.)
Why is it separated, what is the difference? Well the breast is horrid too lean thing with an odd texture so if only that is white, I get it.

And the brisket looks lovely and I wouldn’t consider it sooo much, remembering some cases where I jumped some meat I liked… Multiple times a day… But brisket is fatty so it should be last for a while. Not for a long one though :wink:
Of course my SO wouldn’t eat it up quickly. He still eats so tiny amounts of meat compared to me. And I don’t even eat much meat!
Not like I know how big that vessel is :stuck_out_tongue: But it can’t be so very much. Or IDK, meat still can tricks me. It seems little but so calorie dense…

Oh. Maybe I should try this once. Chicken is the one where some extra help is needed. Pork just needs lots of time and heat and a tiny salt.

By the way, salt. Today I very very carefully salted my pork. Just barely. It was perfectly salted this way. YAY! Stupid salt need of mine, I am sure it dropped lately, that’s why I oversalted almost every meat dish of mine - and some egg ones but those were tricky with salted pork inside -. I mean, salt need for my meat, it’s quite possible I get more from my various items recently, my ham is noticeably salty, I had cream cheese lately and that is very salty too (0.7% is apparently too much for me at this point). And I had more salted lard than usual.

We had a lovely day here! Warm and sunny, I finally took my usual pond walk (I mean, next to the pond, not on it :stuck_out_tongue: ), I saw NO DUCKS today, how could that happen? I saw a big group of coots though, some gulls and 2 mystery birds… They were coot sized and too fat away, black and white. The gulls are black and white too but mostly white from a distance, they were mostly black but still pretty much bright white on their side.
Alvaro saw a pheasant - and it didn’t “explode”. They always get super scared and fly up with about as much noise as a small helicopter, as if training for the pheasant/swan noise competition. Swans are hilarious when they land on the water, I call them anti-owls. I can’t imagine any other bird of ours making more noise but the pheasants are close but they cheat as they use their mouths. No water, though. And the swans are bigger.

I think I put a fruit warning here but it’s flowering time!
We have new flowers, I plan to make photos tomorrow! Forecast says no more frost, I hope so as the single remaining apricot tree is about to bloom (and the cornel tree is doing that but they aren’t nearly that sensitive). And the last time it had more than a few fruits was in 2019. I canned 120 jars of apricot. I don’t want THAT MUCH if possible, thank you very much but Alvaro would like some if we have a tree already. And it was one tree in 2019. Once I had 3 very busy big apricot trees. I almost got a breakdown. And now I really don’t want to work so much with fruits that I barely ever will taste… I do make some work for Alvaro but he doesn’t need THAT much either.

I did a TINY garden work and now my back is aching. Sigh. At least I don’t think I am old as once I was in an even worse shape when I was 20 :wink: It never gets that bad nowadays. But digging is just not my activity. Good thing my veggie/flower/walnut tree (it is several years old and still a baby :smiley: but there is no hurry, it’s cute. at least it won’t give even more shadow, my garden isn’t so good at sunlight already) patch is so tiny. OMG I must finish the other half too soon as I don’t know when the morning glories come out. They are one of my lovely flowers I don’t need to sow, they just come out in hundreds as they have so many seeds…

My coffee quitting efforts still didn’t yield fruit but I don’t give up. And almost run out of coffee. Except the instant one but that is fancy and expensive and it doesn’t mean I like it alone anymore so I won’t drink much of that. No coffee should help with my dairy consumption too. It’s probably not too bad now (impossible to tell without tracking and nope, not that. maybe later) but I still love my dairy and it’s quark time these days. I tend to buy some every month (sometimes twice, 250g or 500g) and it lasts for some days but Alvaro helps too.


simple zc day plus today is going to the Veterans Admin. cemetary for onsite burial for hubby’s mom at 1pm.

will eat a nice steak before I go. luckily hubby said he doesn’t want to eat out, just go and come home, so I got an easy zc happening. 2nd meal tonight I got a big roaster chicken going in oven. half for hubby, other 1/2 for me. done day.

tomorrow is MeatMadnessMarch for carnivore. New thread will be started. everyone pop over to it so we can start a fresh month!


I probably won’t go all strict (for me) until Monday (we will see how many days I will last… this year is problematic for me, apparently) but I do what I can until then too. We have food plans and ingredients not lasting for long that probably brings some non-carni stuff but nothing that I consider a problem for me. They are good stuff and I don’t plan to eat much of them. There will be nothing too tempting, it’s just my problem with nice things (live one of my old favs that still tastes super good, being protein rich and not even too carby to cause problems) being there when I haven’t built a momentum yet. But I will do try.

I need to learn to eat properly during the day. Last night I got a tad hungry again and ate fried pork and sponge cake with cheese and ham slices. It was very nice (my food joy tend to be high when it’s late) but I would prefer a normal day with 1-2 meals in the afternoon, that is very natural for me, my best days are like that. If I eat enough and the right things, I am nicely satiated at night, even before bed (as I am always fine when I am sleeping, I never woke up because I was hungry. Poor Alvaro did after 12 hour night shifts but that was a crazy thing. he can’t eat at night so he didn’t eat during the 12 hours and if he fell asleep without a meal first, that was too much fasting especially that he ate very little during the day as he was mostly sleeping or zombie mode. He doesn’t eat at the right time for him on workdays even now as he has no lunch break as his work ends at 2pm - he has breakfast break but way too late, at 9am. he eats his breakfast right after 6am - but it’s tolerable for him. Just like I could eat my main meal at 8-10pm at some time of my life. It wasn’t ideal but not too bad, I was finally at home, at peace and I always slept well with a full stomach).

Nice, sunny day, forecast says 20C/68F at some places. Backache, not too bad but no digging for me today.

(Robin) #172

Thanks for getting March started


Yup, will have MeatMadnessMarchCarnivore posted up in a few hrs to start it up for tomorrow.

-----------------so funeral went beautifully. fine service. thankfully this is over and now it is handle estate and all that stuff that goes along.

but get this, I didn’t eat a steak before going, I ended up eating 6 sausage links…whopee right, around 9am…the when on way back from funeral services it was like 3:00 and told hubby I was starving point blank.

Now this is NC friggin’ bbq to the max!
Insisted we stop at my lil’ ol’ smokehouse meat store near home and I bought this beauty! Boston Pork butt----oh heck yea. I wasn’t cooking so this worked fine. got leftovers to enjoy also,

see in the pic, where I pulled at the fat and meat and nibbled before I took the pic HAHA


OMG I HOUNDED down alot of that meat and fat cap and even took some fatty juice drippings from the pan and I was in meat heaven real fast.

I tell ya, who can eat as much of this as they want and thrive and be healthiest they ever been? This carnivore plan is the friggin’ bomb LOL I mean come on, to eat like this and be happy and lose lbs and just feel fab :slight_smile:

ok new thread will be posted later tonight…everyone jump on when ya see it.



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