Forbidden from treating patients with Keto?!


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Your absolutely right… But it shouldn’t be. Here we have evidence, here we have no evidence. Next…

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Unfortunately, doctors have to function within the traditional box for their malpractice insurance to be viable. If the patient did not understand keto, keto “flu”, of some of the temporary problems while the body is changing from carb to keto, or if the doctor was totally ignorant of ketosis versus ketoACIDosis, as most of them are, then there is a problem. Doctors are NOT trained in nutrition or how foods affect the body. As an aside, if they are associated with a hospital, such as some of these offices which are merely an outreach of the hospital, then the problem is that they have to provide extra income for that hospital, and the patient health goes to pot. I actually had one doctor try to get me on a statin drug "because that is what will prevent cholesterol buildup and heart attacks in diabetics. As a Pharmacist, statins do NOT prevent, rather IF you are already diabetic, then it will exacerbate the diabetes, and if you are NOT diabetic, then it CAN CAUSE diabetes. That happens to be in ANY statin professional literature, at least the ones that I read. Thanks for the rant frdom a Pharmacist.

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I am an R.N. in a large, urban primary care practice. I gave a copy of The Obesity Code to one of my docs who is stuck on the old, High LDL is bad mantra. He has also seen my progress since starting Keto in May, 2019.
I’ve successfully coached one patient off of 300 units of insulin (with MD help).
Others in my practice are starting to ask me my secret to weight loss. I am trying to slowly change minds. It’s not Easy. I think results speak for themselves.

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Thank you for doing that, Annette.