Found my slippery slope and went nuts

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Well here’s the deal, in order to tolerate the veggies I either cook them to oblivion, so what’s the point… or I chew them them until they are mush and drown them in water. Again, not very satisfying.

I’ve only added a few things in an attempt to stop the tide of my cognitive decline.

I backed off the veggies again and nuts are off the table now. So the only new additions I am sticking with is fish oil supplement and coconut oil in my coffees.

Carnivore is still my happy place. Thanks for your reply.


Lol, exactly. Can certainly control it - just like I controlled it the last time :sweat_smile:


Hi Robin, do you know what could be causing your cognitive decline? God knows I myself feel I’m on a downward slope of cognition due to my Tamoxifen most likely. But lots of things can affect one there like too little sleep, and stress, for example. Or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Fish oil is a good thing to implement. I’m still trying to figure out which supplements I should implement, and what dosages. Currently, I am thinking of replacing the ultra-processed heavy whipping cream with raw milk, as I believe my body doesn’t tolerate pasteurised dairy all that well. But I will wait a few days as have an upcoming medical procedure and will be focusing on healing from that first. But I’ve read wonderful, promising things about raw milk. It seems I misunderstood about the vegetables, if your body doesn’t tolerate them then there is certainly no reason to eat them.


Wait, what??? This exists? :rofl: I am not sure whether to be happy about this…or whether I should be concerned I may need a device made for cats that can’t control themselves :joy:

Either way, I’m up for the Kraft pitch. It will sell if we can make it tamper proof!


I personally don’t know what a prybar is :eyes:

…but if a friend were to own a prybar & has one of the cat devices earlier mentioned - how would said friend go by using said prybar to open said cat device. Asking for a friend for a totally unrelated matter :laughing:

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I could not tolerate tamoxifen because it brought on brain fog. Same for statins. But in all honesty my focus/memory/attention has always been my weakest link. Many drugs exacerbated it.

We believe this last assault came post-covid. There has been visible decline in my last MRI, compared to a year go. So… covid may have set it in motion but there is a possibility it will settle. Or not.

My kids say this has been my trajectory for years. I have found ways to deal with it and I’m working hard on keeping my lovely brain strong. I’m an optimist by nature, so I can handle a few glitches and still be incredibly happy. Life is good.

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I believe your anonymous friend is probably a cat.


Normally I can eat a bit (100 kcal per bag is actually a bit too much for me…) BUT if I fancy the stuff, yeah, it could happen. But an opened bag/package is VERY different from a closed one for me. I just have the situation when a portion of food triggers a too big desire for more and if I know where I can find more, I eat more… So it depends on the person and the situation if it could help.

I dislike extra package so I wouldn’t buy such a thing, I could put it into boxes or whatever myself, that works almost as well for me (if I even hide it. hiding from myself isn’t nearly as good but something, works when I am not very triggered).

But then I MUST eat that 30g in every 7 days and lose even the slim chance to do carnivore for a whole week … Okay, it’s my personal problem :smiley:
And it would horribly annoy me that I have food and I don’t have full access over it… I like to feel free.

We often have 3-5kg peanuts in the house (with one big transparent jarful in an open shelf of the kitchen. I am almost always in or near the kitchen and I am food addicted with extra love towards peanuts), I have way more walnuts (okay, most of them in their shell but I break them regularly), almonds, cashew and now pecans too… I had to learn to moderate myself. Peanuts didn’t go that well so I need carnivore to be safe… But I never ate up a whole bag. That’s 500g, wouldn’t have been nice. My SO uses them as a meal. He is vain and good at moderation, apparently. He eats like 110g now? He had 250g portions in the past but it was fine as he needed his calories and he isn’t like me, his body never complains and it even satiates him. It’s stupid, enjoyable snack to me, not proper food and definitely not a meal.

But we don’t need it in some cases… There is a too big amount for everything but we just can’t overeat some things… Or not alone. I mean, if I have a big enough variety and a big enough eating window, I tend to overeat but I just use a few rules, a more limited selection and it won’t happen. (How I enforce my own rules, that’s another question. I am willing but sometimes I change into another person who doesn’t respect the original person’s rules… Sigh.)

I couldn’t eat that much cashew, 10g would be a stretch. It’s too sweet and too soft. I prefer the salty crunch of the amazing (and even cheap!) peanuts… But my body decided it’s not for it. It’s the only low-carb item where I have this, why? Oh well, it’s too fatty so it’s good I have a reason and way to stay away from this super tasty snack… (Or I can eat one, I have the taste joy and then go for cheese whisps to get crunch, I need a bigger amount of that…)

I overate cauliflower on keto so had to ban it except in soups… But that’s me. I loved my cauliflower.

I COULDN’T and didn’t want to avoid peanuts until carnivore. It would have been some sacrilegious idea… :scream: Taking my precious lovely tasty crunchy peanuts from me… But I couldn’t do it anyway, not even when I knew it was a bad idea at 2am… (But 9pm is bad enough. I become a different person when I start to eat late, outside of my natural eating window. Lots of peanut eating happened there. Chocolate too. And worse…)

We should figure out when we are in the biggest danger and if we can put steps against it, we should. Eating enough proper food during the day is quite important for me.


I believe in optimism and the power of it similar to faith. When we waste energy feeling negative emotions, like anger over our conditions, or fear over our conditions worsening, we effectively are making our bodies sicker, halting the healing. In an ideal world we’d all be medicin, side-effect, illness and symptom-free, and our only medicin required would be in our food. But we don’t live in the garden of Eve, and nothing’s perfect. So we do our best, and besides living and eating in a way that nourishes soul and body, optimism is our friend that gets us through the day, living day to day, moment to moment, and seeing something good or even wonderful in every moment.

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Yes, it’s often the little things that bring us joy. Like this little old man dog beside me.


Aw, so adorable.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I get it. I can’t have nuts in the house for that reason. There’s no moderation, I love them so much. It’s bad enough that I am eating the peanuts out of the bird food every time I fill the feeder.

PS, I hate fish, too!

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Robin, I admire your positive outlook with the cognitive decline. I am facing some genetic challenges as both my parents have/had Alzheimer’s, as well as my maternal grandfather. I feel like I could easily spiral into a what’s the point type of mindset if I convinced myself that there was really nothing I could do to stop it. And there may well not be anything I can really do. My mother in particular exercised regularly all the way into her mid 70s, and for many years, ate many of the recommended foods like salmon and healthy greens, etc. But, then I remembered that she had a fairly large sweet tooth, and could never quite kick the sweets out of her diet.

I have some guarded hope that staying on this WOE into my later years, and combining that with regular exercise will be the best hedge that is within my control. But, it’s a scary prospect nonetheless.

I like your attitude about handling the glitches and still being incredibly happy. I recently had to put my mother in a Memory Care facility, and although I mourn the person I’ve lost, I also appreciate the relationship I have with this new person, you know? On her good days, she smiles and makes jokes and is sassy. She’s fun to be around. Small moments, man, that’s what life is really about.

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What an angel. :sob::innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Adorable dog with gorgeous eyes in a great photo. Wow. If I could make a shot anywhere near that level about my cats… It’s a very good portrait.

Wait, once I was lucky with lights and the cat stayed put for a while…
The eyes are still not properly lit but at least Tofu striked a pose :wink:

4 cats with very different personalities make a difference when you are at home and barely see 1-2 persons a day and don’t talk to any of them except one. All of them are very ready to purr, even the most reserved one.


Perhapsibbly :sweat_smile:

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Sisters, I am telling you!

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Nuts are my weakness too!! I don’t buy nuts, usually it’s my wife buying nuts and put them at home, but every time I started on nuts, I couldn’t stop myself until eating all of them in a bag… But as I know, nuts are good fat source for a ketoer, so I didn’t keep it in mind.

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I eat nuts daily. Mostly walnuts, almonds, and pecans.

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Same here. I’ve been so good with time restricted eating/healthy foods & then had a small handful of nuts which turned a snack I didn’t need into way a meal’s worth of food. Learning to stay away from nuts.