Found my slippery slope and went nuts

(Robin) #21

Yes, we are of the same tribe!

(Doug) #22

Yes, for some of us that doesn’t always work out… :smile:

A pack of nuts for me stays open until just a little while later, when it’s empty and in the trash can.

(Jennifer M Worth) #23

I heard Brazil nuts are really low in carbs

(Chuck) #24

High fat low carb


@JDub Yup. The whole 150g bag had like 8g carbs or something.

For me the carbs are not the issue though. I eat a very low omega-6 diet and consumption of nuts (apart from macadamia nuts) really messes that up.


Nice to see I’m not the only one that has to get crazy to protect me from myself :rofl:

Garbage disposal is always a fav!

(Robin) #27

I have dug through trash before to rescue my various vices. Not sure my disposal would have handled all those nuts…. But I like the idea!


I’m not a coffee drinker so no coffee grounds to use as a cover up, what I always did was run everything under water. Worked for me. I sacrificed a few items that I had in the house for the ‘carby eating family’ people to the water gods definitely or I was gonna inhale them down. I think back on doing that and it kept me from eating it for sure but it was also a very sad time that I had to do it too ya know. I am glad I am over that stage of my journey. Wild actions alot of us have to take tho :slight_smile:


I never throw out edible food so I rather would grow some self restraint regarding food and I do my best to avoid that, against my principles :slight_smile: But just a bit while throwing out food is a huge sin to me…

But thankfully I have someone to eat up almost anything I don’t want. I need to be careful with impulses to buy questionable things only I am willing to eat… I rather shouldn’t do it. Questionable means here non-ideal, not carnivore, not things I gladly and happily will eat even if my sudden desire passes.

I UNDERSTAND eating the wrong food is kind of wasteful too, I don’t judge people throwing out stuff with a good reason, I just can’t bring myself to do the same. My body is resilient, I can handle things and learn from it.
And nuts are okay food anyway. For me.

But I have methods anyway. Just because I am epically undisciplined especially on some unusual days, I can respect some barriers. It’s amazing what putting something in a box, ideally in the freezer can do in my case. Coffee is the thing where only giving it to my SO to hide it from me works.

And I know which items I just shouldn’t keep in the house, no matter how sure I am in myself (it’s completely unbased, I am just too naively optimistic sometimes, I can’t grow out of it though eventually, in the most garingly obvious cases I may learn).

(Pete A) #30

This allows me to eat nuts and it took awhile to appreciate the small portion. But it helped me control the portion.

You live you Learn!


you lucky. for me I would just rip open the next little bag and then the next til the box was empty of little portion controlled bags :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

glad ya hit something like this in small sizes that suits your menu well. I think when we do find ways to make it work for us we are such winners in the crazy journey of eating lifestyle change!


Yeah…so…I’d just open the next pack/bag :sweat_smile:

The only thing that could ever work for me with nuts is maybe a timed dispenser. You know, one that dispenses maybe 30g every 7 days. It must also be a tamper proof device - because where there is a will, there is a way :rofl:

Only half kidding of course but seriously cannot keep packs of nuts in the house. Just a single serving, max.


if you are like me you would break that sucker open and then ‘buy a new one later’ cause you now ‘feel’ like you might be able to control it, just to get a fix on ALL the nuts in that dispenser HAHA

loved your post :100::crazy_face:

I don’t even believe when I look back on what ‘insanity’ I did to get my fixes satisfied…omgosh the crazy of it all I walked, :scream_cat:

(KM) #34

We have one of those for the cats! You could probably make a fortune marketing this as a diet device … anyone up for a commercial venture we can sell to Kraft when it’s all over???

(Robin) #35

Thanks Pete, I looked at those after my fiasco. Seriously considered it.
Then thought, “who am I kidding?”

That would be like having a shot glass next to a bottle of scotch.
I can have just one of most things, but nuts… nope.

(Robin) #36

You’re not just half kidding! You own a pry bar, right?! :thinking:

(Pete A) #37

I think portion control is important with everything. And for what it’s worth, I eat one of these with other things i.e. berries, cheese, salad… It’s enough.

I tried the 100 calories cashews but that didn’t work. I prefer a pound of those haha

(Robin) #38

Yeah, we’ve each got our kryptonite. I would add Lays Original Potato Chips to that category.

I also realize I lost the battle when I took the whole container with me to Graze while reading. Huge tactical error!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #39

Hey! Even if it’s a whole crate, it’s “just one” crate, right? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi Robin. It seems you were able to tolerate those vegetables in small quantities? But that is still a big change from your carnivore WOE, so would just keep to them for now. I eat almonds, about 10 in the morning, and about 5 raspberries or blueberries, as I find them beneficial. I also now eat some vegetables and 1 avocado a day as well, as it’s beneficial to my lymph. Anyway, I think, as always, eating intuitively is important. If you were fine on those vegetables, that is wonderful, a sign your biome is healing? So, as you have said you have diverticulitis, I would just keep to those changes, for now, and see how your body copes with those vegetables. I don’t see all plants as toxic, but nuts definitely can be, if overeating on them. So with certain plants they become less easy to tolerate when oveteaten. And I think a lot of people tend to overeat nuts. I couldn’t see someone overeating say, broccoli or an avocado the same way. So, if you know your trigger foods, best to avoid them for now, and keeping it cautious, but optimistic, and simple. Best of luck with the changes you’ve implemented into your WOE🙂