Found a protein powder without whey

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Seems like grabbing a few bites of leftover meat from last nights dinner would be quicker and more nutritious than this stuff. Protein to fat ratio is whacked, Carb count doesn’t add up. Glad it works for you. I’ll stick to real food or just fast thanks.

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Pea Protein Powder, Chicory Root Fiber, Chia Seed, Cocoa Powder, Natural Vanilla Powder (Cane Sugar, Cornstarch, Vanilla Oleoresin), Toasted Carob Powder, Monk Fruit Extract, Probiotic (Organic Inulin, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086)

The most processed ingredient I’m seeing here would be the probiotic, everything else is fairly common and basic food procession. Oleoresin is a fancy word for vanilla extract.

People jump the processed food bandwagon a bit quick while sipping their coffee and eating their steak. Which have both been processed to some degree, I’d be more worried about a foodstuff that’s been synthesized in lab to taste like it should in nature (I’m looking at you, soy chicken nuggets)

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Can anyone explain how this post turned into an episode of Judge Judy? What’s with all the judgy people? Take the information and do what you want with it instead of climbing the bloody pedestal to stare down at us mortals.

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Soy chicken nuggets…:eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:…agree

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Hey, no offense meant. I’m genuinely curious about protein powders. My impression is that they are generally used to supplement protein, and I have trouble understanding why, and under what circumstances, people feel the need to supplement protein on a keto diet.

Before keto I was never a big breakfast eater but now that I don’t snack or eat lunch I find that I do need something in the morning. The best thing for me is a couple of coffees with HWC but I don’t have time to make coffee at home on most weekdays and the half-and-half I can manage at client locations isn’t enough to get me through the day.

I usually eat a slice of cheese and/or a handful (or couple of handfuls) of walnuts or pecans.

PS: While I’m a whole-foodsy sort of person myself, I certainly don’t think that keto is a whole foods diet. As long as you’re cutting out carbs and not overeating protein, keto don’t care where the food comes from.


You had me at “Chocolate” in the title of the product, so no judgement here. :smile:

Not only would it be a nice option for a “noatmeal” recipe, it could be for people not wanting to eat meat such a vegans or someone just wanting something different.


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I wasn’t judging you. I was simply stating my opinion of the product.

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One of my better investments was a coffee pot with a start timer. I can load it the night before. Set the start time = to my alarm time and by the time I’m up and around the coffee is brewed ready to pour in my thermos.

Another option would be to make you some frozen cubes of HWC you could carry in a container to the workplace.

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What I really want to do is get a very small version of those aluminum (or whatever-the-hell metal they are) water bottles and chill it overnight full of HWC. The fat in the cream should easily keep it fresh for the few hours I would need.

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Just thought I would share. It’s a little pricey but I’ve used it. Not no-carb but it is low-glycemic and whey free.,1476,272.aspx

They also have this too. Less protein per service but no carbs.,8770.aspx

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I have been full keto 5 months, I imagine what I see as my normal today will be vastly different than how I eat 4 years from now, even how I look at food… considering how I look at food after only 5 months is world’s away from where I started… #KCKO for sure I try not to stress over food, life as many curve balls is going to throw at me…

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THEY TASTE THE SAME. Seriously tho, that stuff frightens me a lot! Re: chicken nuggets. this forum confuses me

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vacuum insulated stainless steel.
hydroflask is the most popular (most expensive) brand and has 10-64oz
sometimes costco has 2 packs of a diff brand for the cost of one hydroflask. both brands keep hot things hot and cold things cold for hours…the hydroflask might be a little better at it.

@j.saltsea - i have protein powder with almond milk and a spoon of almond butter everyday (tastes good and solves the protein to fat…supplementing my supplementing lol)
sometimes ya just don’t have the time or desire to chew but still need your protein :slightly_smiling_face:
if you get bored of the plant proteins there’s also beef, egg, and casein powders…probably more.
i’m cheap so i stick with whey and just change flavors lol


not being judgy re: protein powder at all (I have like 3 tubs of whey in my pantry right now), but this particular product could just as easily be called CARB powder — did you read the label?
2 scoops has 20g protein … and 18g carbs???

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That’s great if it is more easily digestible, but I need to warn ketoers with insulin resistance to skip any type of whey product, as it jacks insulin very high for a sustained period of time (truly something no one wants).

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Hey kid, if this powder makes your life easier and keeps your health in check, have at it! I support you :heart:

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Awwwe @BillJay
You linked my keto free speech post.

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Stainless steel sweetheart. And I have an enormous collection of them!

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Want one that’s four or six ounces. Do they exist?

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You, my man, are going to be VERY successful with keto. :heart: