OK carnivores! Here is our new MeatMadnessMarch thread to chat away.

Talk about zc issues if you have any or new goals you may be trying to accomplish or anything we want to talk about :slight_smile: One of our best topics so far is all the zc food pictures and what we eat for our meals. Honestly seeing the wonderful meals you guys post, I so enjoy that part of the thread!! Plus it is great we have many total experienced zc’ers on this thread, it makes it a great place to feel in good company!

take it away…


I am finally eating meat, no salt and tea and water. I gave up my coffee earlier this week and am getting by with black tea. I had a horrendous headache from giving up coffee. I want to lose 6 kg and heal my sensitive bowels. I often feel the urge to poop with nothing up the chute. Sometimes poop will stick in my rectum for a day or two but stubbornly stop there until it is ready to move. Drives me mad.
I intend to quit black tea and stick to beef and water no salt and see if my obstinate, sensitive bowels come good.


congrats for dumping coffee as a personal challenge.
but I am glad you are gonna dump the tea also.

tea is loaded with tannins, which effected me very poorly so yea, I dumped tea real fast when one day my mouth/tongue went kinda tingly, had like cotton mouth after drinking unsweet cold tea and hit in the back of my throat too with weird sensation I sure didn’t like…zc life telling me this is a personal issue for me and time to throw it by the wayside.

here is some coffee info: coffee can cause or exacerbate constipation for the following reasons: It can cause dehydration: Coffee, a diuretic, may cause dehydration, hardening feces, and causing constipation.------------plus remember it is all about you personally and how your body reacts with its own sensitivity.

some tea info: Tannins , water-soluble phenolic compounds, have been reported to have the ability to form complexes with nutritionally important nutrients such as protein and mineral elements thereby making them unavailable for absorption and utilization.--------key one is it can block iron absorption, never good, so you can google more on downside of tannins, for every ‘good property and benefit’ they say tea can give one, there are alot of bad effects listed too, so if one is sensitive in this area, yea dumping it is best :slight_smile:

kinda like the old joke, I take a pill to cure my med issue which it does, but then I crop up 5 bad sides effects which make me worse…so…hmmm,

again things like coffee and tea are all about how well they are for you personally. keep or dump. key being only when ya eliminate it first can one see if they go back on it how well they feel on it.

great luck on your personal challenge this month!!

-------------------------SO FOR ME I am posting my pic from yesterday. bought my fatty fatty smoked boston butt. OMG I love my little ol’ smokehouse store down the road LOL NC fatty bbq…to die for, for this old meathound I am in heaven every time I eat so well like this.


so ate a ton yesterday of this,

first meal today is eat a ton more of this!!
second meal planning beef tenderloin with maybe more of my pork,

SO I LOST 2 lbs and it is sticking off the scale. haven’t weighed in a long time but ya know when ya feel leaner and meaner, yea I got that feeling so it was nice to see 2 gone…weighed a few days in a row to see if it was real, yea it stuck!! So still on its own I am losing a few lbs slowly and keep chipping away at that darn last 10-15 I want gone…but now I can say I only need about 9-10 gone to be happy in my personal brain and this should drop me one jean size so I can get into my size 10s I got stored in the closet, lol. You know being on zc I feel so damn wonderful and lost my 60 lbs now but ya know what, I enjoy eating SO much great meat any time I want that even those last lbs I want gone don’t bother me ever…but thru the yrs now it is nice to see a budge on those last lbs my brain wants gone :slight_smile: ok enough on that.,…it is what it is.

today is simple easy zc


I am not well today (only physically though my brain functions seem pathetic and that is physical even if mental…), I just write about my food, okay? As the weather is gloomy too (I took flower photos yesterday, I will check them later).

Not that very hungry but food felt a great idea when we came home from shopping (we didn’t find the nice items on sale :frowning: I bought a small pork hock but IDK what one does with it. well roast it, surely but I always bought smoked hock, not raw one. oh well. I badly need lard at this point!) so I ate. It was simple, leftover fried pork chuck and freshly made chicken liver! I tossed it into the oven with some butter (500g liver minus the liquid I don’t like but the cats are crazy for it, 20g butter… and it didn’t even need that much, apparently but it was welcomed) and just left it for an hour. It got so ugly (liver tends to be that anyway), black and hard (for soft liver, at least) on top, moist and pink beneath… And it was absolutely fabulous, we inhaled it all (except a lil piece, I had low appetite and low hunger and I had to eat pork chuck too :wink: ). The looks were so deceiving!
And that’s it, no dessert or anything. I did had coffee as I was miserable and subtly headache-y but I almost run out of it and I hopefully will stop soon.

I never will give up tea myself, I drink quite much. Even better hydration as coffee but both can do the job. I just don’t like when coffee does it, that’s unneccessarily costly and messy. I am drinking a glass of spicy tea now, I like it. All the spice I had was in my tea, not in my meat dishes as they were tasty without…

Carbonated water got way pricier suddenly, Alvaro must have been in a bad phase (well he is, working in a cooling room due to fuel theft) talking about stopping drinking it… I find it very, very useful and while the raise is significant, I must say $1.1 for 3 liters isn’t such a high price… It’s still rather cheap. It lasts for weeks! I mentioned my coffee costs to Alvaro. That’s not that low, to put it lightly, not even now. Or my tea cost but I never counted that, I wonder how much it can be…
I need very much water every day and I need variety. Carbonated water works for me way better for strong thirst than anything else. And it’s fun too.

Our orders arrived so we almost can swim in coconut oil now. Alvaro’s chocolate (160g coconut oil per week) is safe and that’s important. I just want lard but we have butter and it is delicious so things aren’t dire. Oh we get a young rabbit again on Monday! Egg lady has them pretty frequently in the last years and Alvaro almost never says no to one or two :wink: The taste is subtle but still very nice and the meat is so very tender! Nice for variety.

Oh and I have carni sugar. As I ordered milk and whey powder too, just a tiny bit. I have some off-carni plans with them but I probably will use them in a pinch :stuck_out_tongue:
For now, I try to focus on meat.

But if I am here, I talk about a video I saw. The kids complained about the vegs in the chicken soup (apparently, many kids hate the texture. I never had that problem but some vegs were to add flavor, not to eat by me. just a few) and the parent made a soup with only the ingredient approved by the kids: chicken, water, salt and noodles. And the kids disliked the result and understood why vegs are important. The comments were mostly predictable, praising the parents and talking about how vegs are mandatory in a healthy diet - but some people wrote their family did the same and the kids LOVED the chicken soup lacking vegs. Not surprising, some kids must have that taste but it was nice to see it “backfired” a few times… :stuck_out_tongue: I wrote my own adult opinion. I probably wouldn’t like a mere chicken soup but let’s add some pork or use a very very superb home-raised chicken or rather a nice hen (even store-bought has taste) and the result will be quite delicious without any vegs or spices.
I probably will make a soup using pork chuck bone and pork hock bone really soon. It’s still little so I may add the front legs of the rabbit… Or some other parts but it’s easiest to cut those when we want to put the rest into the freezer.

Oh, nice food in my belly (not much but enough for now) and a comment here and I got somewhat cheered up. (And Alvaro is at home, that helps, I can go and get a comfort hug any time.)

I write about goals next time. Except the one where I try to be concise. I failed that now but it really helped me to write about nice things here.

(Robin) #5

Try magnesium citrate powder in water (double dose) and you will definitely and completely clear yourself out in the morning, if not sooner. I take it every night now (half dose) to stay regular.

But also be aware that there is less poop when you eat carnivore, and that’s ok… it’s being used and better digested by your body.


Dinner was baking some sponge cakes and quark quiche… I ate one (a third of an egg) and wasn’t hungry for more. It’s good as scale showed 80kg (in the evening in clothes but still)… I wonder when I will remember weighing myself in the morn. And have the mood to undress too. It’s not like it matters if I weigh myself or not, I am just a tiny bit curious sometimes.

Coffee… I will quit tomorrow. If I will feel better. At least today was carnivore with no calories before 3pm, it’s a big feat looking at my last few weeks… I even drank my coffees black (not the last one, I tried out my milk powder too, not just the whey one. oh, rich :smiley: and nostalgic. we kids used to eat milk powder. no one cared for making milk out of it, that isn’t good… but the powder alone? just like the lemon drink powder, no one added water to that either).

Hm, goals? Let’s be very, very modest. Carnivore(-ish if I must) days from Monday to Friday in the unforeseeable future (like until June). And as close as comfortably possible on the weekends but I may subtly taste lowish-carb meaty dishes. I may make stews too. I am quite glad liver is superb without onions but stews are trickier. Though the “fried” (mostly cooked to avoid sticking) turkey tasted like stew. HOW? So maybe I will use that method…
Oh, timing. No food until 3pm (or hunger or other valid urge to eat, whatever comes first) in the minimum. Ideally, lunch skipping but that’s not always easy and I don’t like to try hard.
Low dairy, of course. I KNOW it’s best for me, it’s just tempting and adds up like crazy even when I don’t think it does as it feels little… (I will track on days when it’s possible. I will eat pork hock - smoked and fresh - in the weekend, it’s impossible to track that.)

I think that’s it. Well I obviously don’t want to eat at night but if I focus on meat, I should be eat enough during the day. But I can handle a tiny extra night meal if I don’t overdo dairy during the day so not eating too early is more important.

Simplicity and chill. Maybe I won’t track often, it is nice without. But sometimes it’s useful.

(Judy Thompson) #7

Happy March!
Wow, we’re into spring here in the Texas Hill Country. Redbud trees are in bloom and vineyards are all growing. We did have a couple cold windy days Thursday and Friday when winter coats and scarves came out, but today and tomorrow we’re into 70s and 80s, sunny and beautiful.
Hubby’s 19th birthday (leap year baby) was great for him, lots of well wishes by text and a few nice calls. We ate dinner with our friend Waldo and I got my sausage platter.

Sides came pre-boxed to bring home for hubby :wink:
I bought and decorated a little cheesecake not intending to eat any but ate a piece anyway. My sugar so far for this year, and not too sugary.

So now hubby is on his ketovore thing. He has a gut that threatens his shirt size, so I asked him to try this for 3 or 4 weeks. He can have his beer when out but switches to ZC beverages at home; no crackers or potatoes or cornbread as he’s used to eating. I got a loaf of keto bread for him. I cut his morning smoothie to 1 banana instead of 2 (still 27g carbs!) and doubled the berries. And his Cappuccino. I downloaded My Fitness Pal to figure all that out but it will be a little learning curve, since when I used that app years ago, I did the paid version and all I want now is a sketchy idea of his carb intake.

For lunch we had some of the brisket. I think I need to cut it thinner, but also, the sous vide cut off a few times while processing and that might have toughened it a bit. Next time I’ll get a fattier brisket too!
I used Hard Core Carnivore on it too and I’m not a fan, that’s another change I’ll make.
Tonight we’re back into the weekend, tomorrow more brisket and 5 hours performing.
This month I’m in compression stockings. I’ve never used them! Then in April I’ll have a varicose vein procedure. Looking forward to the changes from that!

(Judy Thompson) #8

@Fangs whew! Funeral is over and now the estate part. That seems to have gone quick. Her death seemed very sudden, what a tough month February has been for you.
@Matamoros What woe are you coming from? Just beef and water, no salt, seems like an extreme change, but I don’t know where you started. Glad you’re through the headache phase from coffee withdrawal.
I always felt like Paul Saladino was headed for a fall with his beef and salt restriction, if indeed he did it that severely, and wasn’t surprised when he got into fruit, honey, seasonings, squashes etc. He may have held that pendulum up too high and when it swang back it smashed the window! Lol :joy:
However, you do you, just don’t be afraid to back off a bit if you need to…perhaps to other carnivore offerings.

(E P) #9

Hi everyone, new face here. I was too shy to jump in February, but your food pictures are so lovely!

March goal: no stevia. I made a list of recent food regrets and realized ALL have been stevia related/triggered! Nope, the sweet tooth won’t master of me. Abstaining is easier than moderation. Should I look forward to the sweet cravings ceasing after a couple weeks of cold turkey?

Lunch today: airfried pork steak and egg yolks. When there’s a Boston butt sale, I always stock up. Cut into thick pork steaks, slow-roast then broil to make crispy crackly skin (with chimichurri sauce), smoke it and pull it (oh dear! No more stevia in my North Carolina style vinegar BBQ sauce), braise/fry in its own fat into carnitas. With 5 growing kids in the house, we demolish half a pork shoulder in one feast. That and about 100 eggs/week!

(E P) #10

Aha, figured out how to upload a picture (I hope)


Welcome, new faces! :smiley:

Good luck! :slight_smile: I like sweet things myself but carnivore-ish (the short periods I am able to stick to it) is no problem. IDK what if will be like for you, I already had so many low-carb years before I tried carnivore and meat was a novelty for me (it always helps when I take something but gives something nice and meat is a HUGE help, I must say… even just for keto, of course it’s needed for carnivore)… I already was very used to drink unsweetened drinks too, maybe that helped…? But I don’t think I ever really missed my sweets on carnivore. But I need to choose my desserts well. Some desserts I like sweetened even though they are fine without so they can be disappointing and I wish it had sweetener in it… That’s not a nice wholesome experience. Even if I want a dessert specifically, it’s better for me to eat some dairy that I like unsweetened (sweetened sour cream is HORRID, even. or lactose free sour cream, nope. only in sweet desserts, together with other things). So maybe you can trigger cravings with some items but will be fine with others. I was very much used to eating some sweets as the final course of my meals (not all of them but most) and I kept that on keto but carnivore is different. I still very often have dessert but a satisfying wonderful meaty meal can be quite perfect and the urge doesn’t emerge! Carnivore has these benefits for me, I lose a lot of minor dietary problems on it. I can’t just be strong and resist, that’s not how I roll but a bunch of good savory carni food and I don’t need my dessert.
My (second) dinner had none, I was a bit hungry so ate quiche and meat and it was perfect. I think I mostly eat dessert if I just don’t want my meat and eggs in big enough amounts. I supplement them with some dairy then. But if I love my meat and eat a lot of it, I don’t need much else (maybe 1-2 eggs) as I get my nutrients, satiation and satisfaction.

We ate 70 eggs per week with my SO but I must admit it was mostly me :smiley: It’s less now.
Oh if you write such comments about pork, I will love them so much :smiley: It’s way above my skill but I am very happy with fried or roasted pork, I just toss my meat into a pan or oven pan with some salt and it just gets great :wink:
I have a pork hock now though and apparently everyone and their mother boils it for 1.5-2 hours before roasting here… We have a very common recipe for this cut and most people use that. It will be my first fresh pork hock, oh my, I hope it will be really good!

Oh my, you can make tempting photos too. That. Yolk. :heart_eyes:

(Karen) #12

Missed a few days so pics over those days coming up…

Lots of pork chops, steaks eggs and tuna… oh and cheese! Dancing today, great afternoon but took 2& 1/4 hours to get home as there had been an accident on the main road… hate that road. Dancing again tomorror night … another long drive!

(Robin) #13

And a lovely first photo it is!

(Bean) #14

Busy as always… but I wanted to drop in and say… turns out I can order chicken skin in bulk from the food service vendor my hubby’s work uses. Rendered out it’s much better than pork rinds. Yum.

I’ll post a picture when I can. Right now the college kids here for quarter break eat them as fast as I make them.

(Geoffrey) #15

Goals this month is to just…

I will continue doing what I did last month and that was to get back closer to pure carnivore. I’ve cut out the yogurt and have greatly reduced the cheese and stopped using any seasoning except for salt. So a little bit of cheese once in awhile and my one cup of bulletproof tea are my only vises left.
I’ve also gone back to OMAD. I was doing 2MAD last month but I wasn’t feeling as good as when I was on OMAD.
Today was a bison ribeye and homegrown egg day.


What I am doing fabulously despite everything (weekend, Alvaro cooking two of my biggest old favs): carnivore.
What I don’t: timing. (But I have no regrets.) Yesterday wasn’t great either regarding IF, I had 3 dinners… I blame my early first meal (at 3pm so it could have been fine but it wasn’t).

I wasn’t hungry at 12:30 when Alvaro sat down to eating after hours of cooking outside and inside too. There was some drizzle after not dry days but I could make a decent fire eventually. Quickly enough but last time it was SUPER quick and easy as the dry stuff was very cooperative.
I just went downstairs because I remembered I wanted to carve up the smoked pork ribs I forgot for a week and it’s hypermarket stuff so who knows how long it lasts… And anyway, I had immediate plans with the bones. It changed, whatever, that’s why I went down, I like to join Alvaro at the kitchen table anyway.
Of course no one can expect me not to taste the smoked pork ribs - they weren’t as good as the smoked meat from the Farmer’s market, there is a reason I buy such meat there or from the pig farm. For smoked pork hock, sausage and pork belly, supermarkets are fine but not for some nice raw piece of meat. Oh well, it was cheap and I tried it and it’s still not bad at all just not a bliss. The ingredients list is perfect, at least.
The fatty, salty smoked pork is a bit much alone after a while but we had freshly cooked, still warm hard-boiled eggs! The only version of hard-boiled eggs I love (I eat them anyway, useful, okay food… but I am not a big fan)… I had some. And the very well cooked smoked pork hock is the best when it’s freshly made too (it’s awesome cold too but I still appreciate the difference) so I tasted it a bit. I am very satiated now and the other food had zero chance to even theoretically tempt me :smiley:
I usually have good meals but this was something really special. I had my own smoked hock piece to balance out that Alvaro only eats the pure meat and I end up with too much fat and all the skin (that I use in future projects. it’s tender enough to eat but it works better in meatballs).

I cooked my raw pork hock for 1.5 hours, tomorrow will be the roasting! I have enough food to eat today.

My first 2 days weren’t fully carnivore (not even in my indulgent eyes) due to 125g goose liver pâté, sometimes I can’t resist as I can’t make nice and smooth pâté yet and it has some goose liver anyway. It was good on sponge cake.

I run out of coffee. So hopefully it will be better from now on. I mean, quitting coffee will be more successful, I probably will miss my usual coffee a tiny bit here and there but it’s not like I liked it in the last month so much… So it’s stupid and I need to stop. I doubt I will have a headache, I don’t have in that relationship with caffeine, it does nothing to me whatsoever as far as I know. And I quit coffee for days before.

I am quite fine with my minimal dairy consumption but it won’t be this wonderful all month I am sure… :smiley: No problem, actually, I need some decent amount on leaner pork days. For fat and for joy. Lean pork is nice when I am in the mood for it but not nearly as nice as fatty pork.
I do try to have lean AND fatty meat days instead of too dairy filled ones… But sometimes I want some generous amount of dairy too.

I wish for a sunny day already. We had 3(?) gloomy days already and even rain.

Lucky. My eating speed/making speed ratio for chicken skin is ridiculously high. How do you make them? It takes so much time and I usually only have so little so I always wonder if it’s worth it… But I love it.

Of course no food photos from me folks, you know, the lens problems and there is no proper light now either. I may try something if my roasted pork hock turns out good looking.
Or if I will be mean, I will just make whatever photos I can with whatever I can :smiley: But you saw my food before, why bother unless I have something special, unusual, new? I love looking at other people’s similar food for the 100th time but they look good in the photos… And I don’t need to work extra for them.


End of February flower shots, I just went out from the house for a few mins when we still had sunshine :smiley:
This postcard thing is tiresome but how nice to look at in the end, lovely lil flowers :smiley:

Alvaro had dinner. I was already peckish (as I ate so early. I am usually not hungry at dinnertime when my lunchtime is late, Alvaro has no such problems. He eats at 3pm and he is hungry again at 5-6pm… While his breakfast at 6am lasts 5-8 hours! I have a way more uniform time between meals) but nothing a little smoked pork ribs and boiled eggs couldn’t solve :wink: After I finished my leftover sponge cakes and quiche buns. So I had a fatty meaty lunch (not very big but dense so I haven’t the vaguest idea about the macros) and a small dinner. It was nice.
Still lowish dairy but I did have some items. (Will I ever get bored of sour cream? Highly unlikely. It’s just that wonderful.)

(E P) #18

@beannoise chicken skins?? Oh my goodness I must ask around - those are my favorite. Air fried!
@Shinita what are these sponge cakes?? Please share?
@Geezy56 where do you find bison?

This morning I followed this tutorial and cut up a beef shoulder from Sam’s Club into steaks. At $5 a lb and no waste because I would never trim the fat and I can make the cuts as thick as I like…win win.

Grilled the first steak from that and smoked some chicken quarters (75 cents a lb) and beef patties for the kids…meal prepping ahead for the week. Also, in the back, a rack of ribs to finish slow-cooking in foil in the oven during church tomorrow :slight_smile: When our boys get to be teenagers, I reckon we will need a bigger grill/smoker!

Something about steak hits different than the same amount of ground beef. Anyone else feel this way?


@E_P: I see the yolky pic wasn’t a fluke, you make lovely photos of lovely food…
Oh my sponge cakes are simple. Normal sponge cakes minus everything not egg :slight_smile: So I whip the egg whites and mix them with the whipped yolks. And bake them. I had fluffiness problems quite often, it is better now. Time is key, preheated oven is probably good (I rarely used preheated oven for anything but lately I changed my ways. my mini oven gets hot in minutes anyway) and I leave the liquid bottom of the mix in the bowl as I really dislike when the bottom becomes some normal cooked egg instead the lovely airy fluffiness I want (that part can be fried, maybe I add another egg, I always can eat some scrambled eggs… but if it’s little, I just have 1-2 crustless quiche buns with my fluffy sponge cake ones). I use a muffin mold and I get 12 lovely buns to use. The sponge cake ones make good sandwiches but sometimes I just eat them with a very rich, fatty, maybe a bit too salty food. As I always eat it with something and that is usually quite salty (like smoked ham and cream cheese, oh that is nice…), I don’t put any salt into my sponge cake.
And I had to figure it out myself, no one told me sponge cakes are fine savory (well mine are neutral but I eat them as normal food, not dessert) and without flour… I don’t even remember how it started, it was long ago and I bake a batch or 2 or 3 every week since. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, my SO never touched them. But he is a high-carber and eats the inferior eggless dense brown bread I bake for him. Very nearly everything is better with eggs (usually just yolks work too or even better) if you ask me.

And if I am at my simple things… I almost never bake pancakes anymore but I was a huge fan and regarding them, I am lucky as I am a Hungarian and we have very thin ones, we fill and usually roll them up. My batter is egg and sour cream or mascarpone well mixed, fried in some fat. Quite good (for me), way better than the flour tasting things most people make. Even my SO loves them with only 1/20th of the “normal” flour amount. Mom always made eggy ones. I just went a bit further :smiley: But I tried hundreds of various recipes on low-carb/keto, I was very determined. And then, on carnivore where the many options didn’t bother me, I wondered what if I just don’t use ANY dry ingredients…? But it can’t be an omelet… Dairy was needed to make it different. So my recipe was born.
And it’s good, I just never was into savory pancakes. Only a non-carni one. And cheese works but I eat little cheese and in simpler dishes. (On carnivore, my sponge cake and pancake is moderately complicated. Simple is eating a slice of cheese. Or nuke it for a bit to make a cheese whisp.) There is a Hungarian pancake that uses stew (originally veal stew) with sour cream on top but I need to make a stew first and when I have stew, I don’t need pancakes… I can fill them with deviled egg filling I suppose but that’s is a kind of spread and I usually use my sponge cakes for those.

I ate about 3 dinners again. Satiation didn’t come easy. Or I got satiated but lost it again. It’s possible I ate too fatty and that’s why, maybe my protein wasn’t high enough. Or the big eating window. Or the very nice, enjoyable food… :slight_smile: I forgot about the soup and the little pork chuck in it and grabbed some fried pork and sausage from the freezer. I am borderline satiated now.

Tomorrow will be good eating again and I roast my first pork hock!!!

(Geoffrey) #20

While I have owned some in the past but I get this from my sister in law’s restaurant. I help her out by being her butcher. So I cut her ribeyes both bison and beef. As my reward I get a free ribeye meal and I get to keep the end caps of the rib roasts and the fat trimmings. It’s a good trade.
My SIL gets her bison rib roasts from some exotic meat producer in Dallas but I’m sure if you look online you could order some.
I don’t know where you are located but here out Wallmart sometimes carries bison and Central Market does as well.