Four Corners Australia - Tipping the Scales

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Not specifically about keto, rather it’s about the sugar food industry epidemic.
Interviews with Gary Fettke and Robert Lustig
Full transcript of the episode is available on the website below.

From the episode description:
Today, 60% of Australian adults are classified as overweight or obese. By 2025 that figure is expected to rise to 80%.

Many point the finger at sugar - which we’re consuming in enormous amounts - and the food and drink industry that makes and sells the products fuelled by it.

Despite doctors’ calls for urgent action, there’s been fierce resistance by the industry to measures aimed at changing what we eat and drink, like the proposed introduction of a sugar tax.

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They should have put more of the good doctors into the show, and cut down on sugar . . . executives, I mean! :bacon:

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Those executives looked and sounded almost delusional to me…maybe they were left in the show on purpose…