Found my slippery slope and went nuts

(Robin) #1

So, still dealing with some “cognitive issues”. After some research, I began fish oil supplements (I hate fish) and added MCT to my coffees. (yum) I also added a small amount of veggies.
So far, so good… then I thought, “hey, maybe a few nuts”!

I went to a local roaster and bought almonds, walnuts, and macadamias.
And then I lost my mind completely.

Ate so many at each setting that I had terrible stomach cramps, unpleasant bathroom experiences, and yet… kept believing I could have just a few. Then making myself sick.

I had to literally throw them in the trash and cover them with old coffee grounds! Should have given them away but I needed to experience obliterating them.

Salty, crunchy was always my kryptonite.
And if I am ever tempted to boast about mastering my cravings again, somebody needs to smack me up side the head!

(Chuck) #2

That is unfortunate I wish my weakness was nuts. My weakness is sugar, donuts, chocolate chip cookies etc. Sure I have to watch how many nuts I eat but I eat my share of them. I love fish, fresh caught, salmon, tuna, and sardines. I also love bread and desserts I have to totally stay away from anything with wheat and oats, and sugar.


@robintemplin, ahhh feel your pain. I am you without a doubt. I walked that issue also. been there done that and all we can do is learn.

ohmygosh the biggest issue I had was ‘what can I add back I love and adore’ and in the end, hey I ended up zc and that shows ya how my journey went down also :wink:

You tried. You saw. You get it again. I know when we 'are in our ‘great phase’ we also have that nag to ‘try to go back’ to ?? and it is hit or miss. Big miss for ya. I get it R big time on this one.

hey, before ya ‘add back’ or eat it, come and post ya wanna eat it and then we can verbally smack ya around and bring up this post you made and show you don’t do it maybe…if I was near ya I would smack ya physically, and I would hope you would smack me too when I wanna try this nightmare walk again also LOL

(Edith) #4

Yeah, I have to stick to pork rinds for my salty and crunchy. Anything else salty and crunchy ends up becoming the equivalent of having a meal instead of a snack.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

This changes over time. My carb of choice used to be glazed doughnuts, but now I’m not even interested anymore. And when I started keto I’d buy a pound of salted almonds and eat most of them in one sitting. Now I have a bag that’s no more than half empty, and I’ve had it for a week and a half, at least. I eventually switched to pork rinds, and would eat them the way I used to eat a bag of popcorn, but lately I’ve been taking my time finishing them, too.

There’s a local whole food store that lets you grind your own almonds and peanuts, and I find it easier to go through a tub of ground nuts than to chew a bunch of whole ones. But even there, I find I’m just not finishing the container as fast as I used to. I’ve had to stop eating peanuts and peanut butter, because I don’t like what they do to my digestion (almonds seem to be okay). Cashews, too; plus, I recently had an improperly treated batch and discovered that they contain the same chemical (urushiol) as poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak. That was not a pleasant experience, oy!

(Chuck) #6

I get my nuts in season locally when possible the same with the fruit that I allow myself to eat. I love pig skins, and have even found a local farmer that sells them fresh when the farm have pigs to harvest. I am falling back to the way I was raised as much as possible.

(Bob M) #7

For me, nuts are evil. I stopped eating them – by themselves --years ago, because I could eat most or all of a bag of them. I can have them added to something, though, like a salad. We do keep some around for that (but they also go bad – the oils get rancid after a while).

(KM) #8

Well, nuts to that experiment, then! :grin:

I just bought about five pounds of macadamias, pistachios, almonds and cashews. I don’t even know why; the siren song of grocery shopping and finding something that’s delicious, not entirely out of my price range, and a whole food without added ingredients, peculiar seed oils or mega carbs, I guess. But WHY, Kib, WHY? I’m just like you, that “occasional quarter cup of nuts” is going to turn into a cereal bowl-full, eaten one modest handful after another. I know I should give them away, but … but …

(Robin) #9

Yes! I even had a 1/4 cup scoop for just that purpose. Bwahaha.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(KM) #10

Maybe we should start a thread, “what did you throw away today”. Haha. I did manage to stick 2 pounds of chocolate covered almond toffee that’s been lurking in my freezer into the compost bin.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Repeat after me: I can eat just one . . . I can eat just one . . . one five-pound bag! :grin:

(Chuck) #12

We are all individuals with little devils setting on our shoulders whispering in our ears telling us we can eat this or that or that we can have just one more. Discipline is when we finally learn we can stop listening to that demon voice in our ears. Maybe it was the fact I was raised by a disciplinarian father, grandfather and great grandfather not to mention aunts and uncles, but that was a different time in history we just came out of WW2 and the Korean War, my dad was in WW2 most of my uncles were too. The women of the family kept the farm alive while their men was off fighting. I went in the Navy and spent 8 years getting the discipline reenforced.
I can be very undisciplined at times but when the need is there I am as disciplined as I need to be.
I have the need to be very disciplined now because I have tasted the freedom of no prescription medication and I don’t want to be a slave to medicine again.

(KM) #13

For me it’s as Robin said, the slippery slope. There’s nothing undisciplined about having a small handful of nuts if I’m doing my keto well and I’m hungry between meals. I’m very disciplined … one handful at a time! But somehow my brain spins it around: “I was hungry and well, two minutes later I’m still hungry. I was eating to satiety … I’m obviously not sated, so I will scientifically take a second handful.” My mitochondria and fat cells are very scientific in their argument! :roll_eyes:


Ditto here as well. Friday night potato chip binge. I still eat potato chips but only once every couple of weeks. I buy the smallest bag possible from the dollar store. I never buy the big bag now as I am not sure if I could stop once opened.


Oh. But hopefully your learned your lesson.
A bit sad as roasted salted nuts are awesome :smiley: We have various ones at home and I am perfectly safe from all except peanuts but as my default woe is carnivore, I only eat some on my off times and even then, not so much, I learned to eat only a bit. I am good with training regarding many things.
And I fail epically at others but I just don’t go near them (but eventually I may lose the temptation, it happened with dried dates, I don’t feel the compulsion to eat 500g of it anymore :D).

What I can go still crazy (but it doesn’t happen each and every time)? Bread I suppose. Special bread at special times, I don’t like just any bread I make that much, ever. So I need to make it specifically for myself and I need to start hours before eating it… So I can’t do it impulsively :slight_smile: Safe enough.

Oh I forgot about my darling fruits. I can go pretty wild with them :slight_smile: But my amounts are still not really extreme and they are fruits, no way I ever can consider them bad just because they are basically sugary water to me (the part that doesn’t enjoy their wonderfulness. if it’s a very good piece at the right time, it’s the tastiest thing I can imagine, tied with good pork. normally pork beats everything else).
I went wild every time with watermelon but it’s not a really tasty thing and I just dropped it. If I feel nostalgic, I eat 2-3 kg (it’s the minimum amount I can do a day, 1000g at a time) but I prefer the other melons.

Of course I started to talk about carby things… It’s nice to talk about them. It replaces eating them, both gives me joy but eating them excessively may bring a tiny amount of negative feelings as well.

Maybe I don’t have this thing with nuts because I used to eat 150g oily seeds every day on low-carb, for quite several years I think… I ate almost enough for a life :smiley: Just like I ate enough cake for a lifetime especially on keto. I don’t want them anymore.
But my taste changed a tiny bit as well and I am well-trained regarding amounts of many non-ideal items.

I have many kilograms of wallnuts in their shell. Most of them are pretty good after 2 years. It’s my favorite (I thought it’s pecan as I ate it once and it was similar but even better but we bought a bag lately and it tastes exactly like walnut so it’s a waste on me, I let my SO eat them all, it suits his diet way better anyway :wink: not like I gave up walnuts, they are amazing. I just super rarely eat them as they are not carnivore). But I can’t just eat it as snack, I never did that. Okay, a tiny bit when cracking it. I always put it into desserts especially pancakes. And that is a tiny amount per year, good thing my other family members use it up.
I ONLY could eat a lot of peanuts. Like 100g-120g so not really much (it was minutes but my body complained at that point so I stopped). Self-training failed (I probably didn’t really tried as I loved the thing) but carnivore solved it, even for my off times, I never ever went that far again, not even when I didn’t care and was hungry (not like it helps with hunger, mind you. nuts never were particularly good for that but when I am still hungry but ate enough, it can help a bit while I am waiting for satiation…).

I need my different textures especially crunchy. Salted, well roasted peanuts have an extremely good taste on top (I don’t touch them not roasted, not salted, ew), no wonder it took the tiny miracle of carnivore to get better. I was really addicted, I ate them every day and sometimes barely could stop… We always have a jarful of peanuts in the kitchen. And 1-2 jars of chocolate, well that’s another very long story… But if I see something all the time especially if I can eat it whenever, they usually lose something of their charm (or at least the “needed” amount). Not peanuts, they stayed strong until carnivore. It turned out I had to go cold turkey for extended amounts of time (it was no effort, I didn’t miss them, interestingly) to lose most of the interest. But I couldn’t do that without carnivore. I just couldn’t resist.
I still find the taste and crunch amazing, I just don’t need it so I don’t get tempted on carnivore. Sometimes I smell the jar, it’s the best part of the whole experience (and the crunch but I eat copious amounts of cheese whisps and those are even better at it!).

I must mention I am very much able to eat 0.1g peanut at a time :slight_smile: I rarely do that, the smell is enough but sometimes I want more. My big portion is 10g. But it’s usually zero. Zero and a little is similarly easy but zero feels better, cleaner and stuff. I need training for that, I am not good at doing things 100% and it’s FINE but the tiny extras should be desired or unavoidable, accidental things, not eating half a peanut I don’t even need! If I justify such an unnecessary things, I never will stick to carnivore(-ish) for 2 whole weeks again… And I am curious.

Slippery slopes are tricky. I KNOW I can add a tiny extra and feel better, more free. I just don’t always know where is my limit. A very tiny is always okay. Or accidentally licking the spoon (well no, I don’t throw out food, it must be licked! unless it’s the huge spoon from the chocolate jar but I can get it off properly and only lick the negligible amount… or not even that. my SO will lick it later, it’s his chocolate anyway… but I got carried away). But I had times when I got bolder and add more and more tiny things and I couldn’t stop in time… I think I got better at that. If I go off, that’s bold and not tiny from the start, usually. And I do those things more consciously so it won’t happen on a normal Tuesday early afternoon… That would be annoying. (Bad things may happen at late evening though so I pretty much do my best not to eat late especially in my less determined times.)

I would think it may mean nuts are not so good at satiating… But maybe they do satiate you. It just depends on what you think when not hungry. Are 2 handfuls fine AND it usually helps with your hunger? Because if it’s fine, go ahead, no problem. But if you know you shouldn’t eat that much, use some better food. And if you are hungry and you already maxed out your most tolerant macros, well, I can’t tell what you should do, I eat then, my macros be damned. Maybe I get some fun new ones… But I focus on my most satiating items at least. Or cheap ones if I feel particularly bad about my food cost.

Someone should stop me but only I have that power… Fortunately I reacted to everything I wanted.

(Robin) #16

I was raised without discipline or rules. “Cause & Effect” was my dad’s mantra. Try it and find out.
I have zero natural willpower… so I have to enforce 100% absolute willpower and discipline and be very aware of hard lines drawn in the sand. Mine are drawn in quick-dry cement. As a former addict I KNOW where the lines are and I respect them.

I have been very vocal and boastful about my strict boundaries.
Thank god there were no smokes or booze nearby. You’d all be wondering where I disappeared to. So would I.

So yeah… this was a wake up call. I need to get knocked off my high horse every so often. Pride comets before the plummet.

(Doug) #17

:slightly_smiling_face: Day by day, Robin, and sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves.

The refrigerator. I’m working on this house, and I’m the only one here. I drink tap water - the botted water is for anybody who might come by. So, eggs and beef, currently, and peppers for some variety, and I usually have cheese. There is nothing else to eat or drink in this house; I have to drive somewhere and buy it if I want anything more. This works for me.

(Robin) #18

You are spot on! And lucky to be able to have complete control over your available food. My husband uses 100% of the pantry and it’s all junk. But he likes sweets so I am not tempted.

I landed quite firmly back in my zone after that nutty episode. It only lasted 3 days… but hoo boy. Karma.

(Chuck) #19

But as a male that lived so long, 12+ years on a very low calorie diet, to now understand that if I eat the correct food I can almost eat unlimited amounts is like opening the barn door. I am literally eating almost 50% more calories each day and still losing weight, be it slowly. I am also seeing what was my barrow belly slipping away to something more like a flat wall. And I haven’t had a flat belly since entering Navy Boot Camp. I am not there yet but I see changes almost every day now. And just the freedom of not have to remember to take my medication is such a blessing.


I can relate. I can’t buy packs of nuts and just keep them at home with the assumption that I’ll only eat moderately once in a while. I already know that won’t happen so if I want nuts, I try to buy just one 30-50g pack.

I remember I once bought a 150g pack of Brazil nuts because “Eating two a day is a healthier alternative to get my selenium rather than using supplements”. I ate only two the first two days - then I ate the whole bag the next 2 days after that :sweat_smile: Back to selenium supplements I went.