For the First Time in Years


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Yowzah! Great job, girl! Very happy for you -

(Kimbrie) #22

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I am SO glad that my post made you happy. It was very clear to me after a short time reading that this was the answer I had been searching for to effect real change in my life. I am just as excited today about it as I was then, maybe more. It has felt so easy and natural to me but everyone in my life is amazed, i gave up my craft beer without a fight among other things. It hasnt felt like I gave up anything really. I have cravings and I ate an entire order of pork yakisoba over the course of a day last week, and it was delicious. Overall the weight is literally falling off me and that is great for sure. I just hope that I continue with these lifestyle changes so the weight wont come back. Best of luck to you!!!

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Thanks so much!!!

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Thank you! Best of luck!

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Thank you very much…best of luck!

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Thank you…best of luck!

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Thank you…I feel very blessed!

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I am sorry to hear you too have known the pain I have felt. At this point for me it is not really a matter of weight loss but about changing my life for the long haul. Keep your head up, watch your carbs, fast intermittently, and get some form of exercise and you will beat this!!! I promise…best of luck!! hugs


You look lovely, Kimbrie, well done you! *hugs


Rock on @Momma_Bear! :metal:

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Right back at you BIG HUGS

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Thank you Ava!

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Omg girl you are so inspiring what strength and determination. Thankyou so much for being brave and sharing your story. Love yourself :heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: keep us posted on your journey

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What a great post!

I can relate to so much of what you posted.

I remember many, many nights laying in bed and feeling weird stuff going on in my chest and thinking that this might be my last night. There was no solution or hope in sight for me, so I’d just sleep and hope I woke up the next morning. At my lowest point (and highest weight) last February, I let go and prayed to God and my guardian angel to please show me something. This time was different; I don’t remember ever being so broken - and I found keto immediately after that. What a miracle.


You look sooo young now. I am soooo happy for you.



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Well it is who should thank you all for listening to me go on and on about myself…all while offering so much support, encouragement, and most of all :heart::heart::heart:


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Ginger, I am so HAPPY you changed your life also. I swear I would shout keto is king from the mountaintops as I really feel anyone who is not on board is missing out on all the great changes and self improvement I have experienced since it literally fell into my lap. So many people have an immediate negative reaction, like I am the one still living in the house that insanity and modern day processed food companies built. But you know I was at one point a naysayer as well. I didnt think there was a snowball covered pig flying in hell’s chance that I would ever have the self discipline to give up carbs and my much coveted daily 150g carb slam of tasty craft beer…I am not exaggerating when I say, it was and for the most part has been one of the easiest and most instantly gratifying things in my life. I was so tired of living in that body, I had given up so completely I even stopped brushing my hair or any other form of self care. The clincher at first for me was the insanely rapid weight loss, but honestly now the weight isnt a driving factor as I now it will just keep falling off…now I am focused on the lifestyle changes. 41 years I longed to be this person but it seemed truly impossible for someone like me. I just could never Express how truly lucky I am to have made such a drastic transition as easily as I did. If I knew the magic formula for my success I would write a book and give it away to everyone free, as why would I not want everyone to have such a profound experience. Best of luck, thank you for taking the time to reply. :grin:

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Yes as part of the new and improved me, not only do I shower regularly and change my clothes more than once a week, I have once again started my much beloved skin care regiment that somewhere stopped being something I enjoyed but just another reason I had to look in that gosh darn mirror who refused to lie to me in the slightest. I was SHOCKED and horrified when I saw this before picture. It immediately made me feel how that poor creature felt. Words cannot accurately describe it, just so completely hopeless and truly hated myself for just sitting by watching it all happen before my eyes. I knew I needed to get up, do something, but next thing you know I tipped the 3 pounder and any remaining hope was lost…I say this all the time but I am so grateful there was a solution I could win at