Found my slippery slope and went nuts


Carnivore, even a carnivore-ish PLAN (that I subtly fail with off bites here and there) is amazing.
I can eat 5g walnut like it was a proper thing to do. And I feel very rebellious and free.

And I broke a lot of walnuts. I don’t say I have self-control as I totally don’t, for eating, I mean. I just am experienced and don’t use walnuts as snacks. Maybe 1g. I ate 1g while cracking 100g. No regrets. And feeling rebellious and free.

(But I am training since 10-something years and nuts aren’t my weakness. Except peanuts in the past as I already wrote before.)

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I don’t particularly like eating as many nuts as I do but I have to. As a pescatarian I need the fat and I need the magnesium and somehow magnesium in pills or supplements does nothing for me. Something I think is very important is to make sure they are unpasteurized. Even if they say organic and raw they an still be pasteurized. I find they digest a lot better unpasteurized.

I don’t think nuts are evil as many keto dieters make them seem, they have good things in them.Portion control can be very difficult but learned over time. Make sure they are close to a meal time, before or just after.


I don’t think most people here say it’s unhealthy just that they can’t stop eating them and that can be a problem… Peanuts can be especially problematic, even I don’t feel them good in big amounts and I don’t know about any food allergy or sensitivity…

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I understand. I don’t feel good in big amounts either which is why I try to eat more avocado these days. I think there is something that leads us to the nuts. Only until you can find a food that meets the needs of what led you to the nuts will you be satisfied. Was it really just salty crunchy? If so, would a crunchy vegetable like bell pepper dipped in avocado with salt help ? Or is there a mineral or vitamin needed? (iron, magnesium, copper?) As was mentioned earlier putting them on a salad seems to help. When they are eaten with salad at meal time it’s a little bit easier somehow to stop for me. When it comes to cognitive issues I find fatty fish, b12 and omega 3 helps. Pecans are the easiest to stop and get satisfied without feeling bad to me. Walnuts next. Macadmias have more addictiveness to me, I think it may be the sucrose content and they dissolve in your mouth more than the others. (on the other hand they have less tannins and phytates which supposedly is better for digestion, I don’t know…). Walnuts are supposed to be good for the brain though.

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You could try creatine:

It could help; there are some studies indicating it helps with memory.

WARNING: I don’t recommend taking this by itself on an empty stomach. At least for me, this was up there with maltitol in causing me to go to the bathroom – many times. Taking it before eating doesn’t seem that bad, though.

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Thanks. I take that exact one. Have for almost a year now. I have periods of clarity for weeks, then back into the deep dark lost for weeks. So… I am hesitant to stop anything I am supplementing in case it’s helping me find the good times.

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I’ve also been taking it, and THINK there might be a benefit, muscle-wise. Whether that also translates to mental ability, I’m not sure.